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Welcome to the Home of the

Virginia Youth Football League

USA Football is the national governing body for amateur American football in the United States. It is an independent non-profit based in Indianapolis, Indiana. USA Football hosts more than 100 training events annually and offers education programs for coaches and game officials, as well as skill development for young players and resources for youth league administrators. 

USA Football was endowed by the National Football League (NFL) and the National Football League Players Association in 2002. 

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Virginia Youth Football League

The Chesterfield Giants practice at Carver Middle School in Chester Va.
The Chesterfield Falcons practice at Stratton Park (Stratton Park is located off of Rt.10 near Chippenham Parkway, adjacent to the Richmond Kickers soccer complex)
The Chesterfield Steelers practice at Chalkley Elementary school in Chesterfield Va.
The Petersburg Academics and Sports League, known as PASL is located in Petersburg Virginia


                                                       HYFL is located in Hopewell VA

                                                                Fort Lee

                                            Football located at the Fort lee Army Base

                         Hope 4 Youth

                                                       Football located in Hopewell practicing at Carter G Woodson.

Ages 5-14 for are eligible in our 2 year age groups
All Ages Play Tackle Football!6-U (Midgets - Ages 5 & 6)
8-U (Pee Wee - Ages 7 & 8)
10-U (Minors - Ages 9 & 10)
12-U (Juniors - Ages 11 & 12)
14-U (Seniors - Ages 13 & 14)

DMV-ID Cards
No Striper Rule
Unlimited Weights
Two Year Age Groups!
4 play minimum play rule

Welcome to the

Chesterfield Hurricanes (AAU)

(AKA Centeral Virginia Hurricanes) 

and the 

Chesterfield Panthers (AAU)

(AAK Mid-Atlantic Panthers) 

Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Sep 6
Falcons @ Giants 10:00am Carver Middle School
Pee Wee
Foxes @ Hurricanes 10:00am Chalkley Elmentary School
Falcons @ Giants 11:15am Carver Middle School
Foxes @ Hurricanes 11:15am Chalkley Elmentary School
Falcons @ Giants 12:30pm Carver Middle School
Foxes @ Hurricanes 12:30pm Chalkley Elmentary School
Falcons @ Giants 1:45pm Carver Middle School
Saturday,  Sep 13
Dolphins @ Falcons 9:00am Manchester Middle School
Giants @ Devils 10:00am Hopewell Merner Field
Pee Wee
Elite @ Panthers 10:00am Chalkley Elmentary School
Giants @ Wolfpack 10:00am Fort Lee Field
Dolphins @ Falcons 10:15am Manchester Middle School
Steelers @ Devils 11:15am Hopewell Merner Field
Elite @ Panthers 11:15am Chalkley Elmentary School
Giants @ Wolfpack 11:15am Fort Lee Field
Dolphins @ Falcons 11:30am Manchester Middle School
Steelers @ Devils 12:30pm Hopewell Merner Field
Elite @ Panthers 12:30pm Chalkley Elmentary School
Giants @ Wolfpack 12:30pm Fort Lee Field
Dolphins @ Falcons 12:45pm Manchester Middle School
Steelers @ Devils 1:45pm Hopewell Merner Field
Saturday,  Sep 20
PASL @ Giants 10:00am Carver Middle School
Falcons @ Devils 10:00am Hopewell Merner Field
Pee Wee
Dolphins @ Steelers 10:00am Chalkley Elmentary School
PASL @ Giants 11:15am Carver Middle School
Falcons @ Devils 11:15am Hopewell Merner Field
War Eagles @ Hurricanes 4:30pm Chalkley Elmentary School
Dolphins @ Steelers 11:15am Chalkley Elmentary School
PASL @ Giants 12:30pm Carver Middle School
Falcons @ Devils 12:30pm Hopewell Merner Field
War Eagles @ Hurricanes 5:45pm Chalkley Elmentary School
Dolphins @ Steelers 12:30pm Chalkley Elmentary School
PASL @ Giants 1:45pm Carver Middle School
Falcons @ Devils 1:45pm Hopewell Merner Field
War Eagles @ Hurricanes 3:15pm Chalkley Elmentary School
War Eagles @ Hurricanes 2:00pm Chalkley Elmentary School
Saturday,  Sep 27
PASL @ Falcons 9:00am Manchester Middle School
Devils @ Dolphins 10:00am Albert Jones
Pee Wee
Hurricanes @ Giants 10:00am Carver Middle School
PASL @ Wolfpack 10:00am Fort Lee Field
Steelers @ Falcons 10:15am Manchester Middle School
Devils @ Dolphins 11:15am Albert Jones
Hurricanes @ Giants 11:15am Carver Middle School
PASL @ Wolfpack 11:15am Fort Lee Field
Steelers @ Falcons 11:30am Manchester Middle School
Devils @ Dolphins 12:30pm Albert Jones
Hurricanes @ Giants 12:30pm Carver Middle School
PASL @ Wolfpack 12:30pm Fort Lee Field
Steelers @ Falcons 12:45pm Manchester Middle School
Devils @ Dolphins 1:45pm Albert Jones
Saturday,  Oct 4
Giants @ Falcons 9:00am Manchester Middle School
Devils @ PASL 10:00am Albert Jones
Pee Wee
Foxes @ Panthers 10:00am Chalkley Elmentary School
Dolphins @ Wolfpack 10:00am Fort Lee Field
Giants @ Falcons 10:15am Manchester Middle School
Devils @ PASL 11:15am Albert Jones
Spirits @ Hurricanes 4:30pm Chalkley Elmentary School
Foxes @ Panthers 11:15am Chalkley Elmentary School
Dolphins @ Wolfpack 11:15am Fort Lee Field
Giants @ Falcons 11:30am Manchester Middle School
Devils @ PASL 12:30pm Albert Jones
Spirits @ Hurricanes 5:45pm Chalkley Elmentary School
Foxes @ Panthers 12:30pm Chalkley Elmentary School
Dolphins @ Wolfpack 12:30pm Fort Lee Field
Giants @ Falcons 12:45pm Manchester Middle School
Devils @ PASL 1:45pm Albert Jones
Spirits @ Hurricanes 3:15pm Chalkley Elmentary School
Spirits @ Hurricanes 2:00pm Chalkley Elmentary School
Saturday,  Oct 11
Dolphins @ PASL 10:00am Albert Jones
Devils @ Giants 10:00am Carver Middle School
Pee Wee
Devils @ Wolfpack 10:00am Fort Lee Field
Dolphns @ PASL 11:15am Albert Jones
Steelers @ Giants 11:15am Carver Middle School
Hurricanes @ Falcons 12:00pm Chalkley Elmentary School
Devils @ Wolfpack 11:15am Fort Lee Field
Dolphins @ PASL 12:30pm Albert Jones
Steelers @ Giants 12:30pm Carver Middle School
Hurricanes @ Falcons 1:15pm Chalkley Elmentary School
Devils @ Wolfpack 12:30pm Fort Lee Field
Dolphins @ PASL 1:45pm Albert Jones
Steelers @ Giants 1:45pm Carver Middle School
Hurricanes @ Falcons 2:30pm Chalkley Elmentary School
Saturday,  Oct 18
PASL @ Falcons 9:00am Manchester Middle School
Dolphins @ Giants 10:00am Carver Middle School
Pee Wee
PASL @ Steelers 10:00am Chalkley Elmentary School
Wolfpack @ Falcons 10:15am Manchester Middle School
Dolphins @ Giants 11:15am Carver Middle School
War Eagles @ Panthers 2:00pm Chalkley Elmentary School
PASL @ Steelers 11:15am Chalkley Elmentary School
Wolfpack @ Falcons 11:30am Manchester Middle School
Dolphins @ Giants 12:30pm Carver Middle School
War Eagles @ Panthers 3:15pm Chalkley Elmentary School
PASL @ Steelers 12:30pm Chalkley Elmentary School
Wolfpack @ Falcons 12:45pm Manchester Middle School
Dolphins @ Giants 1:45pm Carver Middle School
War Eagles @ Panthers 4:30pm Chalkley Elmentary School
Saturday,  Oct 25
Falcons @ PASL 10:00am Albert Jones
Devils @ Giants 3:00pm Carver Middle School
Pee Wee
Falcons @ PASL 11:15am Albert Jones
Wolfpack @ Steelers 3:00pm Chalkley Elmentary School
Devils @ Giants 4:15pm Carver Middle School
Falcons @ PASL 12:30pm Albert Jones
Wolfpack @ Steelers 4:15pm Chalkley Elmentary School
Devils @ Giants 5:30pm Carver Middle School
Falcons @ PASL 1:45pm Albert Jones
Wolfpack @ Steelers 5:30pm Chalkley Elmentary School
Devils @ Giants 6:45pm Carver Middle School

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Virginia Youth Football League

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