Last Updated: October 7, 2015
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Illinois vs Wisconsin VGH JFL

Final call for the Illini game.  If you want tickets you must contact me at by the end of the day.  I am submitting the ticket request for our team tomorrow.  Heritage kids can turn their money into the school office to Mrs. Benschneider and the Villa Grove players can drop their payment off in the Elementary Office at the school.  Please let the office personnel know you are dropping off the payment so they can collect it for us.  Payment must be made by the close of school on Thursday so I can collect the money on Friday and pay for the tickets.  Below are the people I have responded with the number of tickets.  Please check and confirm.


Tammy Nohren 3
Mary Longellow 4
Jessica Arbuckle 2
Cynthia Howard 0
Melissa Burton 3
Brandi George 9
Amanda Ziemnisky 3
Laura Benschneider 5
Tawna Gilman 4
Pam Rutledges 3
Kelly Stipp 3
Greg Gulick 3
Rebecca Jean 5
Sarah Southard + Lap Pass 5.25
Jill Cheatham 2
Deedee Stephen 7
Dave Culler 2
Jeana Block 5
Tammy Painter 5
Jonathan Barr 1
Chase Burwell 3
Jeff Kline 2
Becky Williams 4
Jodi Smith 2
Barb Witte 6
Katie Bloom 2
Brenda Logan 4
Amanda Smith 4
Heather Farmer 2
Joe Bear 3
Richie Jensen 4
Phil Gawthorp 2
Meagan Quigley 3
Jeremy Bennett 0
Jaime Harney 4
Celeste Kappes 4
Autumn Chapman 2
Kari Beesley 2
Chuck Black 3
Lauri Wicklander 1
Sean Clodfelder 0
Autumn Jones 5
Chuck Black 3
Lindsay Dowler 3
Paul Rund




Clint Howard