Last Updated: October 12, 2017
  • Norsemen JV Tournament Monday-Tuesday 3:30 PM
  • singles at Granite Hills
  • doubles at Valhalla
  • CIF team play begins Tuesday, October 24 2:30 PM

Match Summaries

 Thursday, October 12 vs. Grossmont 
     Varsity 11-7 - The Norsemen completed league play with a win over the Foothillers. Tara Maronesy, Ceres Fraser, and
     Alex Albers-Brooke Chan swept their sets in leading the team to the win. The varsity team finished the regular season
     4-4 in league and 10-6 overall.  
     JV 5-13 - Everyone participated in the final match of the season. Moreen Matti, Gisella Krit, Audrey Garcia, Maryam
     Alobaidy, and Lourde Fattouhi posted wins for the Norsemen. The team finished 2-6 in league and 6-9 overall. 

 Tuesday, October 10 @ Steele Canyon 
     Varsity 2-16 - The Norsemen earned two points from the play of Tara Maronesy-Ceres Fraser at first doubles.
     JV 1-17 - The doubles team of Anna Johnson-Gisella Krit broke the Cougars stranglehold and salvaged one set for the

 Friday, October 6 @ Mt. Miguel 
     Varsity 12-6 - In singles Tara Maronesy won three sets and in doubles Alex Albers-Val Lara won three. However, the
     best performances of the day were recorded by Ceres Faser and Jen Abbott. Each of them overcame difficult odds to
     pull out critical sets assuring the Norsemen of the win. 
     JV 9-3 - Mariah Haas-Ahtzi Jacobo, Areen Lu-Andrea Maldonado-Odgers, Julia Atto-Arieana Johnson, Anna
     Johnson-Gisella Krit, Chloe Petrone, Sierra Hoffman, Moreen Matti, Neaam Dawood,
and Marla Rafou, nine
     different players/teams, scored points in the Norsemen victory.

 Thursday, October 5 vs. Granite Hills 
     Varsity 12-6 - Both Tara Maronesy and Ceres Fraser won all three matches in leading the Norsemen to the victory.
     JV 7-11 - Moreen Matti won two sets while Sierra Hoffman, Julia Atto, Jocelyn Gardner, Areen Lu-Andrea
and Aimee Aziz-Kaitlyn D'Alessio added one each.

 Wednesday, October 4 vs. Serra 
     Varsity 8-10 - The Norsemen rallied late and almost pulled out the match. Tara Maronesy swept her three singles
     sets to lead the charge, but three 6-7 sets and Serra escaped with the win. 
     JV - The girls were able to play some tennis, but Serra does not carry a JV so there was no score.

 Thursday, September 28 @ Helix 
     Varsity 7-11 - The Norsemen loaded up their doubles in an attempt to overcome the power of the Highlanders. Ceres
     Fraser-Tara Maronesy and Macie Asbell-Madie Ropp played very well and won all six of their sets. 
     JV 10-8 - Two very close set wins proved the difference for the Norsemen. Anna Johnson-Gisella Krit won 7-6(7-3)
     and Ahtzi Jacobo-Marla Rafou squeaked by 7-6(9-7) leading to the win.

 Tuesday, September 26 @ Grossmont 
     Varsity 10-8 - The Norsemen crawled over the Foothillers. Tara Maronesy swept her singles matches but the margin of
     victory was provided by Jen Abbott-Karlee Bodon as they came from 1-5 down to win 7-5 against the #2 team from
     JV - 7-10 - Though the Norsemen came up just, Sierra Hoffman, Anna Johnson-Gisella Krit and Areen Lu-Andrea
     Maldonado-Odgers won two set each and Fatma Alsaadi added one more. 

 Thursday, September 21 vs. Steele Canyon 
     Varsity 2-16 - The Cougars controlled the match with only Tara Maronesy and Macie Asbell-Madie Ropp providing
     points for the Norsemen. 
     JV 2-16 - The Cougars controlled the match with only Jen Abbott and Anna Johnson-Gisella Krit providing
     points for the Norsemen. 

 Tuesday, September 19 @ Granite Hills 
     Varsity 14-4 - Singles players Tara Maronesy, Ceres Fraser, and Jen Abbott swept their singles matches in leading
     the Norsemen to the league win.  
     JV 7-11 - Leading the Norsemen's effort with two wins was Karlee Bodon. Also adding points for Valhalla were Moreen
     Matti, Marybeth Jabro, Julia Atto, Jocelyn Gardner-Gisella Krit, and Emma Jensen-Emma Schibuola.

 Friday, September 15 vs. Calexico 
     Varsity 16-2 - Alex Albers-Brooke Chan dropped just three games as the Norsemen charged to the win.
     JV 15-3 - By winning both her matches Jen Abbott led the team to the victory. 

 Wednesday, September 13 vs. Bonita Vista 
     Varsity 5-13 - Singles players Tara Maronesy, Ceres Fraser, and Antanae Hanna accounted for the Norsemen's
     JV 9-9 (80-74) - Gisella Krit won two sets of singles while Emma Jensen and Emma Schibuola added one each. In
     doubles the teams of Jen Abbott-Karlee Bodon, Anna Johnson-Marla Rafou, Sofia Lopez-Orraca-Moreen Matti,
     Jocelyn Gardner-Arieana Johnson, and Aimee Aziz-Chloe Petrone each won a set in lifting the Norsemen.

 Tuesday, September 12 vs. Helix 
     Varsity 2-16 - The Highlanders were too strong for the Norsemen. Mayra Alarcon-Aimee Gatus and Macie Asbell-
     Madie Ropp won our two points. 
     JV 16-2 - The tables were turned as the Norsemen earned points from Marybeth Jabro, Jen Abbott, Karlee
Sierra Hoffman, Marlene Putros, Mouj Basim, Chloe Petrone, Jocelyn Gardner-Gisella Krit, Emma
     Jensen-Emma Schibuola, Mariah Haas-Arieana Johnson, Sofia Lopez-Orraca-Moreen Matti, Aubrey Benjamin-
     Tanya Jalal, Julia Atto-Neaam Dawood, Audrey Garcia-Corin Petrone,
and Areen Lu-Andrea Maldonado-Odgers.

 Friday, September 8 vs. Patrick Henry 

     Varsity 11-7 - Tara Maronesy, Ceres Fraser, and Alex Albers-Brooke Chan swept their matches leading the
     Norsemen to a spirited win!
     JV 6-12 - The Norsemen's points were provided by Jen Abbott, Karlee Bodon, and Anna Johnson-Gisella Krit.

 Thursday, September 7 @ El Capitan 
     Varsity 11-7 - Despite a delay of more than an hour the Norsemen were able to win the match as Tara Maronesy and
     Alex Albers-Brooke Chan won three matches each in leading the team. 
     JV 1-17 - Jen Abbott pulled out the lone point for the Norsemen against El Capitan.

 Tuesday, September 5 vs. El Cajon Valley 
     Varsity 13-5 - Ceres Fraser led the way sweeping her three sets.
     JV 4-14 - The Norsemen earned two points as Moreen Matti won both her sets in singles. The other two came in
     doubles as Marla Rafou-Emma Schibuola and Areen Lu-Andrea Maldonado-Odgers won one set each.

 Thursday, August 31 @ Mount Miguel - Rescheduled for Friday, October 6.

 Thursday, August 24 vs. El Camino 
     Varsity 13-5 - Singles players Tara Maronesy, Ceres Fraser, and Antanae Hanna swept their singles matches in
     leading the Norsemen to a season opening win. 
     JV 15-3 - Jennifer Abbott, Holly Mansour, Anna Johnson, Gisella Krit-Emma Schibuola, and Karlee Bodon-Jocelyn
     Gardner won two sets each as the Norsemen opened the season with a win over Wildcats.

 Saturday, August 26
 13th Annual First Serve Tournament

  Team and Individual Results


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