Last Updated: April 18, 2014

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Registration for Junior League is now open !!! 


Attention coaches/parents:  Please do not contact about whether games are on.  Any decision on games due to the weather will not be made until 4 pm!!  At that time coaches will be notified of any cancellations and it will be posted on the website.  Thank you for you cooperation!!




Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Apr 19
Junior Minor
Appliance Pro BRAVES @ SW Extreme Resources 11:00am Pioneer Field
SW Vict Air Cond @ J-N-R Services INDIANS 11:00am Serrano Services Field
SW MNB Welding @ Bryce Moreland Consulting PADRES 1:00pm Beck Air Conditioning, Inc. Field
SW Aire Serv @ Buesing Insurance PIRATES 1:00pm Pioneer Field
SW Morris Const @ Lone Star Enterprises ASTROS 1:00pm Serrano Services Field
Son Valley Ranch RANGERS @ SW Raisin Windmill 1:00pm Victoria Advocate Field
CDM Resource Mgmt ASTROS @ Fastop BRAVES 11:00am Beck Air Conditioning, Inc. Field
Ashley Homestore PIRATES @ Leita Concrete Staining CARDINALS 11:00am Victoria Advocate Field
Monday,  Apr 21
Junior Minor
Bryce Moreland Consulting PADRES @ SW MV Paintball 6:00pm BetterLife Bariatrics Field
Cyclone Resources WHITE SOX @ SW Morris Const 6:00pm Frost Insurance Softball Field
Buesing Insurance PIRATES @ SW Vict Air Cond 6:00pm Premier Sleep Disorders Softball Field
J-N-R Services INDIANS @ SW Aire Serv 6:00pm Softball North Field
Lone Star Enterprises ASTROS @ SW MNB Welding 6:00pm Softball West Field
Moore Consulting MARLINS @ SW Sendero 6:00pm Beck Air Conditioning, Inc. Field
Sportsman's Church GIANTS @ SW Victoria Dental 6:00pm Pioneer Field
Superior Fence RANGERS @ SW Waldens 6:00pm Serrano Services Field
Pookie's Plumbing CARDINALS @ SW STX Eye Center 6:00pm Victoria Advocate Field
CDM Resource Mgmt ASTROS @ SW JCat 6:00pm Colortyme Field
Fastop BRAVES @ SW Performance Sales 6:00pm Roy High Field
Thursday,  Apr 24
Superior Fence RANGERS @ SW STX Eye Center 8:00pm Beck Air Conditioning, Inc. Field
Pookie's Plumbing CARDINALS @ SW Victoria Dental 8:00pm BetterLife Bariatrics Field
Sportsman's Church GIANTS @ SW Sendero 8:00pm Colortyme Field
Moore Consulting MARLINS @ SW Goyen 8:00pm Roy High Field
Senior Minor
Interstate Batteries PIRATES @ SW Energy Fishing 6:00pm BetterLife Bariatrics Field
W4 Trucking RED SOX @ SW Janecka Ins 6:00pm Colortyme Field
Sole Solutions MARLINS @ SW Arnolds 6:00pm Roy High Field
SW Circle J @ Cole, Cole, & Easley WHITE SOX 6:00pm Victoria Advocate Field
Keith Williams Ins BLUE JAYS @ SW TDECU 8:00pm Pioneer Field
SW Vict Heart & Vasc. @ Paisano Service & Supply DIAMONDBACKS 8:00pm Serrano Services Field
Wood Chem RANGERS @ SW PMI 6:00pm Beck Air Conditioning, Inc. Field
Leita Concrete Staining CARDINALS @ SW Waldens 6:00pm Pioneer Field
Ashley Homestore PIRATES @ SW Subway 6:00pm Serrano Services Field
Saturday,  Apr 26
Junior Minor
SW Extreme Resources @ Son Valley Ranch RANGERS 10:00am BetterLife Bariatrics Field
SW Aire Serv @ Appliance Pro BRAVES 10:00am Roy High Field
SW MV Paintball @ Lone Star Enterprises ASTROS 12:00pm BetterLife Bariatrics Field
SW MNB Welding @ Cyclone Resources WHITE SOX 12:00pm Roy High Field
SW Raisin Windmill @ Bryce Moreland Consulting PADRES 2:00pm Colortyme Field
SW Morris Const @ Buesing Insurance PIRATES 2:00pm Roy High Field
Leita Concrete Staining CARDINALS @ Wood Chem RANGERS 10:00am Colortyme Field
Fastop BRAVES @ Ashley Homestore PIRATES 12:00pm Colortyme Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!