Last Updated: March 27, 2015

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Coaches please text your scores to 361-648-2877 after each game

Thanks Michelle 😊


You can now register for pony league for players that are 13/14 year olds!!  Just click on register now button above!!  

If you have a player that is 15/16 year old please email Kit at and let him know you are interested. We are going to see how many are interested before we open registration for that age group. Thanks 

Thank you and looking forward to another great little league season!




Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Mar 28
Junior Minor
Keith Williams Insurance RANGERS @ Crossroads Industrial Solutions ROYALS 11:30am Field 10
Victoria Nissan CARDINALS @ Car Country YANKEES 11:30am Field 11
Mr Payroll Check Cashing BREWERS @ Ashley HomeStore WHITE SOX 1:30pm Field 11
M&R Printing ASTROS @ Interstate Batteries ROYALS 9:30am Field 12
Wilkinson Pre-Owned RED SOX @ Summit Electric YANKEES 9:30am Field 9
Tuesday,  Mar 31
Southwest Rangers @ Superior Sprinkler RANGERS 8:00pm Field 6
Toyota of Victoria CARDINALS @ Southwest Pirates 8:00pm Field 7
Southwest Red Sox @ Man 2 Man YANKEES 8:00pm Field 8
CDM Resource Management ORIOLES @ Southwest Athletics 8:00pm Field 9
Senior Minor
Buesing Insurance YANKEES (AL) @ Mr Payroll Check Cashing ANGELS (AL) 6:00pm Field 10
VP Construction ORIOLES (NL) @ Appliance Pro WHITE SOX (NL) 6:00pm Field 12
GCE GIANTS (AL) @ TIGERS (AL) 6:00pm Field 6
Victoria Firefighters Association RANGERS (NL) @ Sportsman's Church PADRES (NL) 6:00pm Field 8
Sole Solutions CUBS (NL) @ Lone Star Enterprises PIRATES (NL) 8:00pm Field 10
Saturday,  Apr 4
Junior Minor
Office System Center RED SOX @ Crossroads Industrial Solutions ROYALS 11:30am Field 6
Keith Williams Insurance RANGERS @ Ashley HomeStore WHITE SOX 1:30pm Field 6
Victoria Nissan CARDINALS @ Mr Payroll Check Cashing BREWERS 1:30pm Field 7
Interstate Batteries ROYALS @ Summit Electric YANKEES 9:30am Field 8
Wilkinson Pre-Owned RED SOX @ M&R Printing ASTROS 11:30am Field 7
Tuesday,  Apr 7
Southwest Rangers @ CDM Resource Management ORIOLES 8:00pm Field 6
Southwest Red Sox @ K&T Construction GIANTS 8:00pm Field 7
Man 2 Man YANKEES @ Southwest Pirates 8:00pm Field 8
Toyota of Victoria CARDINALS @ Southwest Athletics 8:00pm Field 9
Senior Minor
Victoria Firefighters Association RANGERS (NL) @ VP Construction ORIOLES (NL) 6:00pm Field 6
Sole Solutions CUBS (NL) @ Sportsman's Church PADRES (NL) 6:00pm Field 7
Bryce Moreland Consulting ASTROS (AL) @ TIGERS (AL) 6:00pm Field 9
GCE GIANTS (AL) @ Mr Payroll Check Cashing ANGELS (AL) 8:00pm Field 11
Lone Star Enterprises PIRATES (NL) @ Appliance Pro WHITE SOX (NL) 8:00pm Field 12

For a complete schedule listing, click here!