Last Updated: April 23, 2014

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Registration for Junior League is now open !!! 


Attention coaches/parents:  Please do not contact about whether games are on.  Any decision on games due to the weather will not be made until 4 pm!!  At that time coaches will be notified of any cancellations and it will be posted on the website.  Thank you for you cooperation!!




Upcoming Games

Thursday,  Apr 24
Superior Fence RANGERS @ SW STX Eye Center 8:00pm Beck Air Conditioning, Inc. Field
Pookie's Plumbing CARDINALS @ SW Victoria Dental 8:00pm BetterLife Bariatrics Field
Sportsman's Church GIANTS @ SW Sendero 8:00pm Colortyme Field
Moore Consulting MARLINS @ SW Goyen 8:00pm Roy High Field
Senior Minor
Interstate Batteries PIRATES @ SW Energy Fishing 6:00pm BetterLife Bariatrics Field
W4 Trucking RED SOX @ SW Janecka Ins 6:00pm Colortyme Field
Sole Solutions MARLINS @ SW Arnolds 6:00pm Roy High Field
SW Circle J @ Cole, Cole, & Easley WHITE SOX 6:00pm Victoria Advocate Field
Keith Williams Ins BLUE JAYS @ SW TDECU 8:00pm Pioneer Field
SW Vict Heart & Vasc. @ Paisano Service & Supply DIAMONDBACKS 8:00pm Serrano Services Field
Wood Chem RANGERS @ SW PMI 6:00pm Beck Air Conditioning, Inc. Field
Leita Concrete Staining CARDINALS @ SW Waldens 6:00pm Pioneer Field
Ashley Homestore PIRATES @ SW Subway 6:00pm Serrano Services Field
Saturday,  Apr 26
Junior Minor
SW Extreme Resources @ Son Valley Ranch RANGERS 10:00am BetterLife Bariatrics Field
SW Aire Serv @ Appliance Pro BRAVES 10:00am Roy High Field
SW MV Paintball @ Lone Star Enterprises ASTROS 12:00pm BetterLife Bariatrics Field
SW MNB Welding @ Cyclone Resources WHITE SOX 12:00pm Roy High Field
SW Raisin Windmill @ Bryce Moreland Consulting PADRES 2:00pm Colortyme Field
SW Morris Const @ Buesing Insurance PIRATES 2:00pm Roy High Field
Senior Minor
SW Janecka Ins @ Keith Williams Ins BLUE JAYS 2:00pm Beck Air Conditioning, Inc. Field
SW Circle J @ Man to Man YANKEES 2:00pm BetterLife Bariatrics Field
SW Arnolds @ Paisano Service & Supply DIAMONDBACKS 4:00pm Beck Air Conditioning, Inc. Field
SW Vict Heart & Vasc. @ Mr Payroll Check Cashing RANGERS 4:00pm BetterLife Bariatrics Field
SW TDECU @ GCE BRAVES 4:00pm Colortyme Field
SW Energy Fishing @ Cole, Cole, & Easley WHITE SOX 4:00pm Roy High Field
Leita Concrete Staining CARDINALS @ Wood Chem RANGERS 10:00am Colortyme Field
Fastop BRAVES @ Ashley Homestore PIRATES 12:00pm Colortyme Field
Tuesday,  Apr 29
Junior Minor
J-N-R Services INDIANS @ SW Morris Const 6:00pm Beck Air Conditioning, Inc. Field
Bryce Moreland Consulting PADRES @ SW Extreme Resources 6:00pm BetterLife Bariatrics Field
Son Valley Ranch RANGERS @ SW Aire Serv 6:00pm Colortyme Field
Cyclone Resources WHITE SOX @ SW MV Paintball 6:00pm Pioneer Field
Lone Star Enterprises ASTROS @ SW Raisin Windmill 6:00pm Roy High Field
Appliance Pro BRAVES @ SW Vict Air Cond 6:00pm Serrano Services Field
Buesing Insurance PIRATES @ SW MNB Welding 6:00pm Victoria Advocate Field
Senior Minor
GCE BRAVES @ SW Janecka Ins 8:00pm BetterLife Bariatrics Field
Sole Solutions MARLINS @ SW Vict Heart & Vasc. 8:00pm Colortyme Field
SW Energy Fishing @ Man to Man YANKEES 8:00pm Pioneer Field
W4 Trucking RED SOX @ SW TDECU 8:00pm Serrano Services Field
Interstate Batteries PIRATES @ SW Circle J 8:00pm Victoria Advocate Field
Wednesday,  Apr 30
Wood Chem RANGERS @ Ashley Homestore PIRATES 6:00pm Beck Air Conditioning, Inc. Field
Leita Concrete Staining CARDINALS @ CDM Resource Mgmt ASTROS 6:00pm Victoria Advocate Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!