Last Updated: April 24, 2015
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Come Celebrate Walkertown Little League, support our senior team and catch a W-S DASH game at 2pm Sunday 5/17/15

Little League Parade approx 30 minutes before DASH Game 

45 minutes after that game is finished WLL Seniors play Kernersville Seniors 

BB&T Ballpark, home of the W-S Dash...

The 4th Annual Highway 66 Cup!

Come out and catch 2 great games of baseball for the price of one!

Tickets for sale in concession stand at the little league for $8 or 4 tickets for $30.

Can also see any board members for details.




 Link to Dick's Sporting Goods Coupon good through 1/31/2016





By David Hooker

Private Baseball Lessons available - $30/hour or $20/half-hour
David can assist with all aspects of the game of baseball:
Pitching, Hitting, Base running, Fielding, etc.

Coach Hooker's Experience:
4 years, college player.  2 years college Assistant Coach.  17 years high school coach.

If interested, call David Hooker for an appointment at 595-6486

Send all Schedule Requests to:

Mark Wagoner @ 

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Reminder to all parents.....When a game is canceled because of weather, it will be made up on the next day that a field is available.

Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Apr 25
Board Member
Braves-MP @ Sibel Kiser 9:30am ON DUTY
Concession Stand
White Sox-Tball @ POSITION/TBD 12:15pm ON DUTY
Modified T-Ball
White Sox @ Braves 10:00am T-Ball Field
Dodgers @ Red Sox 11:30am T-Ball Field
Pirates @ Orioles 1:00pm T-Ball Field
Machine Pitch
Red Sox @ Blue Jays 10:00am Machine Pitch / Softball Field
Angels @ Braves 12:30pm Machine Pitch / Softball Field
Orioles @ Rangers 10:00am Minor Field
Nationals @ Orioles 10:00am Major Field
Mets @ Blue Jays 12:15pm Major Field
Southwest 1 @ Braves 10:00am Junior/Senior Field
Mariners @ Southwest 3 Postponed Southwest Forsyth LL - Poindexter Field
Southwest 2 @ Indians 1:00pm Junior/Senior Field
Umpire Schedule
Stephen Warden @ Umpire Duty 10:00am Machine Pitch / Softball Field
Jordan Shipley @ Umpire Duty 12:30pm Machine Pitch / Softball Field
Sunday,  Apr 26
Walkertown @ Southwest 2 2:00pm Southwest Forsyth LL - Poindexter Field
Southwest 2 @ Walkertown 4:00pm Southwest Forsyth LL - Poindexter Field
Beane PRACTICE 2:00pm Minor Field
Porto PRACTICE 4:30pm Minor Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Sunday,  May 10
League Board Meeting 7:00pm Walkertown LL Complex - Wickenham Park
Sunday,  May 17
66 Cup 5:00pm BB&T Ballpark

For a complete calendar listing, click here!