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Sunday,  Nov 2
Fall Sunday Morning Finnegan Division
Northeast Auto @ Pedros 9:00am City Park 3
Bob's Boys @ Picasso's 9:00am Clegg
Pedros @ Northeast Auto 10:15am City Park 3
Picasso's @ Bob's Boys 10:15am Clegg
Northeast Auto @ Pedros 11:30am City Park 3
Bob's Boys @ Picasso's 11:30am Clegg
Fall Sunday Morning Rison Division
Team USA @ Jokers 9:00am City Park 1
Rusty's 2.0 @ Arrest-a-Pest 9:00am DelGuidice
Jokers @ Team USA 10:15am City Park 1
Arrest-a-Pest @ Rusty's 2.0 10:15am DelGuidice
Team USA @ Jokers 11:30am City Park 1
Rusty's 2.0 @ Arrest-a-Pest 11:30am DelGuidice
Fall Mernick Division
Meadowbrook Lounge @ Shefiffs 9:00am NCCSB
Difazio Electric @ Panthers 9:00am O'Hara
Shefiffs @ Meadowbrook Lounge 10:15am NCCSB
Panthers @ Difazio Electric 10:15am O'Hara
Meadowbrook Lounge @ Shefiffs 11:30am NCCSB
Difazio Electric @ Panthers 11:30am O'Hara
Fall Schmieder Division
Waldeck Plumbing @ Ultimate 9:00am City Park 2
Greystone @ Tarbox Toyota 9:00am City Park 4
Ultimate @ Waldeck Plumbing 10:15am City Park 2
Tarbox Toyota @ Greystone 10:15am City Park 4
Waldeck Plumbing @ Ultimate 11:30am City Park 2
Greystone @ Tarbox Toyota 11:30am City Park 4
Fall Co-Ed
F Bomb @ Mr.Messenger 1:30pm City Park 2
Mr.Messenger @ F Bomb 2:30pm City Park 2
F Bomb @ Mr.Messenger 3:30pm City Park 2
Enforcers @ Body Sculpture 4:00pm Clegg
Body Sculpture @ Enforcers 5:00pm Clegg
Enforcers @ Body Sculpture 6:00pm Clegg

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Warwick NSA Softball

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