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Upcoming Games/Practices

Tuesday,  May 5
Clegg Night League
Rusty's Pub @ Shannon View 6:30pm Clegg
Retro Tabacco Bar @ Players 7:30pm Clegg
Sports Legends/Pilloni @ Paragon Transportation 8:30pm Clegg
Tues-Thurs Twilight
Oddballz @ Iceland 6:00pm City Park 1
Abrams & Veri @ Degiulio 6:00pm City Park 2
Murphys @ The Grays 6:00pm City Park 3
LDC Ink @ Gophers 6:00pm City Park 4
Wednesday,  May 6
M/W Foster Division
Twin Oaks @ Phenix Home Care 6:00pm City Park 4
Blue Heat @ A's 6:00pm Clegg
Fighting Beavers @ Electric Boat 6:00pm O'Hara
M/W Morrison Division
CP Killas @ All Seasons 6:00pm City Park 1
NE Lift/Dionne @ Havoc 6:00pm City Park 2
Filth @ Elite 6:00pm City Park 3
Thursday,  May 7
Clegg Night League
Shannon View @ Retro Tabacco Bar 6:30pm Clegg
Paragon Transportation @ Rusty's Pub 7:30pm Clegg
Players @ Sports Legends/Pilloni 8:30pm Clegg
Tues-Thurs Twilight
Oddballz @ The Grays 6:00pm City Park 1
Degiulio @ Gophers 6:00pm City Park 2
Abrams & Veri @ Iceland 6:00pm City Park 3
LDC Ink @ Murphys 6:00pm City Park 4
Sunday,  May 10
RTB Sports @ Bishop Weedon 8:15am City Park 1
Sinapi Law @ Warwick Firefighters 8:15am City Park 2
Sheridan Electric @ Grenede usa 9:30am City Park 1
Jersy Mike's Subs @ Coastway 9:30am City Park 2
Sunday Morning Mernick Division
Slackers @ Economy Movers 8:15am City Park 4
A+ Inflatables @ New Market Maulers 8:15am DelGuidice
Economy Movers @ Slackers 9:30am City Park 4
New Market Maulers @ A+ Inflatables 9:30am DelGuidice
Batmen @ Longshots 10:45am City Park 4
Difazio Electric @ Sheriffs 10:45am DelGuidice
Longshots @ Batmen 12:00pm City Park 4
Sheriffs @ Difazio Electric 12:00pm DelGuidice
Sunday Morning Schmeider Division
Excel Tire @ Tarbox 8:15am NCCHB
Ocean st. Flooring @ Liberty Mobility 8:15am NCCSB
Tarbox @ Excel Tire 9:30am NCCHB
Liberty Mobility @ Ocean st. Flooring 9:30am NCCSB
ASN @ Waldeck Plumbing 10:45am NCCHB
Brisan @ Bad News 10:45am NCCSB
Waldeck Plumbing @ ASN 12:00pm NCCHB
Bad News @ Brisan 12:00pm NCCSB
Sunday Morning Finnegan Division
Paragon @ Northeast Auto 8:15am City Park 3
SOP @ Ultimate Ulpolstery 8:15am Clegg
Northeast Auto @ Paragon 9:30am City Park 3
Ultimate Ulpolstery @ SOP 9:30am Clegg
Pedros @ Picasso's 10:45am City Park 3
Olympic Health @ Bob's Boys 10:45am Clegg
Picasso's @ Pedros 12:00pm City Park 3
Bob's Boys @ Olympic Health 12:00pm Clegg
Sunday Morning Rison Division
Team USA @ Rusty's 2.0 8:15am O'Hara
Rusty's 2.0 @ Team USA 9:30am O'Hara
Dirt Dawgs @ R.I. Novelty 10:45am City Park 1
Evil Monkeys @ Jokers 10:45am City Park 2
Arrest-a-Pest @ Bad News Beers 10:45am O'Hara
R.I. Novelty @ Dirt Dawgs 12:00pm City Park 1
Jokers @ Evil Monkeys 12:00pm City Park 2
Bad News Beers @ Arrest-a-Pest 12:00pm O'Hara
Monday,  May 11
M/W Foster Division
Blue Heat @ Fighting Beavers 6:00pm City Park 2
Electric Boat @ Twin Oaks 6:00pm City Park 3
A's @ Phenix Home Care 6:00pm O'Hara
M/W Morrison Division
All Seasons @ Havoc 6:00pm City Park 1
CP Killas @ Filth 6:00pm City Park 4
Elite @ NE Lift/Dionne 6:00pm Clegg
Tuesday,  May 12
Clegg Night League
Players @ Shannon View 6:30pm Clegg
Sports Legends/Pilloni @ Rusty's Pub 7:30pm Clegg
Retro Tabacco Bar @ Paragon Transportation 8:30pm Clegg
Tues-Thurs Twilight
Degiulio @ Murphys 6:00pm City Park 1
Gophers @ Iceland 6:00pm City Park 2
Abrams & Veri @ Oddballz 6:00pm City Park 3
LDC Ink @ The Grays 6:00pm City Park 4
Wednesday,  May 13
M/W Foster Division
Phenix Home Care @ Electric Boat 6:00pm City Park 1
Twin Oaks @ Blue Heat 6:00pm City Park 2
A's @ Fighting Beavers 6:00pm City Park 4
M/W Morrison Division
NE Lift/Dionne @ CP Killas 6:00pm City Park 3
Havoc @ Elite 6:00pm Clegg
All Seasons @ Filth 6:00pm O'Hara
Thursday,  May 14
Clegg Night League
Players @ Rusty's Pub 6:30am Clegg
Paragon Transportation @ Shannon View 7:30pm Clegg
Sports Legends/Pilloni @ Retro Tabacco Bar 8:30pm Clegg
Tues-Thurs Twilight
Murphys @ Iceland 6:00pm City Park 1
Oddballz @ Gophers 6:00pm City Park 2
LDC Ink @ Degiulio 6:00pm City Park 3
The Grays @ Abrams & Veri 6:00pm City Park 4
Sunday,  May 17
bye @ Sun Daze 12:00am bye
Code Blue @ Half Cocked 4:00pm City Park 1
F Bomb @ Total Package 4:00pm City Park 2
Body Sculpture @ Hit n Run 4:00pm City Park 4
Half Cocked @ Code Blue 5:00pm City Park 1
Total Package @ F Bomb 5:00pm City Park 2
Hit n Run @ Body Sculpture 5:00pm City Park 4
Warwick Firefighters @ Sheridan Electric 8:15am City Park 3
Bishop Weedon @ Sinapi Law 8:15am City Park 4
Jersy Mike's Subs @ Grenede usa 9:30am City Park 3
Coastway @ RTB Sports 9:30am City Park 4
Sunday Morning Mernick Division
New Market Maulers @ Sheriffs 8:15am NCCHB
Slackers @ Batmen 8:15am NCCSB
Sheriffs @ New Market Maulers 9:30am NCCHB
Batmen @ Slackers 9:30am NCCSB
Economy Movers @ Difazio Electric 10:45am NCCHB
Longshots @ A+ Inflatables 10:45am NCCSB
Difazio Electric @ Economy Movers 12:00pm NCCHB
A+ Inflatables @ Longshots 12:00pm NCCSB
Sunday Morning Schmeider Division
Ocean st. Flooring @ ASN 8:15am O'Hara
ASN @ Ocean st. Flooring 9:30am O'Hara
Brisan @ Excel Tire 10:45am City Park 3
Waldeck Plumbing @ Tarbox 10:45am City Park 4
Bad News @ Liberty Mobility 10:45am O'Hara
Excel Tire @ Brisan 12:00pm City Park 3
Tarbox @ Waldeck Plumbing 12:00pm City Park 4
Liberty Mobility @ Bad News 12:00pm O'Hara
Sunday Morning Finnegan Division
Ultimate Ulpolstery @ Bob's Boys 8:15am City Park 2
SOP @ Pedros 8:15am Clegg
Bob's Boys @ Ultimate Ulpolstery 9:30am City Park 2
Pedros @ SOP 9:30am Clegg
Picasso's @ Paragon 10:45am City Park 2
Northeast Auto @ Olympic Health 10:45am Clegg
Paragon @ Picasso's 12:00pm City Park 2
Olympic Health @ Northeast Auto 12:00pm Clegg
Sunday Morning Rison Division
R.I. Novelty @ Jokers 8:15am City Park 1
Dirt Dawgs @ Bad News Beers 8:15am DelGuidice
Jokers @ R.I. Novelty 9:30am City Park 1
Bad News Beers @ Dirt Dawgs 9:30am DelGuidice
Rusty's 2.0 @ Arrest-a-Pest 10:45am City Park 1
Evil Monkeys @ Team USA 10:45am DelGuidice
Arrest-a-Pest @ Rusty's 2.0 12:00pm City Park 1
Team USA @ Evil Monkeys 12:00pm DelGuidice
Monday,  May 18
M/W Foster Division
Electric Boat @ Fighting Beavers 6:00pm City Park 1
Phenix Home Care @ Twin Oaks 6:00pm Clegg
A's @ Blue Heat 6:00pm O'Hara
M/W Morrison Division
All Seasons @ CP Killas 6:00pm City Park 2
Elite @ Filth 6:00pm City Park 3
Havoc @ NE Lift/Dionne 6:00pm City Park 4

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