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Season Starts Monday After Mothers Day

New Teams are Welcome

Upcoming Games

Monday, May 29
A Division
Trigger Happy Garden Gnomes @ The Usual Suspects8:00pmWP2
Pirates @ Huskies9:30pmWP1
Hit That @ Reliance Mad Dogs9:30pmWP2
B Division
Master Batters @ Brew Jays6:30pmWP1
Half Fast @ Organized Chaos6:30pmWP2
Stebar @ Merk & Twerk8:00pmWP1
Wednesday, May 31
A Division
Hit That @ Pirates6:30pmWP2
The Usual Suspects @ Trigger Happy Garden Gnomes8:00pmWP2
Reliance Mad Dogs @ Huskies9:30pmWP1
B Division
Tater Mashers @ Half Fast6:30pmWP1
Organized Chaos @ Stebar8:00pmWP1
Monday, Jun 5
A Division
Trigger Happy Garden Gnomes @ Huskies6:30pmWP2
Pirates @ The Usual Suspects9:30pmWP1
Stebar @ Hit That9:30pmWP2
B Division
Tater Mashers @ Merk & Twerk6:30pmWP1
Brew Jays @ Half Fast8:00pmWP1
Master Batters @ Organized Chaos8:00pmWP2

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