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Upcoming Cal Ripken 12U District & 8U State Tournament


Warminster Baseball & Softball Association is hosting the Cal Ripken 12U Districts and 8U State Tournament this year. The 12U Districts will occur at the end of June and the 8U States will occur in the beginning of July. We are in need of volunteers for both events and will be having an information session and sign up on Tuesday, May 16th at Log College Middle School from 7pm to 8pm. It will take place in room 6 near the gym and you can enter the doors on the left side of the building near the gym and auditorium. This is a great opportunity to help the organization and fulfill any extra volunteer commitment. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you would like to volunteer and can't make the meeting on Tuesday. Thank you to everyone for all of your help so far this year. We truly appreciate it.


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UPDATE: USA Baseball, member organizations announce new youth bat performance testing program

Baseball_Bats_Crossed  Implementation of USA Bat Standard Begins on January 1, 2018.

USA Baseball, the national governing body for the sport of baseball in the U.S., in conjunction with participating national member organizations (NMOs) announced the decision to adopt a new method for measuring bat performance in the testing of youth bats.  Informed by the research of leading scientists on the USA Baseball Bat Study Committee, and supported by its NMOs, -- including the American Amateur Baseball Congress (AABC), Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), Babe Ruth Baseball/Cal Ripken Baseball, Dixie Youth Baseball, Little League Baseball and PONY Baseball -- USA Baseball has concluded that recent advancements in science, engineering, technology, and the materials available to fabricate non-wood bats, now allow the manufacturers to construct youth bats that can perform at a wood-like level through the entire range of lengths and weights of youth bats.

The new USA Baseball bat standard (USABat), which will apply to bats that are classified below the NCAA and NFHS level of play, will be implemented on January 1, 2018, allowing the bat manufacturers sufficient time to bring these bats to the marketplace.

The Cal Ripken Division of Babe Ruth League, Inc. have approved the use of the 2 5/8 inch barrel bats for local league play and tournament play beginning in January 2018 and coinciding with the new USA Bat standard.

Similar to the NCAA and NFHS BBCOR standard, which helped to eliminate discrepancies with different length bats and thus provide a more direct measure of bat performance, the new USA Baseball bat standard will allow youth baseball organizations in the United States to reach their goal of establishing a wood-like standard, a standard that will provide for the long-term integrity of the game. (READ MORE)

Upcoming Events

All Star Day and Movie Night 2017

Upcoming Games/Practices

Tuesday, May 30
Quickball Team2 @ Quickball Team46:00pmMunro Quickball Field 1
Quickball Team3 @ Quickball Team56:00pmMunro Quickball Field 1
Rookies Baseball '17
Pirates 1 @ Cubs 66:15pmLog College Softball Field
Dodgers 5 @ Padres 36:15pmLog College Travel Field
Minors Baseball '17
Team 2 Dave Angels @ Team 1 Bill White Sox6:15pmMunro Park Field 2
Team 3 Josh Orioles @ Team 4 Mike Blue Jays6:15pmMunro Park Field 3
Majors Baseball '17
South Major 2 @ South Major 36:15pmSouthampton Field 3
Majors 2 @ Majors 16:15pmWillow Dale Field 1
Wednesday, May 31
Quickball Team1 @ Quickball Team46:00pmMunro Quickball Field 1
Quickball Team2 @ Quickball Team66:00pmMunro Quickball Field 2
Rookies Baseball '17
Giants 4 PRACTICE6:15amKemper Park
Cubs 6 @ Phillies 26:15pmMunro Park Field 3
Minors Baseball '17
South Minor 3 @ Team 1 Bill White Sox6:15pmLog College Softball Field
South Minor 5 @ Team 4 Mike Blue Jays6:15pmWillow Dale Field 1
Majors Baseball '17
South Major 2 @ Majors 16:15pmWillow Dale Field 2
Thursday, Jun 1
Quickball Team5 @ Quickball Team66:00pmMunro Quickball Field 1
Quickball Team3 @ Quickball Team16:00pmMunro Quickball Field 2
Rookies Baseball '17
Padres 3 @ Pirates 16:15pmMunro Park Field 2
Phillies 2 @ Dodgers 56:15pmMunro Park Field 3
Majors Baseball '17
South Major 1 @ South Major 46:15pmSouthampton Field 3

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Upcoming Events

Saturday, Jun 3
All Star DayMunro Community Park
Saturday, Jun 10
Movie Night

For a complete calendar listing, click here!