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Volunteer Refunds for 2016

Anyone who did not receive their Volunteer refunds for 2016 spring baseball will be able to pick them up at the log travel field on Saturday September 17th at 10am.






To the Padres, the 2016 Warminster Rookies Champions



...And a Great season to the Runner Ups, the Reds



to the Minors Phillies, they are the 2016 WBSA Minors Champions.



to Warminster Team 7 Majors Champions

The following are the results for the Warminster Baseball & Softball Association Fundraiser Raffle:

1. Trey Smith
2. Kristina Pisano
3. AnnMarie McGlinchey
4. Dave Pierson
5. Frank Koehler
6. Joshua Meltzer
7. Donna Moffitt
8. Joe Podgorski

WBSA will contact the winners this weekend. Thank you for your support!!


W.B.S.A. Web site updates

     This is the place to check daily for continuous updates on game information, events, field closures and schedules. Be sure to register for text message updates to your mobile device. This will be the easiest and most convenient way to get the fastest updates on field closures and schedule changes without having to access email. Sign up now for text and email alerts today by clicking on the icon located at the left side of the screen.  





  • The Directors of the two leagues, Warminster and Southampton, have agreed that joining forces with one another at most levels of baseball will benefit the children of our communities by offering better competition and opportunity.  Baseball is a fun game that you play with your friends.  As your sons grow in our communities they will be going from elementary school to middle school to high school gaining new friends from expanding neighborhoods as they grow up.  Combining the towns that comprise the Centennial School District makes sense and in time, will lead to better baseball. 
  • Nothing has changed but everything is slightly different.  For the 2016 season all in-house Minor and Major League teams will play in the Centennial League.  Divisions will be East and West.  Warminster teams will be West Division and Southampton teams will be East Division.  Playoffs will be separated by division, Warminster and Southampton, with the champions of each division playing in an early summer championship game. The championship game will be followed by a Movie night at Munro Park. At the conclusion of the Centennial Season teams will be chosen in age groups from 8 to 12 to represent Centennial in the Cal Ripken District Tournament at the end of June. 


  • For the parents who experienced our Rookies division last year, we have made some changes for this year. We will continue to do our ratings system as we did for the 2014 season, however the 6 year olds will be evaluated more closely. We are always looking at ways to improve the game and safety. This year the division directors will determine if a 6 year old child is ready to move into the Rookies division. If we find that the child is not ready they will not be able to participate in Rookies but will continue if the T-Ball division. We are hoping this provides a better experience for all and it will also help transition our teams for the merger of the Rookies division with Southampton for the 2017 season. 


  • All field maps and locations for Warminster and Southampton will be updated on our website soon. As some of you may know we have been working closely with the Township and some of the current land developers to build a new complex at Warminster Community Park. We are dedicated to improving the quality of baseball for Warminster and hope to have this project completed by spring 2017.




2015-2016 WBSA Meetings

Board Meetings are held 7-9pm at Log College Middle School, Classroom 6 near the Gym.
Meetings are typically held 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month.
(Parents welcome to meetings held on 2nd Tuesdays)

  • September - Annual election of Board Members
  • Meetings during the Season start 7:45
  • Summer Meetings are held at the Centennial Administration Building
  • July - Advertise for Board Nominations
  • August - Present slate of Board Nominations

The Warminster Baseball and Softball Association Bylaws [here]