Last Updated: February 6, 2016
 Attention!!! New Rules and Policy for Behavior. Please Read   [More Info]
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Attention!! The "Kroger" brand water bottles (60 total) being sold at West Branch Middle School were provided to us by a third party to replace the 90+ bottles that we gave away for free on Jan. 23rd. Thank You, Little Warriors Board 


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Practice Schedule Listed Below.

Game Schedules Available Here.



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To all outside schools, following the 2015-2016 season there will be several changes made in regards to the rules and team registrations. More information will become available towards the end of the season. If you have any questions or suggestions please contact one of our board members.    

    Thanks again,

     Little Warriors Board











Upcoming Games

Saturday, Feb 6
4th Grade Boys
Newton Falls White @ Heartland Christian White3:00pmDamascus Elementary
Leetonia White @ Newton Falls Black4:00pmDamascus Elementary
Heartland Christian Purple @ HEPA Environmental5:00pmDamascus Elementary
Leetonia Blue @ Automated Hydraulic Controls6:00pmDamascus Elementary
4th Grade Girls
Road Dog Transport @ Bill's Auto Body9:00amDamascus Elementary
Waterloo @ Marlington X10:00amDamascus Elementary
Marlington Y @ Sebring Tire11:00amDamascus Elementary
Marlington Black @ Newton Falls Orange12:00pmDamascus Elementary
Marlington Orange @ Newton Falls Black1:00pmDamascus Elementary
Southeast @ Leetonia2:00pmDamascus Elementary
5th Grade Boys
Newton Falls Orange @ Sebring2:00pmWest Branch Middle School (Small Gym)
Leetonia @ East Palestine3:00pmWest Branch Middle School (Small Gym)
Heartland Christian @ VASCO Sports4:00pmWest Branch Middle School (Small Gym)
Newton Falls Black @ McGrath's Barber Shop5:00pmWest Branch Middle School (Small Gym)
5th Grade Girls
Sebring @ Sebring Trophy10:00amWest Branch Middle School (Small Gym)
Leetonia @ Newton Falls11:00amWest Branch Middle School (Small Gym)
Waterloo Silver @ Waterloo Maroon12:00pmWest Branch Middle School (Small Gym)
Southeast Maroon @ Salem1:00pmWest Branch Middle School (Small Gym)
6th Grade Boys
Newton Falls @ East Palestine1:00pmWest Branch Middle School (Large Gym)
Ravenna Marine White @ Ravenna Marine Green2:00pmWest Branch Middle School (Large Gym)
Leetonia @ Sebring3:00pmWest Branch Middle School (Large Gym)
6th Grade Girls
Southeast @ Sebring4:00pmWest Branch Middle School (Large Gym)
Leetonia White @ Cope Farm Equip5:00pmWest Branch Middle School (Large Gym)
Leetonia Blue @ Heartland Christian6:00pmWest Branch Middle School (Large Gym)
Waterloo @ Newton Falls7:00pmWest Branch Middle School (Large Gym)

For a complete schedule listing, click here!