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  • It's Baseball Season! Go Dukes!!!!!!

West Covina Dukes Spring 2017 Try Out Dates

Dukes are actively looking for new players, coaches and TOTAL TEAMS  ages 8 to 14U to join the oldest & winningest Travel Baseball Program in the Country.  Email us:

January 22nd at 9:00 am registration starts at 8:00 am

January 25th at 6:00 pm registration starts at 5:30 pm 

This date is for players unable to make one of the weekend dates

January 29th at 9:00 am registration starts at 8:00 am


Maverick Field

350 S. Citrus

West Covina, CA 91791


Teams are selected by Grade and Age:

13 year old 7th grade - May 1, 2003 - April 31 2004 are 13U 
14 year old 8th grade - May 1, 2002 - April 31 2003 are 14U

8th grade 13 year old age eligible players are also eligible for the 7th grade team. 


Dukes Field 4 teams each season, 2-14u and 2-13u. Actively working on developing teams 8 to 12u by popular demand.

Please go to the hand out section of the Dukes home page left side to download the player profile form. Please fill out completely email a copy back to Cameron Saylor at AS WELL AS BRING A HARD COPY TO TRY OUTS

There is a $20 Try Out fees cover all three dates posted, fees are not per Try Out date. Try Out fees will not be prorated for a single day.



2016 Fall Rosters Dukes



Posted Friday - Revised 9/2


Congratulations to the14U Players selected to the Dukes 14 National the roster is now final.  Thanks to everyone for their patients & effort as we worked through the process.  Dukes National team will practice on Wednesday and Thursdays at 5:00 pm.  Our first team practice will be this Wednesday 9/7/16.  Please look for 14u team email each Monday breaking down that week activity.


Dukes 14 National Team Fall 2016 


Matt Perez, Jeffrey Makarounas, Tommy Cerecedes, Jake Garibay, Matt Fernando, Mayson Baez, AJ Salazar, Daniel Santos, Luke Mistone, Isiah Ayala, Jacob Bonebreak, Katin Suprenant, Drake Job, Tony Verrone, Jorge Avalos, Noah Stevens

Manager John Lee

General Manager Cameron Saylor:


Congratulations to all 13U Players selected from last nights scrimmage.  2016 Fall Rosters for the 13u divison are now final.  Please read the revised meeting date and information at the bottom of this post. 

We look forward to an exciting fall season with new style uniforms, Wilson, Demarini, Louisville Slugger sponsorship, new players,  added coaches and the addition of the 13u Director Position. 


Dukes 13u National

Manager : Robert Delacruz

Andrew Ramirez, Andres Mitat, Freddy Antuna, Matt Lorenzano, Daniel Marquez, Diego Ortiz, Dylan Esquival, Andrian Martinez, Mark Manuel, Nanthan Durazo, Andrew Garcia, Chase Chute, Jon Diaz, Jacob Varela

Dukes 13u American

Team Manager: Mike Martinez 

Noah Alvarez, Vincent Quezada, Gabriel Martinez, Jacob McKinn, Henry Ortiz, Nicholas Gallegos, Jacob Cerecedes, Zach Meza, Zane Velasquez, Randy Limon, Jacob Cota, Shane Ingrin, Jeremiah Sibrian

13U Division Director Mike Gonzales:






Uniforms, hats and the Fall 2016 Program will be covered.  

Please bring Birth Certificates and Player/Parent Agreement.  

Registration Fees are $275 for all Players and will need to be paid Tuesday Night.  The Program has gone to new uniforms this season - all players are expected to have new uniforms.

$100 Snack Bar coupons dues on September 8th

$75 monthly program Fees October - December  4 MONTHS - due October 1st ($300)



We are the West Covina Dukes Baseball Club, originally known as the California Dukes.  A combined total of 28 years and the oldest travel baseball program in the United States. The Dukes Baseball organization consists of both 13 & 14 year old Travel Baseball Teams. The program has young men from throughout West Covina and the Citrus Valley, playing in Baseball Leagues at Maverick Field and various  Southern California Tournaments. Maverick Baseball Park at 350 S. Citrus in West Covina is our home.

With the popularity of Travel Baseball growing at monumental rates from 2000 to 2005, The Dukes were quickly becoming a me too program among a sea of mediocre travel baseball programs.  In 2006 new progressive organization management began the transformation of the West Covina Dukes from the California Dukes to focus on fundamental development of young talent through a system patterned after college and pro programs.  Today in a sustained effort to again separate & differentiate  Dukes Baseball from every other program, several tools not utilized at the youth level were implemented i.e developed mental training, mental homework assignments, off field self work outs, organization practices, program hand outs, organization hitting sessions, organization position coaches in additional to regular team coaches that teach and promote fundamentals.  

When you teach wining ways! -  Winning happens!   Additionally The Dukes with The SGV Arsenal formed Maverick Baseball Academy a cooperative umbrella that integrates baseball mental and fundamental work outs during a players developmental years in the confines of a consistent learning environment.  Dukes are 13 & 14 -  Arsenal are 15 to 18 with vertically integrated core baseball principles. 

The West Covina Dukes management does not promote or promise to showcase players to colleges or pro scouts at this age. That notion is absurd! That will happen at the next level if the players ability is there and the foundation to succeed laid. The Dukes program with years of hard work has developed a working relationship where it counts at this age. Those relations are with most surrounding area High School coaches from Fontana to Pasadena.

What we teach in preparation for the next level is fundamental and mental baseball. We insist on good grades and try to instill the self-disciplines required to produce upstanding young men with self-confidence and character. Our goals are to prepare these young men for high school baseball as we strive for excellence. In pursuit of that, our agenda is ambitious: we will host several tournaments at Maverick Park, we travel to one major tournament each year and will always have designs to finish in a World Series or National Championship.

A learning & developmental environment is provided at a first class facility that includes organizational coaches,  double tunnel covered batting cage, Indoor bullpens & outdoor bullpens, state of the art LED lighting system for the cage, hitting stations, video analysis, training equipment and quality coaching staffs; all tools of the program.   Coming soon in 2016/2017 will be a 6 station baseball training circuit stationed around Maverick Park.  These amenities are not fee for service based menu line items, these tools are included in a minimal monthly program fee.

Our motto is: "We throw leather, play under control, support teammates, challenge opponents and get down in the dirt.... Dukes Baseball."

Our program develops fine student / athletes, who excel in the classroom and on the field. The results of hitting the books first, then hitting baseballs, has prepared 280 of our graduates for college baseball and 45 are playing or retired from professional baseball.... What goes around, comes around..... quality, it's a beautiful thing!

Like all good things in life, the Dukes success does not come easy. It takes hard work and dedication from the coaches, the players and their parents. So come join us and “Let’s Play Ball”.

Practice Schedules Fall 2016

September 2, 2016

                                       5 to 7               7 to 9

Monday                           open                 Arsenal

Tuesday                          13 A                  13N

Tuesday Org Hitting     14u 9/13 & 9/20 then every other Tuesday

Wednesday                     14 N                   Arsenal

Thursday                         14 N                   13

Thursday Org Hitting     9/22 then every other Thursday

Friday                              Open                  

Saturday                          Arsenal Games

Sunday                            Dukes Games Home/Away





2015 Dukes Spring Rosters

Congratulations to all players who earned a roster spot on the Spring 2015 Dukes 13 & 14u teams. 




American Dukes 13U - Manager Mike Guzman   

Eric Amaya,  Jon Slwiecki,  Sean Cunneen,  Anthony Hennie, Bailey Lorenzano, Cameron Pearson, Ethan Beanes, Daniel Vierra, Andrew Paredes, Diego Moran, Jaden Guzman, Jordan Zuniga, Chris Munoz, Isaiah Cruz, Jacob Vargas


National Dukes 13u - Manager  Mike Gonzales

Tyler Conant, Alex Flores, Dean Berru, Louie Barcenas, Noah Stevens, Robert Cortez,  Patrick Sharp, Russ Macleith, Michael Gonzalez, Diego Gonzalez, Alex Jimenez, Elijah Gonzales, Dom Meza, Noah Rumenapp, Adrian Franco, Ryan Wentz, Alex Marquez


American Dukes 14u - Manager Robert Delacruz

Keenan Bonilla, Justin Gerlach, Jacob Johntson, Renee Palacio, Luke Watson,  Erick Fernandez, Kurtis Cox, Nathan Moreno, Carlos Ray Vargas, Manuael Casillas, Matthew Valdez, Dominick Tello, Joel Campa, Aaron Brown,


National Dukes 14u - Manager John Lee

Kyle Weaver, Omar Aguirre, Christian Carrillo, Chad Cornelius,  Jaden Cantu, Alvaro Ortega, Nick Mistone, Connor Harvey,  Adrian Chavez, Ruben Del Castillo, Jade Low, Joe Olivares, Vincent Temesvary, Jacob Lopez, Jason Nunez, Kegan Wentz, Ben Torres, Art Ramirez, Mike Galindo, Eric Evans




2016 Spring Dukes Rosters are listed below:

Dukes 13 American Rene Isenhart

Robert Rice, Kevin Rivera, Daniel Santos, Jeffrey Isenhart, Timothy Murphy, Devon Diaz, Dylan Arriaga, Eric Esparza, Kyle Dixon, Josh Martinez, Anthony Verrone, Jacob Shigenaka, Jeffrey Makarounes,  Jason Guttierrez, Logan Martinez, Anthony Rojas

Dukes13 National  Robert DelaCruz

Jacob Shilling, Aaron Cuenca, , Mayson Baez, Mark Manual, Rene Palacio, Wyatt Brazeau,  Isaac Islas, Andrew Ramirez, Daniel Marques, Trent Merrill, Nolan Rodriguez, Steven Vasquez, Nathan Race, Matt Perez, Dylan Moore       


Dukes 14 American Mike Gonzales

Anthony Henne, Daniel Correll,  Elijah Gonzales, Noah Stevens, Dominic Meza, Parker Miramontez, Dylan Swim, Noah Rumennapp, Joshua Urbina, Eric Barajas, Samuel Mercado, Connor Meisen, Jonathan Siwiecki, Jacob Lopez,  Daniel Ruvalcaba, Edgar Topete

Dukes 14 National Cameron Saylor

 Luke Watson, Noah Martinez, Erick Fernandez, Carlos Vargas, Zachary Patten, Vincent Temesvary,       Jacob Johnston, Alex Marquez, Sean Mcleod, Keenan Bonilla , Kurtis Cox, Nathan Moreno, JC Garate,  Luke Mistone, Jacob Bonebreak, Rider  Gardner

Injured Reserve - Justin Gerlach (IR) & Troy Grabowski (IR) 







Congratulations to all Players for working hard and earning a roster spot.

The 2015 Fall Duke Rosters are listed below.

Dukes 13 National  Robert DelaCruz

Andrew Parades, Jacob Shilling, Aaron Cuenca, Robert Rice (Rocket), Daniel Correll, Mayson Baez, Mark Manual, Nolan Powley, Rene Palacio, Wyatt Brazeau, Malek Salahieh, Isacc Garcia, Anthony Henne, Isaac Islas

Dukes 14 American Mike Gonzales

Elijah Gonzales, Noah Stevens, Dominic Meza, Parker Miramontez, Dillion Swim, Diego Gonzales, Adrian Franco,  Noah Rumennapp, Alex Flores, Joshua Urbinia, Eric Barajas, Samuel Mercado, Jose Garate, Connor Meisen, Jonathan, Siwiecki, Harry Walters (ET) Michael Lopez (ET)

Dukes 14 National Cameron Saylor

 Ryan Wentz, Luke Watson, Noah Martinez, Erick Fernandez, Carlos Vargas, Justin Gerlach, Zachary Patten, Vincent Temesvary, Jacob Johnston, Alex Marquez, Sean Mcleod, Keenan Bonilla, Kurtis Cox, Elijah Buries, Nathan Moreno, Troy Grabowski



Dukes 14 National

USA Baseball

14u West National




How do you like me now!  Whooooop!!!!!!!!



Beamin Carter

2014 USA National Team 14U




Dukes 13 & 14 Triple Crown Spring Championships

West Covina Dukes 14 National  - Champs D1



2015 Triple Crown Spring Championships

March 13 thru 15th Mesa Arizona


Dukes American 13 Triple Crown Champs - D2


2015 Triple Crown Spring Championships


March 19 thru 22nd Mesa Arizona




Dukes 14 National - Spring 2014

Henry Anaya, Bailey Bordas, Keenan Bonilla, Justin Catano, Beamin Carter, Willie Castellanos, Brock Cooper, Brandon Dieter,  Daniel Genna, Ben Hurst, John Lopez,  Jacob Mauch, Jonah Paez, Cory Smith, Bryce Woolridge, Patrick Hubbs, Angel Guzman, Jake Augular.

Manager:  John Lee,  Asst Coach: Dante Palacio,   Pitching Coach: Mario Acuna,   Asst Coach:  Cam Saylor 

Dukes 14 American - Spring 2014

Gabriel Arellano, Christian Armbrust,  Nicholas Amaya, Armando Andujo, Tony De La Cruz, Raymond Ortega, Ryan Gonzales, Xavier Gonzales, Angel Gonzalez, Richard Guerra, Tom Liu, Andrew Melka, Jacob Navarro, Jack Noble, Anthony Ramirez, Roman Jauregui, Max Urrutia, Cole Warner, Bryce Wills

Manager: Robert DeLacruz, Asst Coach: Armando Palacio, Asst Coach: Rob Gonzales, Pithing Coach: Kyle Kirsch

Dukes 13 National - Spring 2014

Joshua McClean, Manuel Robles, Joshua Perez, Alejandro Loera, Nicholas Mistone, Chad Cornelius, Michael Galindo, AJ Barraza,  Eddie Bass, Jacobo Robles, Jakob Dominguez, Cooper Way, Kyle Weaver, Ian Zepeda       

Manager: Jack Garis, Chris Perez, Douglas Defrates

Dukes 13 American - Spring 2014

Isaiah Ayala, Jaden Allen, Aaron Brown, Adrian Chavez, Andrew Chavez, Ruben Del Castillo, Christopher Flores, Connor Harvey, Andrew Longoria, Joseph Mendez, Dylan O'Leary, Abel Oropeza, Nathan Salas, Danny Santoyo, Kegan Wentz, Jaelen Williams.   

Manager: Alex Chavez, Asst Coach;  Ron Santoyo, Asst Coach:  Louie Chavez,  Asst Coach: Derrick Nichols


Dukes 2013 Winter Rosters All Teams


Individual Team Rosters are posted below. If you have any questions regarding players not posted please email Cameron Saylor at  Please read this entire post before emailing. 

Dukes 14 National

Henry Anaya, Bailey Bordas, Keenan Bonilla, Justin Catano, Beamin Carter, Willie Castellanos, Brock Cooper, Brandon Dieter, Aaron Gallegos, Daniel Genna, Matt Hohn, Ben Hurst, John Lopez,  Jacob Mauch, Jonah Paez, Cory Smith, Bryce Woolridge 

Manager:  John Lee,  Asst Coach: Dante Palacio,   Pitching Coach: Mario Acuna,   Asst Coach:  Cam Saylor 

Dukes 14 American

Andrew Melka, Armando Andujo, Cole Warner, Jack Noble, Ryan Ashby, Richard Guerra, Max Urrutia, Adrian Fernandez, Angel Gonzalez, Bryce Wills, Matthew Ramirez,Tony De La Cruz, Tom Liu, Jacob Navarro, Nicholas Amaya, Ryan Gonzales, Christian Armbrust.

Manager: Robert DeLacruz, Armando Palacio

Dukes 13 National

Manuel Robles, Joshua Perez, Alejandro Loera, Nicholas Mistone, Chad Cornelius, Drake Williams
Robert Medina, Anthony Ramirez, AJ Barraza,  Eddie Bass, Jacobo Robles, Jakob Dominguez        

Manager: Jack Garis, Chris Perez, Douglas Defrates

Dukes 13 American

Isaiah Ayala, Aaron Brown, Adrian Chavez, Andrew Chavez, Ruben Del Castillo, Christopher Flores, Andrew Longoria, Joseph Mendez, Abel Oropeza, Nathan Salas, Danny Santoyo, Kyle Weaver, Kegan Wentz, Jaelen Williams.   

Manager: Alex Chavez, Asst Coach;  Ron Santoyo, Asst Coach:  Louie Chavez,  Asst Coach: Derrick Nichols


Dukes Baseball USA 2013 Stars & Stripes


Making us proud Dukes National 14U USA Team 2013 players Jason Gonzalez & John Dearth  (aka BIG COUNTRY)

Dukes Players Selected by USA Baseball

Jayson Gonzalez & John Dearth are both invited to USA Baseball to be part of the potential 40 man roster for the USA 14 National Developmental Team in Carey North Carolina August 5th to 11th.   Ben Hurst was also selected to be an aletenate for the USA 14U. Team  



NEW Hitting Tunnels - Maverick Baseball Academy

After 5 years of saving and fundraising the Maverick Baceball Academy Dukes & Arsenal started construction on the NEW double tunnel batting cage on July 20th.   Thank you to those who donated this past season with a speacial thank you to the Castucci Foundation for your support to help make this a reality.

Arstrong Construstion and Mercury Fence have done a great job building the new cage - A big thank you to both!

Cage Features:                                                                                                                               

* Double Tunnel  *  Self Feeding Pitching Machine * Dual Portable Mound * Synthetic Turf  * Retractable Netting  *  L Screens           * LED Lighting  * Covered Roof * Swing Out Soft Toss Gates *  



 See the Photo Album section for a complete batting cage construction time line!

Coming Soon!  Online reservations for non Dukes & Arsenal user groups!





Dukes Baseball for 27 years have been preparing 13 and 14 year old young men for High School Baseball. Where the SGV Arsenal for over the last 13 years have developed an outstanding reputation for developing 15 to 18 year old High School age level players providing opportunity and exposure to Colleges and Professional Scouts. While baseball is fundamental; the way you approach both age groups is entirely different.

The Dukes Baseball Club and SGV Arsenal have formed an alliance under the Maverick Baseball Academy. While we both are separate organizations, both have the same beliefs in fundamental baseball development of the youth in our community.

Simply put we stick with our core competencies; Dukes 13 & 14 and the Aresenal 15 to 18. Not competing for the same talent in today's travel baseball enviroment has strengthened the total program. The key reason for this joint effort is synergy and the belief players should have the opportunity to develop their skill with out paying fees of up to $300 per month offering false promises. Dukes fees are minimal and coaches are not paid, we coach baseball for the love of the game and development of baseball in our community. The Arsenal are very similar in their fee structure, the formula is established and proven.

We look forward to the baseball future as we strive to enhance the experience for all.

Any questions please feel free to contact.

Cameron Saylor
Maverick Baseball Academy                                                                                                                                             West Covina Dukes

Maverick Baseball Academy 2nd Annual Golf Tournament October 19th








Dukes Spring 2013 Rosters

Dukes National 14

Joe Defina, John Dearth, Jacob Dominguez, Isaac Esqueda, Jacob Garcia, Jayson Gonzalez, Scott Hartill, Matt Hohn, Ben Hurst, Dante Palacio, Michael Pineiro, Chad Plant, Max Reyes, Robbie Santoyo, Ryan Swift, Omar Veloz, Jake Durna.

Manager: John Lee
Coaches: Mario Acuna, Wallace Gonzalez, Dante Palacio, Cameron Saylor

Dukes American 14

Carlos Arellano, Lukas Armbrust, Cole Armstrong, Ryan Buckley, Robby Bujanda, Keneau Estrada, Adrian Fernandez, Evan Hope, Aaron Gallegos, Kenny Garcia, Merrick Hummer,  Ryan Rodriguez.

Manager: Mark Buckley
Coaches: Frank Estrada, Brian Hope


Dukes National 13

Christian Armbrust, Keenan Bonilla, Bailey Bordas, Beamin Carter, Brock Cooper, Ruben Del Castillo, Justin Catana, Tommy Delgado, Anthony Delacruz, Louis Farrar,  Daniel Genna,  Angel Gonzalez, Tom Liu, John Lopez,  Jacob Mauch, Max Urriuta, Bryce Woolridge.

Manager: Robert Delacruz
Coaches: Tomas Delgado


Dukes National 14 - Winter 2012 Roster

Andre Alavarez,Joe Defina, Jacob Dominguez, Jake Durna, Isaac Esqueda, Jacob Garcia, Jayson Gonzalez, Scott Hartill, Matt Hohn, Ben Hurst, Dante Palacio, Jarrett Perry, Michael Pineiro, Chad Plant, Max Reyes, Robbie Santoyo

Manager: John Lee
Coaches: Mario Acuna, Wallace Gonzalez, Dante Palacio, Cameron Saylor


Dukes American 14U - Winter 2012 Roster



Carlos Arellano, Lukas Armbrust, Cole Armstrong, Ryan Buckley,Carlos Chavez, Keneau Estrada, Justin Flood, Giovani Ghelfi, Evan Hope, Merrick Hummer, Mat Kurnik, Justin Lee, Jake Longe, Giovanni Ruiz, Jack Sheehan, Ryan Swift, Omar Veloz
Manager: Mark Buckley
Coaches: Frank Estrada


Dukes National 13U - Winter Roster 2012

Christian Armbrust, Keenan Bonilla, Beamin Carter, Brock Cooper, Tommy Delgado, Anthony Delacruz, Louis Farrar, Adrian Fernandez, Aaron Gallegos, Daniel Genna, Angel Gonzalez, Christian Haro, Nick Hayward, Tom Liu, John Lopez, Jacob Mauch, Ryan Rodriguez, Bryce Woolridge

Manager: Brandyn Hayward
Coaches: Bryan Hayward, Robert Delacruz, Kyle Kirsch



Maverick Baseball Academy 2012


Maverick Baseball Academy 2011

Maverick Baseball Academy 2010

Maverick Academy 2009

Dukes 14 National Winter 2010

Ryan Arias, David Barcena, Peter Beattie , Ryan Beyers, Jonathon Buckley, Miguel Chavira, Tyler Durna, James Garcia, Tanner Gilmore, Justin Gonzales, Michael Luna, Andy Manrique, Andrew Matus, Manny Munoz, Tim Nelson, Tyler Peterson, Jacob Ramos, Nic Sandoval, Drew Valdez

Coaches:John Lee, Mario Acuna, Cameron Saylor, Mike Dlugos

Dukes 13 Winter 2010

Ulrick Sanglay, Daniel Ramierez, Derrick Barnes, Ralph Acosta, Alexis Paz, Andrew Maxon,Patrick Vizcaino, Gehrig Vargus, Isaak Chavez, Micheal Boragine, Mac Quinn, Alec Alvarez, Greg Viramontes, Travis Akins, Daniel Sanchez, Joshua Hartman, Josh Aguilar

Brandyn Hayward, Bryan Hayward, Mike Quinn, Ernie Rivera, Ben George

Dukes Spring 2009 13u Team

Dukes Spring 2009 14u Team

Winter Work Outs 2011

With 130 total Winter Work Out participants and 121 attending the final session, this years works outs surpassed them all nearly doubling last years total. Parents, Players and coaches - Great Job!!!!!


It was a beautiful California Saturday at Maverick Field when Duke Defrates celebrated 20 years as head of the West Covina Dukes Travel Baseball Organization. We had several former Dukes players that came to the ceremony to help celebrate and 4 of them who made the Major Leagues threw out the first pitch to a catcher from all 4 of our current Dukes Teams. From left to right in the above photo is: Mike Lamb, Adam Simon, Jim Bullard, Chris Cunningham, Jake Haaker, Frank Valerio, Bret Sigmund, Jack Garis, David Enciso, & Jesus see more photos from the day, click on Photo Albums and choose the OPENING DAY album.

West Covina Dukes Host Washington Nationals

The Washington National 15U Team came to Southern California to play quality baseball in the warm weather before they start their high school season. They really enjoyed their visit to our beautiful Maverick Field, playing the National and American Dukes 14U teams, The Bombers, and the SGV Arsenal. We fed them well and they competed in some great baseball games. The above photo is the 15U Washington Team with the Dukes National team.

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