Last Updated: January 7, 2016

Wellsburg Colts Football
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Executive Officers

President: Tasha Taylor – 304-639-2044

Vice President: Leslie Hildebrand – 304-479-1326

Secretary: Dana Taylor– 304-374-6338

Treasurer: Yvonne Donley – 304-280-3693           

Athletic Director: Joe "Bugsy" Campenelli – 304-670-8409


General Information


Cheering Advisor: Katie Hukill – 304-479-0263

Equipment Manager: Kevin Fiber – 304-479-4133


Age Requirements:

Bantams: 7 (before Sept. 30th) – 8 years old

Junior Varsity: 9-10 year olds (as of July 15th)

Varsity: 11-12 year olds (as of July 15th)


If you don’t have your physical card by July 13, 2015 -you cannot practice until we receive it.   Physical cards are to be turned in to the colt building, please do not give to the coaches. 


All new players are to have their original birth certificate for the official weigh-ins on Saturday, August 8th, 2015 at Weirton Community Center.



Equipment/uniform: it is you and your child’s (player/cheerleader) responsibility to bring all the required equipment/uniform to practices and games. If they do not, they will sit during that practice or game.  There will be no extras handed out unless you ask your head coach who, in turn, needs to ask the equipment manager, athletic director, or cheering advisor.

Player/Cheerleader Info.


Colt Building

        Located on 18th Street – last building on the left going toward the ball fields.



There is NO PARKING from the alley toward the river by the Colt Building.  Anyone parking there WILL BE TICKETED by the city police.



Football is at the 18th Street ball fields at 6:00 P.M.  For conditioning, wear shorts, t-shirt, and molded football cleats.  Be sure to bring a water bottle

        Cheering is at the 18th Street Park near the Colt Building


Home Games

        Colt Home Games are held at Wellsburg Middle School


Booster Meetings

        They are held at the shelter on south end of playground.  There will be monthly meetings of the corporation with all the members in good standing at a time and date yet to be determined.  You will receive notice in the weekly Pride sheet of scheduled meetings. 

Attendance for Practice/Games

For both Cheerleaders and Football Players:

        Attendance for practices and games is “very” important.  If you have to miss practice or a game because of vacation, illness, and etc., you will need to contact your coach by phone.  Do not post messages to Facebook concerning attendance for many coaches do not check FB.




Only authorized coaches and the Athletic Director are permitted on practice or playing fields for either football or cheering.  Parents watching their child practice football must stay on the east side of the practice fields only. No one is to watch practice from the river side.