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  • Next League Meeting is THURSDAY July 18th
  • Chestnuthill Park Building - 8:00 PM
  • All Managers and Coaches are Encouraged to Attend as well as All League Members
All Stars

West End Little League

Manager: Gil Ramos, Coach: Tom Ciszak and Coach: Rick Estrella
Players: # 1 Jason Estrella, #2 Stanley Hochfeld, #3 Timmy Covart, #4 Dustin Hunara, #7 Kory Kearns, #9 Curtis Ramos, #10 Adam Rosario, #11 Ben Smiley, #12 Nicholas Ciszak, #23 Gabe Masker, #24 Adam Guzman, #51 Dallas Greenzweig, and #77 Mychal Kearns
Congratulations to the West End 12 Year Old All Stars!! You played with heart and played hard.  You had a fantastic run and each of you should be very proud.
Manager: Jim Frable, Coach: Tim Covart and Coach: Chris Garcia
Players: #00 Nicholas Fantuzzi, #1 Logan Bray, #2Matthew Guzman , #3 Nkobi Francis, #4 Chase Garcia, #6 Zachary Walters, #7 Ryan Purgar, #8 Brandon Ratti, #10 Nico Ferrara, #11 Connor Covart, #12 Shawn Berrie, #15 Christopher Frable, #17 Kevin Boyne, and #18 Bryce Bachman
Congratulations to our West End 11 Year Old All Stars!  
We would like to thank our 11 and 12 Year Old All Star players as well as our coaches, and parents for all their hard work, dedication, miles driven,and support. You had a great season and you made us all West End proud!
CONGRATULATIONS to the West End 12 year old All Stars for winning the District 29 Title!!  We are so proud of all of you! Thank you to all the parents, players, and coaches for all you have done to make this 2014 All Star season spectacular! Good Luck as you continue your games, may your winning streak continue!! Stay on FIRE!
Good Luck to our West End 11 year old All Stars when they begin their exciting journey! We are so proud that you boys are representing District 29 in the Sectionals!!
We would like to thank our 9/10 All Star players as well as our 11/12 All Star softball players, coaches, and parents for all their hard work and support.  You had a great season and you made us all West End proud!
All Star Scoreboard 11/12's
Game 1 West End-(12's) 5         Warwick 7
Game 2  West End -(12's)  10   Valley East  7
Game 3- West End -(12's) 2        Lehigh 10
All Star Scoreboard 10/11's
Game 1  West End- (11's)  6    Warwick  16
Game 2  West End- (11's)    2   PennRidge 12


The last two times to pick up your work bond checks will be on Thursday, August 14 , 2014 from 7:00-8:00 at the Chestnuthill Park Building located on Route 715 and on Thursday August 21, 2014 from 7:00-8:15  at the Chestnuthill Park Building.  Please be sure to have your signed work bond card with you at the time of pick up.  Assistant Coaches must pick up their work bond checks as well.  Thank you all for your help through out the season.  Anyone still needing to complete your work bond and would like to park cars at the West End Fair should contact Lori Bray ( immediately.  



West End Little League

Chartered under Little League, Inc out of  Williamsport, Pa., this organized sport offers to all children ages 4-16 living in the following townships: Chestnuthill, Polk, Ross, & Eldred the opportunity to learn the basic fundamentals of Baseball and Softball while also learning valuable life lessons that can only be learned playing sports. As one of the first youth sports organizations to hit the West End, our league has grown to over 500 participants each Spring.

 Registration occurs each year in January with the season beginning in Mid-late March and continuing through June. We then offer Tournament season, Summer Ball, Fall Ball and Winter Workouts - giving many children in the league to play baseball or softball year round if they choose!

We are a non-profit all VOLUNTEER organization. If you would like to become a part of West End Little League please go to the contact page and touch base with any board member and they would be glad to assist you.

Thank you for supporting the West End Little League!


League Meetings are held every third Thursday of the month.

Next League Meeting is scheduled for:

Thursday  9/18/14 The League Meeting will start at 7:30


*Please note there may be changes to meeting times as well as weather related and other cancellations. Always check this site for up to date information.

The meetings are open to the Community and all members of our league. Please consider joining us and getting involved! :)




Attention Board Members, Managers, Coaches, Umpires and Team Parents, due to a rule change in the Little League rule book involving concussions, the Board has decided to make the following course mandatory for all of the volunteers mentioned above.  The HEADS UP! CONCUSSION IN YOUTH SPORTS TRAINING for Coaches is an online course that takes approximately 40 minutes to complete.  At the end you will be able to print out a certificate showing you have completed the course.  This must be completed before equipment handouts by the team Manager AND the two Assistant Coaches or you will not receive your equipment.  Concussions in youth sports are a very serious issue today and we as a league are taking it  seriously as well.  The below link will take you directly to the course.  If you have any questions please contact Dennis Purgar  at

Accident Reporting

May 12, 2013

Accidents will happen and when they do, forms will have tpo be filled out.  On this web site there are links to 2 forms that should be filled out by parents, coaches and board members. 


Accident Claim Form Instructions.  These will help you fill out the accident claim form.

Accident Claim Form.  This form must be filled out completely and returned to Dennis Purgar the Safety Officer so that it can be forwarded to Little League in Williamsport.  This lets them know that something happend and the accident victim possibly went to a Dr. or hospital.  This is for insurance purposes and must be done in a timely manner.


Injury Tracking Form.  This is to be filled out by Managers, Coaches or Team Parent and returned to Dennis Purgar in a timely manner.  This stays on file within the West End Little League for our own records.  These should be sent to me withing 48 hours.


Any questions please feel free to contact me at





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Upcoming Games/Practices

Wednesday,  Sep 24
Fall Softball
PRACTICE West End 1 (Majors) 6:00pm Effort
PRACTICE West End 2 (Seniors) 6:00pm PVHS Varsity Field
Friday,  Sep 26
Fall Baseball
W.E.L.L. Red @ Stroudsburg 3 6:00pm Stroudsburg
Saturday,  Sep 27
Fall Baseball
West End 50/70 @ Pocono Mountain East 50/70 11:00am PME Cresco Field
W.E.L.L. Hunter Green @ W.E.L.L. Blue 3:00pm Saylorsburg Playground
Fall Softball
West End 2 (Seniors) @ ESN Blue (Seniors) 11:00am Resica Elementary (ESN Minors)
West End 1 (Majors) @ ESS1 (Majors) 1:00pm East Stroudsburg High School (South)
Wednesday,  Oct 1
Fall Softball
PRACTICE West End 1 (Majors) 6:00pm Effort
PRACTICE West End 2 (Seniors) 6:00pm PVHS Varsity Field
Friday,  Oct 3
Fall Baseball
W.E.L.L. Hunter Green @ East Stroudsburg 6:00pm Konawalik Field East Stroudsburg
W.E.L.L. Blue @ Stroudsburg 4 6:00pm Stroudsburg
Saturday,  Oct 4
Fall Baseball
Stroudsburg 50/70 @ West End 50/70 10:00am Saylorsburg Playground
Stroudsburg 1 @ W.E.L.L. Hunter Green 1:00pm Saylorsburg Playground
W.E.L.L. Blue @ Stroudsburg 3 1:00pm Stroudsburg
Stroudsburg 2 @ W.E.L.L. Red 4:00pm Saylorsburg Playground
Fall Softball
West End 1 (Majors) @ ESN (Majors) 10:00am Resica Elementary (ESN Minors)
West End 2 (Seniors) @ ESN Blue (Seniors) 1:00pm Resica Elementary (ESN Minors)
Wednesday,  Oct 8
Fall Softball
PRACTICE West End 1 (Majors) 6:00pm Effort
PRACTICE West End 2 (Seniors) 6:00pm PVHS Varsity Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

West End Little League

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