Last Updated: July 15, 2014

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  • Congratulations to the Pinto Champion Angels!
  • Congratulations to the Mustang Champion Dodgers!
  • Congratulations to the Bronco Champion Yankees!
  • Congratulations to the Girls Softball Champions!

2014 White Sox Scout Ticket Raffle

One Lucky Winner Will Receive:

  • 4 Scout Seats ($220 value each) to Saturday August 2nd White Sox vs. Twins
  • Includes Food Before & During the Game
  • Includes Parking Pass

Would you like to sit in the best seats ever at US Cellular Field?
You have a 1 and 300 chance to do so.
Starting Wednesday June 25 2014 through Monday July 7,2014 buy a $20 raffle ticket at the Westside Concession Stand.

Don't miss your chance for this awesome opportunity.
$20 Per Ticket
300 Tickets Will Be Sold.
Drawing Date Will Be Announced.

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2014 Allstar Tournament Information

War Off I294 (Flyer)
In-House Allstar Tournaments

7u - 9u - 11u - 13u
July 2nd thru July 8th

8u - 10u - 12u - 14u 
June 25th thru July 1st

$425 Registration Fee 

$370 if your league registers multiple teams

3 game minimum, trophies, free giveaways, patched umpires

Home Run Derby for all divisions

Tournament Director: 
Jeremy Keating

All games will be played on the fields at 9400 S. Oak Park Avenue. Maps for all WBOL fields can be found under the "Directions" link on the left hand side of the web site.

Travel teams allowed for 13U & 14U.


New Dugouts Construction Update

New Dugout Construction Progress Update
Concrete slabs have been poured and the dugout fences have been installed. 
The new dugouts are MUCH larger.
We still have much work to do to get them all ready for the season, so please come out and help if you can.


Check out more details and images on the Dugout Construction Page


New Tree Installed

Westside Installs a New Tree

Westside Baseball of Oak Lawn has installed a 40 foot tree between the Pony and Bronco fields. The plan is to create shade for fans watching from the visitors side as well as players on the field. It's a big one!

Westside Baseball of Oak Lawn

On June 1, 1962, Columbus Manor Little League was established -

"To implant firmly in the boys of the community, the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and reverence, so that they may be finer, stronger and happier boys, and will grow up to be good, clean, healthy men. This to be achieved through a supervised program of competitive baseball."

On February 28, 1972, the organization voted to change the name to Westside Baseball of Oak Lawn.

Today, Westside Baseball of Oak Lawn continues to implant firmly in the children of the community, the ideals of good sportsmanship, honesty, loyalty, courage and reverence, so that they may be finer, stronger and happier children, and will grow up to be good, clean, healthy men and women.

Westside Baseball of Oak Lawn is a place where children can come to play so that they may be well adjusted, stronger and happier children and will grow to be good, decent, healthy and trustworthy individuals.

To achieve this objective, Westside Baseball of Oak Lawn will provide a supervised program of competitive baseball games under the rules and policies of the league. All members shall bear in mind that the attainment of exceptional athletic skills and the winning of games is secondary, and the molding of future individuals is of prime importance.

Westside Baseball

The Westside Baseball fields are located at the corner of W. 93rd Street and Oak Park Avenue in Oak Lawn, IL.

The address of the Johnston Center is:

9400 S. Oak Park Avenue
Oak Lawn, IL 60453

The Phone Number for the Johnston Center is: (708) 430-4310

Sign Our Guestbook!

We would like to open up the Guestbook to anyone who would like to make a comment, ask a question or make a request regarding anything to do with Westside Baseball of Oak Lawn!

Please feel free to utilize the Guestbook to communicate anything to the Westside board or league! Simply click on the "Guestbook" link at the top right hand corner of the page and type your message in the comment section. The name, e-mail and town fields are not required to submit your comments or questions.

Please keep in mind that this is a public web site. Therefore, any abusive, offensive or otherwise inappropriate comments will be removed from the site.

We would like to use this forum to further open up the lines of communication here at Westside between its members!




8U Results

Manteno 12 - Westside (Ryan) 11
Burbank 0 - Westside (Short) 12Thur.:
Westside (Short) 11 - EPBC 0
Westside (Ryan) 2 - Lemont 18Fri.:
Manteno 2 - Dyer 5
Burbank 3 - EPBC 2Sat.:
Palos 3 - Dyer 10
Wetstide (Short) 21 - Westside (Ryan) 2
Burbank 2 - Palos 8
Manteno 2 - Westside (Short) 7
Lemont 7 - EPBC 3
Schereville 7 - EPBC 0


TEAM                Wins   Losses   Runs Against
Westside (Short)  3         0                2
Dyer                   2          0               
Lemont               2          0               2
Schereville           1          0               0
Palos                  1          0               2
Burbank              1         2               22
Manteno             1          2              23
EPBC                  0          3              21
Westside (Ryan)  0          3              51

 Champion: Dyer 


Tinley Park Bulldogs 11 - Westside 10U 15

Midlothian 9 - Westside 9U 2

Midlothian 15 - Westside 10U 0

Wetside 9U 11 - Westside 10U 4
Tinley Park 10 - Midlothian 8
Tinley Park 18 - Westside 9U 9

1)Tinly Park Bulldogs
2)Midlothian Thunder
3)Westside Warriors 9U
4)Westside Warriors 10U

Champion: Midlothian Thunder


Palos (O'Leary) 14 - Westside (Kean) 2
Westside (Keating) 7 - OL 7

Westside (Rupnow) 8 - Palos (Willaims) 8
Westside (Keating) 14 - Palos (O'Leary) 2

Westside (Rupnow) 8 - OL 14
Westside (Keating) 7 - Palos (Williams) 7

Westside (Kean) 8 - OL 12
Palos (Williams) 8 - Westside (Kean) 6
Westside (Rupnow) vs Palos (O'Leary)

Champion: Westside (Keating)

2014 7U 9U 11U 13U Tourney Results

Tourney  Rules

1 Westside Warriors - Short
2 Palos
3 Ridge Beverly
4 Lincoln Way Blue Demons
Date Day Time Field Teams
3-Jul Thur 545pm TBALL 1v2
4-Jul Fri 900am TBALL 2v4
    1115am TBALL 3v4
    130pm TBALL 1v3
5-Jul Sat 900am TBALL 1v2
    1115am TBALL 2v3
    130pm TBALL 3v4
    345pm TBALL 1v4
6-Jul Sun 900am TBALL 2v4
    1115am TBALL 7U HR DERBY
    130pm TBALL #1 seed vs #4 Seed
    130 pm Pinto #2 seed vs #3 seed
7-Jul Mon 550 PM TBALL Championship
Palos vs Westside

Congratulations to Westside Warriors, Champions of the Wetsside Warriors War Off 294 7U Tournament!


1 Westside Warriors       
2 Palos      
3 Homer      
4 Clear Ridge      
Date Day Time Field Teams
2-Jul Wed 545pm Mustang 1v4
3-Jul Thur 545pm Mustang 2v3
4-Jul Fri 900am Mustang 1v2
    1115am Mustang 2v4
    130pm Mustang 3v4
5-Jul Sat 900am Mustang 1v3
    1115am Mustang 3v4
    130pm Pinto 9U HR DERBY
    345pm Mustang 1v2
6-Jul Sun 1115am Mustang #1 seed vs #4 Seed
    130pm Mustang #2 seed vs #3 seed
7-Jul Mon 530pm Mustang


Palos vs. Westside

Congratulations to Westside Warriors, Champions of the Westside Warriors War Off 294 9U Tournament! 


Congratulations to Homewood, champions of the Westside Warriors War Off 294 11U Tournament!  


  1 Westside Warriors  
  2 Oak Lawn Lightning  
  3 New Lenox Rebels Division
  4 Franfort Square Hawks A
  5 Palos Thunder  
  6 Ridge Beverly Celtics  
  7 Frankfort Eagles Division
  8 Chicago Fusion B
Date Day Time Field Teams
2-Jul Wed 545pm Pony


Frankfort 2 - Chicago3

3-Jul Thur 545pm Pony

Westside 8-OL 9

4-Jul Fri 900am Pony 1v3
Westside 6 - NL 1
    1115am Pony 2v3
    130pm Pony 2v4
    345pm Pony 1v4
5-Jul Sat 900am Pony 6v8
    1115am Pony 5v6
    130pm Pony 5v7
    345pm Pony 3v4
    600pm BRONCO 13U HR DERBY
6-Jul Sun 900am Pony 5v8
    1115am Pony 6v7
    130pm Pony Division A #1vs #2
OL 10 vs. Westside 4
    345pm Pony Division B #1 vs #2
Palos 5 vs. Chicago 6
7-Jul Mon 510pm Pony Championship
Chicago 6 vs. OL 3

Congratulations to the Chicago Fusion, Champions of the Westside Warriors War Off 294 13U Tournament!

2014 Tourney Rules

      2014 War off 294 Tournament Rules    
  All teams will submit a roster at check in prior to their first game.    
  All players must submit a birth certificate at check in.      
  Managers must have a copy of all birth certs on hand at every game.    
  Teams will consist of 10 - 16 players.          
  Length   Innings limit Innings limit        Dropped Infiled
  of Game per game   per tournament   Stealing Leadoffs 3rd Strike Fly
7U 6   2     9     2nd only No No No
 8U 6   2     9     2nd only No No No
9U, 10U 6   3     9     Yes No No Yes
11u, 12u 7   4     10     Yes Yes Yes Yes
13u,14u 7   5     11     Yes Yes Yes Yes
  Home team will be determined by a coin toss prior to each game. ( Unless it’s a seeded game.)
  First team to arrive will choose their dugout.          
  During doubleheaders, teams will not switch dugouts.      
  All teams at all levels will bat with a continuous batting order.      
  All batting orders must have at least 10 players, or an out will be recorded each time through.
  Divisions with no lead offs, runners must wait for ball to cross plate before leaving the base.
  No metal cleats allowed in 7u - 12u.          
  Pitching Rules                  
  One pitch constitutes an inning.            
  Each manager will be given an official pitching log wich must be kept during all games.
  A pitching change must occur on a managers second trip to the mound, unless for injury.
  If a pitcher hits 2 batters in an inning, or 3 in a game he must be removed.  
  Bats No 2 3/4 barrel will be allowed at any level.      
    All 2 5/8 barrel bats must have 1.15 BPF stamp      
    All -3 bats must have BBCOR certification.        
  Slaughter Rule                  
  7u,8u,9u,10u  12 runs after 3 1/2 innnings , 10 runs after 4 1/2 innings   
  11u,12u,13u,14u 12 runs after 4 1/2 innings, 10 runs after 5 1/2 innings    
  Time Limit   There will be a 2 hour time limit for all pool play games.   
        No inning will start once time limit has been called.    
        If an inning ends, and time limit has not been reached, the next inning will be played, teams cannot stall getting out on the field to reach time limit.  
        No time limit for elimination games.       
    We will make every effort to play all scheduled games.    
    In the event of rain, or darkness,  games will be official after 3 complete innings.
    If we can not make up games due to time restraints, pro-rated refunds will be given.
  Tie - Breakers                  
    In the event of a tie to decide which team will advance, we will go by:  
              Head to Head record- if applicable    
              Runs Allowed        
              Run Differential - total from pool play  
              Total Team Hr's in Hr Derby    
  Home-Run Derby                   
      Each team will send 2 -4 players based on division size.    
      Each batter will get 8-10 swings in round one, all swings will be hr's or outs.
      Batters that advance will be given 5-10 outs in round 2.     
      If tied after round 2, tie breaker rounds will consist of 3 outs, until a champion is crowned

Dugout Construction Updates
2014 White Sox Scout Ticket Raffle

Westside Warriors