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Welcome to WEST GEORGIA BASEBALL...home of the

West Georgia JACKETS, STING, and BUZZ!!!


Our Mission is to be an organization that encourages hard work on and off the field. To instill good values and moral beliefs that will last a life time. To improve each players skill set and self esteem so that they may be confident in all things. Show our players the lessons they learn in baseball can and do relate to every day life as they they grow to be positive productive citizens of society as well as great husbands and fathers.

Its not where you start... but where you finish!





14U Jackets - USSSA Champs Wear the Belts

2015 14U West Ga Jackets

The West GA Jackets are looking for quality players to fill our 2015 15U-16U-17U-18U Rosters.

Pitching and Catching is always a Plus. P/O's are welcome as well.


We are also looking for 1-2 more quality players to fill our 2015 14U Roster.

Pitching and Catching is always a Plus.

Please call Coach Newbern @ 678-755-3881 if you have any questions or to schedule a private work out if needed.


Program Information:

The West GA Jackets is a unit of West Georgia Baseball and is a very diverse travel ball program. We were established in 2009 with one team. To date we are now up to 6 teams with 14U, 15u, 16U, 17U 18U, and a College Summer Team. We are associated with Legion Park in Austell as well as Lithia Springs HS and thus utilize their facilities.

Our program philosophy and focus has and always will be in developing players to succeed at the Next Level with a heavy emphasis on playing time. Since 2009 we have had over 120 college Scholarship offers with 24 players ultimately signing to play college baseball.

During this time our program has won over 13 Tourney Championships and more than 14 runner ups among the various age groups we offer.

All of our Head Coaches are Paid NON DAD coaches with playing experience.



Testimonials From our Players Families


"I just wanted to tell of my experience with the West Georgia Jackets. My son has been on several travel teams and none of them have ran as smooth nor has been as fair as the West Georgia Jackets. Coach Tyrone Newbern along with Coach Terry Swisher has been fair and upfront with everything they have told us about their program. My son and I are in complete agreement with the way the team determines who receives playing time in the elimination games. The coaches said from the very beginning that how you preformed in pool play would determine your playing time in the elimination games. From my recollection every player received playing time in pool play. The coaches would go back through the score book to make sure who did the best. With that said, the players got to decide their own playing time. You can’t get any fairer than that. That style of coaching should bring out the best in every player on the team. Any team a young man is on will sit you more if you do not perform."

"A player who steps up gets rewarded by getting “called up” to the 18u Jackets, and yes my son was one of them. These coaches would see the skill and determination of some players and let them know about it with positive reinforcement. Coach Newbern and coach Swisher gave these players the opportunity to go to Florida and show their skillset in front of scouts. Coaches like these guys will bring out the good and sometimes great in a player if that player wants it."

"These coaches have given my son a new found confidence that he is flourishing with."

"Thank you Coach Newbern and Coach Swisher!"


Sincerely....David Jacobs



"Coach Newbern and Coaches,

Thanks for all you do, the time with the West Ga. Jackets truly has enriched our baseball experience. The West Ga. Jackets has provided my son the opportunities that he may not have had, opportunities to learn, grow, and compete. Thanks for letting us be a part of your family “West Ga. Jackets”."

Ricky Roberson



"All three of my children have participated in the West GA Jacket’s program for a combination of six years. All of my children were at different levels in life, skills, academics, and personalities. Coach Newbern and Coach Swisher built relationships with each of my children. They understood their strengths and their weaknesses. Challenges did arise, but both coaches were opened minded and considerate when they needed to contact my husband or myself. These two men always had the best interest of my children in mind."


"These coaches gave my oldest son opportunities that high school coaches didn’t. They saw the natural talents and abilities he possessed, and strived on those talents. My son was offered four different baseball scholarships ranging anywhere from $1,000 to $8,000 a year. My oldest had a GPA of a 3.9 when he graduated from high school, so academic scholarships were offered as well. He would have never had these opportunities offered to him if it were not for the West GA Jacket program."


"My second child has a 4.0, a senior in high school whom is attending college; he is in the duel enrollment program. This child did not have natural skills in baseball, but he is a hard worker and determined to succeed. He worked hard and played with success. He has been offered academic scholarships. Both coaches have praised him for having such good grades. They have also expressed the importance of grades and SAT scores. Baseball doesn’t matter in college if you don’t have the grades.


"My third child is in middle school. He also has a 4.0. Again, the coaches have encouraged his success on and off the field. This player is extremely focus and pushes himself to be the best. He is very hard on himself. The coaches know this about him and push him to get the top ability out of him. I am very excited for what the future has in store for him as well."


"I am grateful that the staff of the West GA Jackets. They have integrity, know they are mentors and treat players fairly with high expectations."

Jennifer Swenson




“WJG is more than a baseball team. Coach Tyrone Newbern, Coach Swisher and Coach Glenn Holley do more than prepare you for baseball they do prepare your young man for the next level.”

“Manager/Coach Newbern arranged tryouts and has traveled with us and help explain the offers our son received with each offer. He gives life skills, encouragement and support. He does follow up calls with player and parents. Coach Newbern is a man of his word and loves what he does and a man of God.

The 3 Rounds

Michael Round Sr., Theresa Rounds & Michael Rounds Jr.





As a member of the Powder Springs Youth Baseball Organization, a 501C Corporation, all donations to the West Ga Jackets are fully tax deductible!!!

Upcoming Games/Practices

Wednesday,  Apr 1
JV - Spring
Southern Prospect @ Jackets Spring JV Team 7:30pm Legion Park
Friday,  Apr 3
JV - Spring
Jackets Spring JV Team @ Grace Baptist TBA Legion Park
Monday,  Apr 6
JV - Spring
Jackets Spring JV Team PRACTICE 7:30pm Legion Park
Wednesday,  Apr 8
JV - Spring
Jackets Spring JV Team PRACTICE 7:30pm Legion Park
Saturday,  Apr 11
JV - Spring
Jackets Spring JV Team @ North Metro 12:00pm North Metro
Jackets Spring JV Team @ North Metro 2:00pm North Metro
Monday,  Apr 13
JV - Spring
Jackets Spring JV Team PRACTICE 7:30pm Legion Park
Wednesday,  Apr 15
JV - Spring
Southern Prospect @ Jackets Spring JV Team 7:30pm Legion Park
Saturday,  Apr 18
JV - Spring
Jackets Spring JV Team @ ECB Padres TBA ECB Complex
Jackets Spring JV Team @ Fairplay Patriots 4:00pm Fairplay Park
Sunday,  Apr 19
JV - Spring
Jackets Spring JV Team @ Fairplay Patriots 2:00pm Fairplay Park
Monday,  Apr 20
JV - Spring
ECB Padres @ Jackets Spring JV Team 6:00pm Legion Park
ECB Padres @ Jackets Spring JV Team 8:00pm Legion Park

For a complete schedule listing, click here!