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Confucius Says:

"One who is out on a called third strike has no one to blame but themself.  There is no excuse one can give to justify standing there and letting the ball go by when you already have two strikes against you."

Coming Events And Things To Watch For

On Wednesday, March 21, the annual player draft takes place.  All eligible girls are in the pool for selection by the respective team managers and there is a lot of strategy, planning, some guesswork and a whole bunch of white knuckles that go into the process.  After all picks have been made, the cell phones come out and players are notified as which team chose them.  It is a night of high tension, nervousness and some trepidation, but still a lot of fun.  Then it is off to the races as preparations are made to begin practices and start the season in earnest.


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2018 Player Draft
Wednesday, March 21, 2018   6:00 PM