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"One who is out on a called third strike has no one to blame but themself.  There is no excuse one can give to justify standing there and letting the ball go by when you already have two strikes against you."

Westchester's Fourth of July Parade

Who doesn't like a parade, especially one celebrating our nation's birthday?  But why sit idly by and watch when you can be in it? Come join us and either walk along or ride on our flatbed truck and see the citizens of our town along the route.  All WGS girls, regardless of age, are invited to be with us on Monday, July 4th (naturally) and enjoy a trip through the village. You can wave at friends as we pass by, say hello to the teeming throngs assembled curbside and even pitch some candy treats to the kids eagerly waiting for you.  We will be assembling along Mayfair Avenue, north of Dorchester, between 8:45 a.m. and 9:15 a.m. (our specific slot number will be announced as soon as it is received) and the parade itself kicks off at 9:30 a.m. Show the residents of our favorite village what Westchester Girls' Softball looks like and let's display some real girl power.  It's fun and a great experience. Don't think about it, just do it. Hope to see you there? 


Some of Monday's Action


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2016 Home Run Tally: Ellie Dinkel, 1 (Minors); Allie Grengs, 1; Nicole Trznadel, 1; Allie Foleno, 1; Julisa Galvan, 1; Hope Springer, 1; Anna Brandt, 1; Margaret Lopez, 1; Hannah Galloway, 1 (Majors)

In the first of a set of triplets at Whips, the Outlaws stepped all over Salsa Verde, sending them home in a basket after five and a score of 12-2. Outlaw management was heard to say that it seemed like a long time since they last played, but they sure didn’t perform like it. Allowing the Greens to score a run in the first off a sharp liner to left by Nicole Trznadel and an RBI double from Sam Giron, the Blues stormed back in the bottom half of the first, sending ten girls to the plate and it was off to the races.Jade Hines (2-3) led off the five-run rampage with a double to left center that was quickly followed by Neena Franklin (3-3, two doubles), a triple from Calli Hilgenberg and successive singles by Allie Grengs, Rachel Adams (3-3, RBI), Grace Patton (2-3, RBI) and Georgia Becker (1-3, two RBI’s). Franklin was last reported lost in a cloud of dust as she spent her night sliding into bases, including home.If she was hoping to avoid a shower after those, it aint gonna happen. Patton, who is often overlooked, made a substantial contribution to the team’s output.Quiet and unassuming for the most part, she does not have “superstar’ emblazoned on her forehead, but she is steady, controlled and dependable at short, a position she has played for most, if not all of her WGS career. In the last several seasons, this one included, she has also become a definitive threat at the plate and never someone to be taken lightly. I could make a joke about being silent but deadly, but I won’t go there. Suffice it to say Grace has become a great all-around player. Salsa Verde returned fire in the second as Juliana Reda sparked the team with a sharp double down the left field line and then was driven in on a sacrifice fly from Gianna Chlada. Woe be tide to the Salsa, however, as the Outlaws regrouped and scattered the posse in their half of the second with the hot bats of Marissa Perez, Hines, Hilgenberg, and Adams.Sounds like a law firm. Franklin, seeming to love eating dirt, legged out a quick double and then executed a headfirst slide into home, somehow avoiding the tag and scoring another run.(See photo above). The Greens were hurting as somebody wet the powder in the armory, limiting them to just three hits in the final three innings and five overall.Alyssa Martin in her second start on the mound for the Outlaws both pitched a good game and defended her position like she was a starter, keeping Salsa off the bases.Another three runs for the Outlaws and they had reached the cut-off point for the game and were threatening to put things totally out of reach with bases loaded and no outs. That hope was cut short by Kelly Murray who put on a one person showcase by getting the next two batters to hit right back to her and then nailing a potential run at the plate (see photo above) to kill the inning. Making their last attempt to stay alive in the top of the fifth, all thoughts of a rally were dashed as the leadoff hitter was out on a soft grounder back to the pitching rubber and followed up by a pair of K’s.Saddle up, and it’s back to the Hole In The Wall.

In game number two, Purple Haze held off the Chupacabras in a rough and tumble contest, ultimately taking the game by a score of 10-8. The Haze drew first blood as leadoff batter Madi “the gazelle” Garcia legged out the first of two singles, followed by a single from Allie Foleno.Both were driven home on an RBI double by Jazmin Gomez who was in turn taken home on a single by Nicole Griffin. The goat eaters drew a blank in the bottom of the first but their defense returned the favor, holding the Haze to “0” in the second.Coming up in the second, the Orange cracked open the safe and drew out two, thanks to the prowess at the plate of Hannah Galloway, Margaret Lopez and Emma Creviston, assisted by Gianna Gordon. Responding to the challenge, the Purple Gang put up three in the top of the third, sparked by Garcia doing her “The Flash” routine to get on base and was knocked in by another Foleno single.Josselyn Gomez cranked out a base hit and both she and Foleno were given a ride home as the other half of the Gomez clan, Jazmin, ripped a three-bagger. Both squads then sat down for lunch taking a break and holding each other scoreless for the next two innings.When they came back from the hiatus, Chupacabra showed they were well rested by stepping up to the plate and turning in five runs from bats of Tamia Manning, Galloway, Gordon, Abby Peterson, Mara Scheuing, Creviston and Paulina Gonzalez. Finding themselves now down by a run, Purple Haze put on their combat boots and waded into the foray in the top of the sixth, buying back four runs as the Gomez twins played their act and were helped out by a double from Griffin, a single by Nellie Ramos and an RBI from Natalie Vazquez.Vazquez, by the way, duly impressed the scouts in the stands with her performance. Having been relegated to service behind the plate for many seasons, she has lately been let loose to cover short center and has done an outstanding job.Not only has she fielded the position masterfully, she has turned in a number of double plays with a cherry on top. Moreover, her abilities at the plate have vastly improved and she demonstrated as much by cranking one shot back to the fence. Now down by three, Chupacabra was given one last chance and was able to put one across on hits from Creviston and Gordon, but fell short of the mark.

In a make-up game under the lights, Chupacabra tried again but ended up burning out as they lost to Salsa Verde, 10-7.This time around the rest between games must have done the Greens some good as they stormed back with all guns blazing as their lineup chewed the socks off the Orange. If it wasn’t bad enough that the goat eaters were the target of some hot hitting, they hurt themselves with mental mistakes and bad throwing errors, allowing the Greens to score when they shouldn’t.Salsa Verde was up by five-zip after two as all but one on their roster were getting on base. Bella Reda, who finally got herself out of a funk, both in the field at short and at the plate, was one of several hitters on the Salsa Verde squad who went two for three for the night.She was joined in the foray by Tiana Farias, Kelly Murray, Gianna Chlada and Claire Groppe. Claire, who had been frustrated by her lack of performance in the first game, made up for it in spades in the late contest, add some nice deep shots to keep the gang running. Her sister, Katie, enjoyed one of her best nights on offense, lighting up the field with two doubles and going 3-3.Sam Giron, the “sparkplug” didn’t have a lot of hits, but legged an inside the park home run.Some might argue that it was really a triple and an error, but who’s going to argue? Chupacabra finally came alive in the fourth and looked like they were interested in the game, earning back three, including a trip over the fence and into the bushes down the third base line off the bat of Hannah Galloway (2-3). It had been a long dry spell for home runs at Whips, the last one not being recorded since June 15th.  Gianna Gordon, Jill of all trades, was on the mark at the plate and made the tour of the field positions, showing she can play it wherever she may be stationed.  Normally holding down the pitching rubber, Gordon took a turn at third, short center, outfield, what have you.  Nice performance at each. It had been a long dry spell for home runs at Whips, the last not being recorded since June 15th.This one was legit. Salsa Verde never blinked as they came back in the bottom of the fourth and stole back the three and then went on to put up another two in the fifth. Erin Rollag, who had been struggling at the plate lately, picked herself a nice shot to help out.So did Juliana Reda and Tiffany DeJesus.Nothing doing in the sixth, but in the top of the seventh, the Orange struck oil, plating four on a barrage of hits but the gas meter rang empty before they could climb back out of the hole. Tough night.

And That’s The Way It Is

Harvey Finkelstein – The News In Sports


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Upcoming Games/Practices

Wednesday, Jun 29
#4 Maroon 11 (Cline) @ #5 Wonder Girls (Laslie)6:30pmGladstone Field
#2 The Purple Dragons (Arroyo) @ #1 Fireballs (Robinette)6:30pmMiddle School East
#3 Red Devils (Jelic) @ #6 Domino Divas (Perry)6:30pmMiddle School West
#5 The Outlaws (Grengs) @ #2 Purple Haze (Grammas)6:30pmWhips Field
#4 Red Mamba (DeFalco) @ #3 Salsa Verde (Trznadel)7:45pmWhips Field (NITE)
Thursday, Jun 30
Minors (American)
#2 Orange Outlaws (Cline) @ #1 Pretty Reckless (Parisi)7:45pmWhips Field (NITE)
Minors (National)
#4 The Emeralds (Jasper) @ #6 She Devils (Franklin)6:30pmGladstone Field
#3 Dinger Nation (Dinkel) @ #7 Shamrocks (Flowers)6:30pmWhips Field
Tuesday, Jul 5
Minors (American)
#4 The Emeralds (Jasper) @ #1 Pretty Reckless (Parisi)6:30pmWhips Field
#3 Dinger Nation (Dinkel) @ #2 Orange Outlaws (Cline)7:45pmWhips Field (NITE)
Minors (National)
#5 Lady Cubbies (Jolley) @ #7 Shamrocks (Flowers)6:30pmGladstone Field
Wednesday, Jul 6
#6 Domino Divas (Perry) @ #1 Fireballs (Robinette)6:30pmGladstone Field
#3 Red Devils (Jelic) @ #4 Maroon 11 (Cline)6:30pmMiddle School East
#2 The Purple Dragons (Arroyo) @ #5 Wonder Girls (Laslie)6:30pmMiddle School West
#2 Purple Haze (Grammas) @ #4 Red Mamba (DeFalco)6:30pmWhips Field
#1 Chupacabras (Morales) @ #5 The Outlaws (Grengs)7:45pmWhips Field (NITE)
Thursday, Jul 7
Minors (American)
#3 Dinger Nation (Dinkel) @ #4 The Emeralds (Jasper)7:45pmWhips Field (NITE)
Minors (National)
#2 Orange Outlaws (Cline) @ #5 Lady Cubbies (Jolley)6:30amWhips Field
#1 Pretty Reckless (Parisi) @ #6 She Devils (Franklin)6:30pmGladstone Field
Friday, Jul 8
#1 Fireballs (Robinette) @ #5 Wonder Girls (Laslie)6:30pmMiddle School East
#2 The Purple Dragons (Arroyo) @ #3 Red Devils (Jelic)6:30pmMiddle School West
#6 Domino Divas (Perry) @ #4 Maroon 11 (Cline)8:00pmWhips Field (NITE)
Sunday, Jul 10
Minors (American)
#4 The Emeralds (Jasper) @ #2 Orange Outlaws (Cline)5:00pmMayfair Park (Field A)
#5 Lady Cubbies (Jolley) @ #1 Pretty Reckless (Parisi)6:30pmMayfair Park (Field B)
Minors (National)
#6 She Devils (Franklin) @ #7 Shamrocks (Flowers)6:30pmMayfair Park (Field A)
#1 Chupacabras (Morales) @ #4 Red Mamba (DeFalco)7:45pmMayfair Park (NITE - Field A)
#2 Purple Haze (Grammas) @ #3 Salsa Verde (Trznadel)7:45pmMayfair Park (NITE - Field B)

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Upcoming Events

Tuesday, Jul 5
Practice - Arroyo - MSW6:00pmMiddle School West

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