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Last Updated: July 7, 2015
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The News In Sports

July 5, 2015

Well what do you know!  We finally got a superb day to play some softball.  Granted, the mosquitoes were a problem, but if you got past those little pesky critters it was a very pleasant evening with perfect temperatures and no rain in which to see a game or two.  What is even better, with these games in the books, we are now only one game down from our schedule and hopefully that will be made up tonight.

In the first of three, it was yet another day at the office as Las Diablas got themselves beaten up by the oh so hot Wildcats and went down before the pack, 15-6.  The Devils had their hits but a series of errors in the field – misjudging deep fly balls, throwing mistakes and booting a couple – ruined their effort.  Gianna Gordon drove in the Red’s opening score in the top of the first but the Wildcats took control of the game immediately thereafter and all the Devils could do from there on out was chase the bus.  Hannah Slager (who else?) started the ball rolling for the Grays in the bottom half of the first frame with a double that found her standing on third when she rolled past second without breaking speed on the throw in and headed for the number three base.  Following singles by Sarah Wiener and Sara Groppe and a triple from Allie Grengs and the Cats were up by two and never trailed after that.  The Devils were able to put two more on the board in the second on a hard double from Diamond Hargrove (3-4, two RBI’s) but the Grays (or “Greys” if you prefer the British spelling of the word) launched an attack at their turn at bat, sending eleven girls to the plate and putting up six runs to pretty much seal the deal.  Neena Franklin and Allie Grengs shouldered the big sticks for the Cats with Franklin posting 3-4 with five RBI’s and Grengs at 4-4 and scoring all four times at bat, but they certainly weren’t alone in the hit department.  Franklin, Groppe and Slager earned the gold glove certificates for the game with some stellar fielding by Groppe at third and Franklin and Slager pulling in the deep balls that could have caused some major hurt.  The Devils mounted a counter-offensive in the fifth and tacked another three on the board but that effort was nullified by the Cats, who threw up three of their own in the sixth to maintain the gap in the score.  Emma Creviston (3-4) was the leading hitter for Las Diablas, along with Olivia Frogner (2-4) and Gordon (2-4).  Creviston, by the way has been improving markedly as the season progresses and has added a lot to the team with both her bat and her glove.  Move her up the draft list for sure.

In game number two, the Trauma Queens suffered some serious damage as they were run over by the Hammerheads, losing 19-4 in five.  It was really no contest here as the Hammers took command of the game from the opening bell and just ran with it.  A six-run second and a nine-run fourth pretty much flattened the Queens and along with a tight defense that was real stingy at allowing runs, made it impossible for the Greens to recover.  Emily Detmers, brought in from the bull pen to pitch for the first time, was aces all the way.  Everyone on the Heads bench got in on the act with nobody coming away from the game without a hit.  Sam Giron held the hot hand at the plate going 4-5 with a home run and a double and earning five RBI’s. Nicki Pedersen, Maeve Grimes (triple), Hayley Trznadel and Dhamar Ruiz all posted extra base hits.  Even Nicole Trznadel, subbing up for the evening, slammed a double and a triple in the onslaught.  For their part, the Queens were able to squeeze a couple of triples from the bats of Sydney Black (2-4, RBI) and Hannah Galloway (2-3, double, triple, RBI) and got some good production from Caitlin and Chloe Seegers (both 2-3, RBI), Genesis Romaniz (2-2) and sub Sarah Blair (2-2) but that was about all they could muster in the hit department.  The highlight of the evening for the Queens, if It could even be said they had any highlights, was a defensive stop on a relay from Caitlin Seegers to Galloway to Blair at the plate who applied the tag to Maeve Grimes trying to stretch her triple to four.  No dice this time.  It didn’t much matter. 

The closer for the night was the game of the week as the Daughters of Destruction were surprised by an energetic and determined bunch of Babes ‘n Blue, who took the game in one of the better comebacks of the season, 12-11.  DOD entered the game confident and upbeat as they usually are, with Gabi Chavarin on the mound hitting her stride, backed by a solid defense captained by Arlene Cruz at short.  Their offense was ready and the big hitters primed.  What they didn’t figure on however, was that the Babes had other ideas in their heads and were not cowed by the power the DOD normally wields.  Both teams held fast for the first two frames with some quick and decisive defensive moves that kept the game moving at a liberal pace.  After the DOD was blanked in the top of the third, the Blues went to work in the bottom half and opened up with shots by Taylor Pontarelli (3-3), Hope Springer (2-3), Fayth Springer (2-3), Lexi Ramos, and Frankie Schmidt (2-3), scoring four before the dust settled.  The girls in Black finally showed some signs of life in the top of the fourth on a hit from Chavarin who scored on a deep two bagger off the bat of Cruz, but that was all they could dredge up for the inning.  The Babes added another two in their half to build up to a six-one lead.  In the top of the fifth, the DOD finally crawled out of their torpor and went on a rampage, scoring eight runs and taking the lead for the first time.  Big hits coupled with a few fielding errors on the part of the Blues contributed to the hot inning for the Black.  The Babes then countered with a home run from Jazmin Gomez (2-4), scoring two to cut the deficit back down to one.  Reaching the sixth inning, DOD was able to tack on another point but was stopped from mounting any further scores on a save by Anna Brandt (3-4) in left on a dying shot from Cruz that was caught at the shoe tops.  Adding another tally in the top of the seventh without any return by the Blues in the previous inning left the DOD with a three-run advantage as the Blues came up to the plate for their final try.  Amelia Castillo then opened the last half with a sharp double, followed singles from Fayth Springer and both Jazmin and Josselyn Gomez (2-4).  With one out (fielder’s choice) and bases loaded, Anna Brandt took a couple of pitches and then stroked one deep over the left fielder’s head and the race was on.  Two runs crossed and Brandt was running up the hind end of one of the Gomez sisters (couldn’t tell you which one in all the excitement) who was churning as fast as she could go with Brand perilously close in the rear view mirror.  Both rounded third at just about the same time as the ball was coming in from left and headed for home.  The throw in was wide of the mark and the bases were cleared as each touched the plate for the score and as quick as that, the game was over.  Quite a finish if you ask me.  Needless to say, the Blue’s bench erupted as the first base side could only look on in dejection.   It was a great game, regardless of the outcome and each team showed the best they could offer, both at the plate and in the field.  Nice job from Cruz and Brandt, and Schmidt making some really tough grabs when they were needed.  Kudos go to Allie Foleno and Luz Guerra for holding down the center and right side for DOD and making the necessary outs and contributing with their bats.  A special tip of the hat goes to the Gomez ladies for a splendid all around job, particularly staying ahead of Brandt and not getting run over in the process.  Lights Out.

And That’s The Way It Is

Harvey Finkelstein – The News In Sports


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Tuesday,  Jul 7
Minors (American)
#1 Her*ricanes (DeFalco) @ #3 The Raging Bulls (Torres) 6:30pm Middle School West
#9 Grass Stainz (Parisi) @ #4 Jail Breakers (Bubulka) 6:30pm Whips Field
Minors (National)
#7 Brats with Bats (Jolley) @ #6 Tuff Teal Turtles (Murray) 6:30pm Gladstone Field
#8 Misfits (Grammas) @ #5 Royal Squad (Manning) 8:00pm Whips Field (NITE)
Wednesday,  Jul 8
#1 The Yellow Bees (Boyle) @ #4 Tigers (Henning) 6:30pm Gladstone Field
#5 Blue Diamonds (Negrete) @ #3 Navy Ninjas (Connelly) 6:30pm Middle School East
#2 Purple Panthers (Erwin) @ #6 Candy Crush (Perry) 6:30pm Middle School West
Majors (American)
#6 (Trauma Queens) Galloway @ #1 Las Diablas (Morales) 8:00pm Whips Field (NITE)
Majors (National)
#2 Hammerheads (Trznadel) @ #5 Babes 'N Blue (Brandt) 6:30pm Whips Field
#3 Daughters of Destruction (Chavarin) @ #4 Wildcats (Grengs) 7:00pm Mayfair Park (Field B)
Thursday,  Jul 9
Minors (American)
#2 Sweet Heat (Dinkel) @ #1 Her*ricanes (DeFalco) 8:00pm Whips Field (NITE)
Minors (National)
#3 The Raging Bulls (Torres) @ #9 Grass Stainz (Parisi) 6:30pm Gladstone Field
#5 Royal Squad (Manning) @ #7 Brats with Bats (Jolley) 6:30pm Middle School West
#4 Jail Breakers (Bubulka) @ #8 Misfits (Grammas) 6:30pm Whips Field
Friday,  Jul 10
#1 The Yellow Bees (Boyle) @ #3 Navy Ninjas (Connelly) 5:30pm Gladstone Field
#5 Blue Diamonds (Negrete) @ #6 Candy Crush (Perry) 5:30pm Middle School East
#4 Tigers (Henning) @ #2 Purple Panthers (Erwin) 5:30pm Middle School West
Sunday,  Jul 12
Minors (American)
#2 Sweet Heat (Dinkel) @ #4 Jail Breakers (Bubulka) 6:30pm Mayfair Park (Field B)
Minors (National)
#9 Grass Stainz (Parisi) @ #6 Tuff Teal Turtles (Murray) 3:30pm Mayfair Park (Field A)
#8 Misfits (Grammas) @ #7 Brats with Bats (Jolley) 5:00pm Mayfair Park (Field A)
#1 Her*ricanes (DeFalco) @ #5 Royal Squad (Manning) 5:00pm Mayfair Park (Field B)
Majors (American)
#2 Hammerheads (Trznadel) @ #3 Daughters of Destruction (Chavarin) 8:00pm Mayfair Park (NITE - Field B)
Majors (National)
#1 Las Diablas (Morales) @ #5 Babes 'N Blue (Brandt) 6:30pm Mayfair Park (Field A)
#6 (Trauma Queens) Galloway @ #4 Wildcats (Grengs) 8:00pm Mayfair Park (NITE - Field A)
Monday,  Jul 13
Majors (American)
#4 Wildcats (Grengs) @ #1 Las Diablas (Morales) 6:30pm Gladstone Field
#6 (Trauma Queens) Galloway @ #2 Hammerheads (Trznadel) 6:30pm Whips Field
#5 Babes 'N Blue (Brandt) @ #3 Daughters of Destruction (Chavarin) 8:00pm Whips Field (NITE)
Tuesday,  Jul 14
Minors (American)
#4 Jail Breakers (Bubulka) @ #1 Her*ricanes (DeFalco) 6:30pm Middle School West
#3 The Raging Bulls (Torres) @ #2 Sweet Heat (Dinkel) 6:30pm Whips Field
Minors (National)
#6 Tuff Teal Turtles (Murray) @ #8 Misfits (Grammas) 6:30pm Gladstone Field
#5 Royal Squad (Manning) @ #9 Grass Stainz (Parisi) 8:00pm Whips Field (NITE)

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