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Confucius Says:

"One who is out on a called third strike has no one to blame but themself.  There is no excuse one can give to justify standing there and letting the ball go by when you already have two strikes against you."

Registration For 2018

Registration for the 2018 softball season will be held in early February, 2018. Forms will go out to all persons who played in 2017 somewhere around the first of the year and will also be available on this website for download.  Player drafts will take place mid-March and the playing season will commence in late May and continue through the end of July.  


Thank You !!!

Westchester Girls' Softball, Inc. would like to express its sincere thank you to all who made the 2017 season one of the best ever!  To the managers, coaches, sponsors, umpires, volunteers parents, friends, fans and most important of all - the girls of summer - we give our heartfelt appreciation to all you have done for this organization.  Together we had fun, lots of laughs, excitement, great times and watched and/or played some pretty darned good softball. It was a lot of hard work for some of us, but worth every single minute and bead of sweat put into it. Words simply cannot express how truly grateful we all are because of your participation in and support for this program. To the seniors, now departed for school and the beginning of life's tougher aspects, we wish you all the luck and good fortune the powers that be can grant you and we hope you remember the good times you spent with us.  You will be missed.  So, as the summer approaches its end and everyone's attention turns to other things, we begin anew to plan for next year when softball again reigns supreme and the smiles, laughter and joy return to the fields.  Have a great year everyone!


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