Last Updated: July 28, 2016
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Live it - Learn it - Love it.

Confucius Says:

"One who is out on a called third strike has no one to blame but themself.  There is no excuse one can give to justify standing there and letting the ball go by when you already have two strikes against you."

The News In Sports


2016 Home Run Tally (Over the fence at Whips): Ellie Dinkel, 1; Sofia Reda, 3; Marissa Pankoff, 3; Lilliana Alvarez, 1; Olivia Buzil, 1; Abigail Wagner, 1 (Minors); Allie Grengs, 3; Nicole Trznadel, 1; Allie Foleno, 1; Julisa Galvan, 1; Hope Springer, 3; Anna Brandt, 1; Margaret Lopez, 1; Hannah Galloway, 3; Gabby Kouzoukas, 1; Calli Hilgenberg, 1; Neena Franklin, 4; Katie Groppe (Majors)

In tournament play:


Emeralds, 8 - Pretty Reckless, 7.  The Emeralds handed Pretty Reckless their walking papers after building a big lead and then hanging on to beat the front runners.  Despite having a 7-1 advantage at one point, Reckless charged over the hill for a comeback aided by a three run homer off the bat of Jada Miskdeen.  But a strong defense from the Greens was able to stop the rally just short where it needed to be and the Emeralds went home with the gold.

Lady Cubbies, 15 - Orange Outlaws, 2.  The Outlaws had both hands tied behind their backs in this one, missing key players against a powerful assault by the blues.  The Cubbies ended this one early with everyone in on the act at the plate.  Abi Wagner put one just over the wall, hitting the top of the fence and getting a favorable bounce to qualify for the home run derby.  The Outlaws have to pack it up and call it a year.


Chupacabra, 14 - Purple Haze, 2.  Somebody must have eaten an extra bowl of Wheaties yesterday because Chupacabra surprised the crowd by demolishing Purple Haze with flurry of hits combined with some very nice defense to hold the Purple Gang down.  Tamia Manning, called up to replace the missing Gianna Gordon on the mound, did her job in keeping the Haze off the bases and was backed up by everyone behind her. Hannah Galloway hit number three over the fence to highlight the drive.  The Haze are now out of the running with the loss.  


All Star Teams


The following are the all start teams for Sunday's games.  Majors play at 1:00 and Minors at 3:00 with the Home Run Derby in between.


Team 1                                                                Team 2

Allie Grengs                                                        Neena Franklin

Calli Hilgenberg                                                  Sarah Wiener

Rachel Adams                                                     Grace Patton

Hope Springer                                                      Julia DeFalco

Gabby Kouzoukas                                                Luz Guerra

Bella Reda                                                            Anna Brandt

Juliana Reda                                                         Sam Giron

Nicole Griffin                                                       Emily Detmers

Hannah Galloway                                                 Allie Foleno

Abby Peterson                                                      Julisa Galvan

Tiana Farias                                                          Emma Creviston

Manager: Ted Grengs                                        Manager: Adam Grammas



Team 1                                             Team 2

Abigail Wagner                                 Jada Miskdeen

Isabella Jolley                                   Samantha Spacone

Claire Wagner                                   Nina Calabria

Angelina Jolley                                 Cassie Serrano                                            

Yuliana Salgado                                Taylor Griggs

Sarah Blair                                         Gillian Grimes 

Reilly Cantwell                                  Ellie Dinkel

Tammy Scott                                      Marissa Pankoff

Sofia Reda                                          Ava Franklin

Bree Chrzanowski                              Olivia Buzil

Lexi Urban                                          Morgan Serrano

Vicenza Martino                                 Jillian Sammons

Manager: Greg Jolley                      Manager: Ed Dinkel



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Words To Live By

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"Be yourself, because the people who mind don't matter.  And the people that matter, don't mind." -  Dr. Seuss