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Last Updated: May 23, 2015
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Junior Division Launches Its Season


The Junior Division finally got a chance to show their stuff Friday evening and started things off with a bang.  The Yellow Bees were the first team to claim a victory, besting the rival Candy Crush 7-3.  The Tigers and Navy Ninjas fought to a 3-3 tie in a game that saw a lot of great plays at first base.  In the first ever night cap for the Juniors, the Blue Diamonds and Purple Panthers playing under the lights at Whips wrestled in a tight match up that resulted in a 2-2 tie.  It was a blank for both through the third until Ava Robinette knocked in the first run for the Panthers with a sharp single, her second hit of the night.  Samantha Serrano showed her stuff and was a great asset to her team by mastering both short stop and pitching. The Diamonds countered in the fourth with two runs of their own led by Isabella Negrete and Sophie Nevers, who was player of the game for the Blues.  All in all, some very good contests out there and a lot of great plays by these young girls.


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Upcoming Games/Practices

Tuesday,  May 26
Minors (National)
#2 Sweet Heat (Dinkel) @ #7 Brats with Bats (Jolley) 6:30pm Gladstone Field
#1 Her*ricanes (DeFalco) @ #8 Misfits (Grammas) 6:30pm Middle School West
#3 The Raging Bulls (Torres) @ #6 Teal Turtles (Murray) 6:30pm Whips Field
#4 Jail Breakers (Bubulka) @ #5 Royal Squad (Manning) 8:00pm Whips Field (NITE)
Wednesday,  May 27
#1 The Yellow Bees (Boyle) @ #5 Blue Diamonds (Negrete) 6:30pm Gladstone Field
#6 Candy Crush (Perry) @ #4 Tigers (Henning) 6:30pm Middle School East
#2 Purple Panthers (Erwin) @ #3 Navy Ninjas (Connelly) 6:30pm Middle School West
Thursday,  May 28
Minors (American)
#6 Teal Turtles (Murray) @ #2 Sweet Heat (Dinkel) 6:30pm Gladstone Field
#5 Royal Squad (Manning) @ #3 The Raging Bulls (Torres) 6:30pm Middle School West
#7 Brats with Bats (Jolley) @ #1 Her*ricanes (DeFalco) 6:30pm Whips Field
Minors (National)
#8 Misfits (Grammas) @ #9 Grass Stainz (Parisi) 8:00pm Whips Field (NITE)
Friday,  May 29
#5 Blue Diamonds (Negrete) @ #3 Navy Ninjas (Connelly) 6:30pm Middle School East
#6 Candy Crush (Perry) @ #2 Purple Panthers (Erwin) 6:30pm Middle School West
#4 Tigers (Henning) @ #1 The Yellow Bees (Boyle) 8:00pm Whips Field (NITE)
Sunday,  May 31
Minors (National)
#2 Sweet Heat (Dinkel) @ #9 Grass Stainz (Parisi) 6:30pm Mayfair Park (Field A)
#3 The Raging Bulls (Torres) @ #8 Misfits (Grammas) 6:30pm Mayfair Park (Field B)
#4 Jail Breakers (Bubulka) @ #7 Brats with Bats (Jolley) 8:00pm Mayfair Park (NITE - Field A)
#5 Royal Squad (Manning) @ #6 Teal Turtles (Murray) 8:00pm Mayfair Park (NITE - Field B)
Monday,  Jun 1
Majors (American)
#2 Hammerheads (Trznadel) @ #1 Las Diablas (Morales) 6:30pm Gladstone Field
Majors (National)
#4 Wildcats (Grengs) @ #5 Babes 'N Blue (Brandt) 6:30pm Whips Field
#3 Daughters of Destruction (Chavarin) @ #6 (Trauma Queens) Galloway 8:00pm Whips Field (NITE)
Tuesday,  Jun 2
Minors (American)
#9 Grass Stainz (Parisi) @ #1 Her*ricanes (DeFalco) 6:30pm Gladstone Field
#6 Teal Turtles (Murray) @ #4 Jail Breakers (Bubulka) 6:30pm Middle School West
#8 Misfits (Grammas) @ #2 Sweet Heat (Dinkel) 6:30pm Whips Field
#7 Brats with Bats (Jolley) @ #3 The Raging Bulls (Torres) 8:00pm Whips Field (NITE)

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Sunday,  May 24
Practice - Galloway - Gladstone 12:00pm Gladstone Field
Practice - Chavarin - Whips 5:30pm Whips Field
Tuesday,  May 26
Practice - Parisi - MSE 6:00pm Middle School East
Wednesday,  May 27
Practice - Trznadel - Whips 5:30pm Whips Field
Thursday,  May 28
Practice - Brandt - MSE 5:30pm Middle School East
Friday,  May 29
Practice - Grammas - Gladstone 5:30pm Gladstone Field

For a complete calendar listing, click here!

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