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Potential Redskins

  • ********Home of the 2013 Jr. Pee Wee Undefeated Citrus League and Conference Champions********
  • ********Home of the 2013 National Cheer Champions***************





Congratulations to our very own Bianca Gomez and Caitlin Martinez for receiving the SGVJAA College Scholarship Award. 

 We as an orginization along with your parents are very proud of your accomplshiments during your high school years with Bianca getting a GPA of 3.85 and Caitlin a GPA of 4.08.

We wish you well in your new college endeavors!! 






The Whittier Redskins Goal


Whittier Redskins Football and Cheer is a youth organization established in 1966 located in Whittier, CA competing within the San Gabriel Valley Junior All American Football Conference. If you live in the Whittier area and are interested in having your child or children participate in a program that is geared towards preparation to compete at the High School level, then the Redskins is where you want them.

Each team coaching staffs have years of extensive experience in coaching children. All of our coaches have been hand selected by our board of directors that screens all nominated individuals and performs background checks to insure the safety of your child. We pride ourselves in preparing your child for their future on and off the field.

Our coaching philosophies are simple ones. Encouragement through positive motivation; maintain high expectations, while praising their strides toward excellence. Discipline with a strict regiment of physical fitness assists in developing their talents and infusing a sense of accomplishment. Concurrently inducing a winning attitude focused on admirable sportsmanship qualities.

We recognize that winning isn't everything. The attitude you take toward the game and the skills they learn from the leaders and mentors help educate, develop, and instill goal oriented approaches toward athletic competition. Today we train hard to create the leaders of tomorrow.


Upcoming Games/Practices

Sunday,  Oct 11
Jr. Gremlin
WHITTIER REDSKINS MAROON @ Pico Rivera Dons WHITE 9:00am Smith Park
WHITTIER REDSKINS BLACK @ Pico Rivera Dons GOLD 10:30am Smith Park
WHITTIER REDSKINS @ Pico Rivera Dons 9:00am Smith Park
Jr. Pee Wee
WHITTIER REDSKINS @ Pico Rivera Dons 11:00am Smith Park
Pee Wee
WHITTIER REDSKINS @ Pico Rivera Dons 1:00pm Smith Park
Jr. Midget
WHITTIER REDSKINS @ Pico Rivera Dons 3:00pm Smith Park
WHITTIER REDSKINS @ Pico Rivera Dons 5:00pm Smith Park
Saturday,  Oct 17
Jr. Gremlin
WHITTIER REDSKINS MAROON @ Glendale Bears WHITE 9:00am Herbert Hoover High School
WHITTIER REDSKINS BLACK @ Glendale Bears BLUE 10:30am Herbert Hoover High School
Charter Oak Chargers BLUE @ WHITTIER REDSKINS GOLD 1:00pm Louie Pompeii Sports Park
WHITTIER REDSKINS @ Glendale Bears 12:00pm Herbert Hoover High School
Jr. Pee Wee
WHITTIER REDSKINS @ Glendale Bears 2:00pm Herbert Hoover High School
Pee Wee
WHITTIER REDSKINS @ Glendale Bears 4:00pm Herbert Hoover High School
Jr. Midget
WHITTIER REDSKINS @ Glendale Bears 6:00pm Herbert Hoover High School

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Upcoming Events

Saturday,  Dec 5
River Bowl (LAUGHLIN) 9:00am Laughlin, NV

For a complete calendar listing, click here!