Last Updated: November 20, 2017
  • Playoffs: April 3-7, 2018
  • Year End Party - April 7, 2018
  • Sault Ste Marie, Ontario

Mission Statement

To provide an opportunity for adult females of any caliber to play hockey in a league which emphasizes fun, friendship and respect for fellow participants.

Upcoming Games

Tuesday, Nov 21
Big League
Palmer Paving @ The 7th Team9:00pmMcMeeken
Apex Pumpers @ Roadhouse10:00pmMcMeeken
Sunday, Nov 26
Big League
Ontario Concrete @ Roadhouse4:00pmMcMeeken
Grand Gardens @ The 7th Team5:00pmMcMeeken
Green Hornets @ Palmer Paving6:00pmMcMeeken
Beer League
Sicoli Yin Yangs @ Algoma Financial7:00pmMcMeeken
Winmar @ Mortgage Architects8:00pmMcMeeken
Monday, Nov 27
Fun League
Eazy Express @ BDO9:30pmJR2
Lafarge @ ABC10:30pmJR2
Tuesday, Nov 28
Middle League
Great Lakes Honda @ Centro9:00pmMcMeeken
Roadhouse @ Azure Medispa10:00pmMcMeeken
Friday, Dec 1
Beer League
Total Hearing @ USW Beavers10:00pmRankin
Barsanti's Bruins @ Titsburg Penguins11:00pmRankin
Saturday, Dec 2
Fun League
ABC @ BDO7:00pmRankin
Laser Advantage @ ONA Breakaway8:00pmRankin
Lafarge @ Eazy Express9:00pmRankin
Sunday, Dec 3
Big League
Ontario Concrete @ Grand Gardens4:00pmMcMeeken
Apex Pumpers @ Palmer Paving7:00pmMcMeeken
Roadhouse @ Green Hornets8:00pmMcMeeken
Middle League
Centro @ Fisher Wavy3:00pmDesbarats
Roadhouse @ Misty's Fifties4:00pmDesbarats
Great Lakes Honda @ Azure Medispa5:00pmDesbarats
Beer League
Barsanti's Bruins @ Winmar5:00pmMcMeeken
USW Beavers @ Titsburg Penguins6:00pmMcMeeken
Monday, Dec 4
Big League
Roadhouse @ Grand Gardens9:00pmRankin
Ontario Concrete @ Apex Pumpers10:00pmRankin
Beer League
Total Hearing @ Algoma Financial9:30pmJR2
Mortgage Architects @ Sicoli Yin Yangs10:30pmJR2
Tuesday, Dec 5
Middle League
Fisher Wavy @ Misty's Fifties9:00pmMcMeeken
Azure Medispa @ Centro10:00pmMcMeeken
Friday, Dec 8
Big League
Green Hornets @ Apex Pumpers9:00pmRankin
Palmer Paving @ Ontario Concrete10:00pmRankin

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