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  • Rainout Hotline: 1-866-251-8542 (updated by 4PM weekdays)
  • Mailing Address: PO Box 163132 Austin, TX 78716
Fall Ball 2015 Is Open!!!
Fall Ball FAQ (see full FAQ Here - note some items apply to Spring Only)
  • No games on weekends. Some teams will practice on weekends.
  • Practices are scheduled by the coach. We are unable to determine the exact day practices will be for each team.
  • Game Schedules And Time Commitment
    • T-Ball (Players Born in 2010 and 2011)
      • 1 Game per week (Tuesdays) and 1 Practice/wk. Games at Hatley (Rollingwood).
    • Coach Pitch (Players Born 2009 and 2010)
      • 1 Game/wk (Thursdays) and 1 Practice/wk. Games at Hatley or 1st Street.
    • Machine Pitch (Players Born 2007 and 2008)
      • 1 Game/wk (Wednesdays) and 1 Practice/wk. Games at Hatley or 1st Street.
    • Minors (9/10) - Players Born 5/05 to 12/07
      • 1-2 Games/wk (Mondays, some Tuesdays) and 1 Practice/wk. Games at 1st Street.
    • Majors (11/12) - Players Born 5/03 to 4/05
      • 2 Games/wk (Mon-Wed) and 1 Practice/wk. Games at Joseph.
    • Pony (13/14) - Players Born Before 5/1/03
      • 2 Games/wk (TBD) and 1 Practice/wk.
  • *Please note that days may change due to number or teams. Schedule will be finalized after registration closes.
  • Contact your league's commissioner or our board members with any questions.
  • Players born in 2010 have the option of either T-Ball or Coach Pitch
  • Players born in 2007 have the option of either Machine Pitch or Minors (first year of kid pitch - with 9 and 10 year olds).
  • Players are encouraged to play in the division based on their age listed above. In the Fall, players have the option of playing up if parents feel they are ready. Parents and coaches are asked to use their best judgement. For additional questions, please contact the commissioner. Playing up in Fall does not mean that you will play up in Spring. Our drafted leagues do not allow play-ups in the Spring.

Official game and practice schedules will be released after registration closes and teams are formed 

Key Dates
Registration Opens Saturday, August 1
Registration Closes for Minors and Majors Friday, August 21
Registration Closes for T-Ball, CP, and MP Sunday, August 30
Tryouts for Minors and Majors   Saturday, August 22
Makeup Tryouts for Minors and Majors Sunday, August 23
Draft for Minors (Coaches only) Tuesday, August 25
Draft for Majors (Coaches only) Thursday, August 27
All Teams formed and notified by coaches Tuesday, September 1
Season Starts Monday, September 14
Season Ends Early-Mid November
T-Ball $130
Coach Pitch $130
Machine Pitch $150
Minors $190
Majors $210
Volunteer Opt Out Fee $25


T-Ball $250
Coach Pitch $250
Machine Pitch $250
Minors $400
Majors $400
Pony $400
Coach and Helper Registration 
All Coaches (Head, Assistant, and Parent Helpers on the Field) are required to submit for a background check to Little League.  

Fall Pony Baseball


What:  The Fall Pony league is for players age 13-14 (as of April 30, 2016).  Teams will play a ten game regular season schedule with an end-of-season tournament.  Practices will be held during the week.

Where:  Games will be played on Sunday afternoons at Brumley Field (the Pony field at WAYA), Bechtol Harper Field (on Cesar Chavez across from the YMCA) or other local fields (possibly Lake Travis or Oak Hill).

When:  The season will start in mid-September and end in mid-November.  

Who:  The league will be made up of teams from the local area.  There are expected to be 8-10 teams in the league.  Although the competition is expected to be quite good, the league will be developmental in nature.

Questions?  Contact Michael Tirres (Fall Ball Coordinator) @ 512-422-2880 or Jeff Lucado @ 512-495-9500


Register Here For Pony


Congratulations Western Hills All Star Teams!

The 10-11 YO Team advances to the Section 1 Tournament in Lufkin.

The 9-10 YO Team has advanced to the Section 1 Tournament in Bellville.

The Section 1 Tournament brackets may be found under "Section 1 Tournaments" at: http://eteamz.active.com/txeastll


11-12 YO: 2015 District 11 Runners-Up

10-11 YO: 2015 District 11 Champions

9-10 YO: 2015 District 11 Champions

Joseph, Bishop, Sayers, Kocurek Hatley OPEN
Austin Ridge CLOSED
Rainout Hotline: 866-251-8542 
Updated by 4PM on weekdays.
Last Updated 7/3/15 at 3:30 PM

Joseph Field Restroom Code

Punch Code Locks have been installed on the Joseph Field restroom doors.

Restroom Lock Code: 413

Western Hills Lightning Policy 2014

October 2, 2014

Western Hills has updated its lightning guidelines and policy.

"If lightning is seen OR thunder is heard, all teams must evacuate to a safe location.  All activities will be immediately suspended for a minimum of 30 minutes. Play may resume if lightning has not been seen and thunder has not been heard for 30 minutes.  Remember, If you hear it, clear it!"

 See the full Western Hills Safety Plan here.