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C.A.Y.F.A. will be having football and cheerleading registration on Saturday, March 7, 2015 from 10:00AM - 2:00PM at Little Caesar's in Angleton, TX. Please bring two copies of your player's birth certificate and current, small picture!!

1800 N Velasco

Angleton, TX 77515




The CAYFA is a chapter of the South Texas Youth Football Association (STYFA). STYFA is a locally operated non-profit organization providing football and cheerleading programs for young boys and girls in our area.  In our past years, the CAYFA has claimed at least one Super Bowl title per each age division; however, the measure of our success is not in titles, it is in fundamental development of our youth. We operate within a strict set of rules and guidelines established and continuously maintained by the STYFA board of directors, for the sole purpose of fostering a fun and, more importantly, safe learning environment.

In regards to the learning environment, our youth participants learn more than just the Xs and Os of football or the fundamentals of cheering. By season’s end, each child who participated in our program will know the value of teamwork, sportsmanship, and fair play. These lessons will require a lot of hard work, discipline, and accountability from everyone.

As it is with every youth organization, our existence is predicated on everyone’s dedication and support. We are a non-profit organization and, by that definition, every coach, assistant coach, board member, team mom, and many others, keep our organization running smoothly on a voluntary basis. All of our volunteers dedicate a tremendous amount of time to ensure each child’s experience at CAYFA is fruitful and memorable. Like everyone reading this letter, each volunteer is well deserving of respect, and it is in this manner they should be treated. To ensure everyone is on the same page, this package includes rules, guidelines, and overall general information by which the CAYFA Youth Football Association operates.

      CAYFA proudly supports USA Football

     All our coaches have earned their certification in Heads Up Football and are doing their part to make the sport of youth football better and safer.            




Parking will ONLY be allowed in Freedom Park's parking lot.  If you do not comply, tickets will be given.















Upcoming Events

Saturday,  Mar 7
Early Registration 9:00am Little Caesar's
Saturday,  Mar 28
Early Registration 9:00am Little Caesar's
Saturday,  Apr 11
Early Registration 9:00am Little Caesar's
Saturday,  Apr 25
Early Registration 9:00am Little Caesar's
Saturday,  May 16
Late Registration 9:00am Little Caesar's
Wednesday,  Jul 15
C.A.Y.F.A. Football/Cheerleading Camp 6:00pm
Thursday,  Jul 16
C.A.Y.F.A. Football/Cheerleading Camp 6:00pm
Friday,  Jul 17
C.A.Y.F.A. Football/Cheerleading Camp 6:00pm

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