Last Updated: April 29, 2016
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Welcome to the Home of Winsted Youth Baseball!

Winsted Youth Baseball


Click on link below to print registration

2016  Baseball/Softball Registration form


2016 Babe Ruth registration deadline is May 1st

WYB is still accepting registrations for Babe Ruth.  The deadline is May 1st.  We will be contacting players & parents week of 5/2 regarding the organizational meeting. 

For questions, please contact Kurt Williams at 860-519-2798.

Upcoming Games/Practices

Saturday, Apr 30
T Ball
Yankees @ Mets9:00amDodge Field
Orioles @ Red Sox11:00amDodge Field
Minor League
Norfolk White Sox @ Winsted Orioles9:00amLittle League Field
Girls Softball 4,5,6
Winsted 2 Dynamite @ Winsted 1 Stingers9:00amRowley Front
Little League
Winsted Cardinals @ New Hart Pirates11:00amBrowns Corner 1
Winsted Royals @ New Hart D'Rays11:00amBrowns Corner 2
Monday, May 2
A League
New Hartford Padres @ Winsted Red Sox5:45pmDodge Field
Minor League
Winsted Red Sox @ New Hartford Indians5:30pmBrowns Corner 1
Barkhamsted Dodgers @ Winsted Orioles5:45pmLittle League Field
Girls Softball 4,5,6
NH Blue @ Winsted 1 Stingers5:45pmRowley Front
2&3 Girl's Softball
NH Purple @ Winsted Wildcats5:45pmDodge Field
Tuesday, May 3
T Ball
Red Sox @ Yankees6:00pmDodge Field
A League
Winsted Braves @ Barkhamsted Cardinals5:30pmRiverton
Little League
Winsted Royals @ Winsted Cardinals5:45pmLittle League Field
2&3 Girl's Softball
Winsted Bumblebees @ Winsted Wildcats5:45pmRowley Front
Wednesday, May 4
Minor League
Winsted Yankees @ Hartland Reds5:30pmHartland Lower
Winsted Orioles @ Winsted Red Sox5:30pmLittle League Field
Little League
Winsted Cardinals PRACTICE5:30pmLittle League Field
2&3 Girl's Softball
NH Purple @ Winsted Bumblebees5:30pmRowley Front
Thursday, May 5
T Ball
Mets @ Orioles6:00pmDodge Field
Little League
Winsted Cardinals @ New Hart D'Rays5:30pmBrowns Corner 2
Winsted Royals @ Colebrook Coyotes5:30pmColebrook
Friday, May 6
Little League
Winsted Royals PRACTICE5:30pmLittle League Field
Saturday, May 7
T Ball
Mets @ Red Sox8:30amDodge Field
Yankees @ Orioles10:00amDodge Field
A League
Norfolk Royals @ Winsted Yankees11:30amDodge Field
Winsted Red Sox @ Winsted Braves2:00pmDodge Field
Minor League
Barkhamsted Orioles @ Winsted Red Sox9:00amLittle League Field
New Hartford Indians @ Winsted Yankees9:00amRowley Back
Winsted Orioles @ Hartland Pirates12:30pmHartland Lower
Girls Softball 4,5,6
Winsted 1 Stingers @ Norfolk11:30amNorfolk
Bark Braves @ Winsted 2 Dynamite2:00pmRowley Front
Little League
Winsted Cardinals @ Colebrook Coyotes9:00amColebrook

For a complete schedule listing, click here!