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Player Registration for 2017 Spring Lacrosse Season

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    Boston Cannons Event with WYL 2015

MUST register with Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse to Play this Year

February 27, 2017

Dear Lacrosse Parents - 


Each year every player is required to join/register with US Lacrosse; US Lacrosse does may things for our league with the most important being it coverers our insurance responsibilities.


In years past I have asked that all players register for US Lacrosse with limited follow up on my end.  This year our league, Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse League (MBYLL), is monitoring and making sure this happens by having the players register through there website.


I need all Winthrop Players to register with the MBYLL / US Lacrosse ASAP.  Registration Instruction are as follows:


1. Go to 


2. On the main page all the way to the right click the REDplayer registration button. (from here you should be all set to follow the prompts but I have provided detail on the additional steps, *you don’t need to enter the MBYLL ID #, leave blank) 


3. On the “Select Registration Category” hit the PLAYERS tab.


4. Click the green registration tab at the bottom of the page 


5. next hit the create account tab


6. Fill out the registration page with your players info -  *Do not fill in the MBYLL ID as you don’t have it yet - just skip it.  If your player has had a US Lacrosse account in the past you can hit the lookup button to find it.  


7. After the MBYLL registration page is finished you will now be redirected to the US Lacrosse registration page.  There are THREE text boxes that you read clicking the “I accept” box after each one…again, there are three boxes you must check before moving on.  hit the SUBMIT button once you are finished. 


8.  Fill out the supplemental information page.


9. Finish and pay ($40.00) 


You can complete this registration in less than 5 minutes - I would appreciate it if all players are registered with in the next few days as the league is asking.


Any question let me know.


Thank you. 


- Rich Cifuni 

Winthrop Youth Lacrosse 


Once you complete the online registration for Winthrop Youth Lacrosse, YOU MUST register your player with US LACROSSE via

ALL PLAYERS must be registered with US Lacrosse to play in Mass Bay Youth Lacrosse league. Use the link above to set up an account for your player and register them. You will receive an email confirmation at the conclusion of your registration and I ask that you please email that to

Thank you so much for your cooperation!





Upcoming Games

Sunday, Apr 2
Swampscott Nahant U15 Blue @ Winthrop U15 GoldTBARumney Marsh Academy Turf Field
Swampscott/Nahant U11 Blue @ Winthrop U11 SilverTBARumney Marsh Academy Turf Field
Swampscott/Nahant U13 Blue @ Winthrop U13 NavyTBARumney Marsh Academy Turf Field
Saturday, Apr 8
Vikings Select U13 @ Peabody U13 Select10:00am - 11:15amBuckley Field
Vikings Select U15 @ Peabody U15 Select11:30am - 12:45pmBuckley Field
Sunday, Apr 9
Winthrop U15 Gold @ Saugus U15 red9:00amStackpole Field
Winthrop U13 Navy @ Saugus U13 Red10:30amStackpole Field
Winthrop U11 Silver @ Saugus U-11 Red12:00pmStackpole Field
Winthrop U9 Blue @ Saugus U9 Red1:30pmStackpole Field
Saturday, Apr 15
Vikings Select U13 @ Watertown U13 Select6:30pm - 7:45pmVictory Field
Vikings Select U15 @ Watertown U15 Select8:00pm - 9:15pmVictory Field
Saturday, Apr 22
Swampscott/Nahant U13 Select @ Vikings Select U132:00pm - 3:15pmCellucci Field
Swampscott/Nahant U15 Select @ Vikings Select U153:30pm - 4:45pmCellucci Field
Sunday, Apr 23
Winthrop U15 Gold @ Beverly U15 Orange11:00amBeverly Birch Plains
Winthrop U13 Navy @ Beverly U13 Orange12:30pmBeverly Birch Plains
Winthrop U11 Silver @ Beverly U11 Orange2:00pmBeverly Birch Plains
Winthrop U9 Blue @ Beverly U9 Orange3:30pmBeverly Birch Plains
Saturday, Apr 29
Beverly/Cape Ann U13 Select @ Vikings Select U132:00pm - 3:15pmCellucci Field
Beverly/Cape Ann U15 Select @ Vikings Select U153:30pm - 4:45pmCellucci Field

For a complete schedule listing, click here!