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August 16:  union strawberry-peas, tennis mango-Cole, big 1 avocado-papaya, big 2 honey-taters, split kiwi.  If canceled make up on Friday August 19


August23:  union kiwi-papaya, tennis mango-taters, big 1 avocado-peas, big 2 strawberry-Cole, split honey.  If canceled make up on Thursday August 25


August 30:  union Cole-peas, tennis avocado-taters, big 1 honey-kiwi, big 2 strawberry-mango, papaya split.  If canceled make up on Wednesday August 31.



Tuesday League begins June 14th, Teams/Rosters:
Since I don't have a garden this year, that's the theme:


STRAWBERRY FIELDS:  Tim A, Tom M, Jose Z, Jessica F, Jessica's Friend, Carlos Z, Sara E, Romy, Melmel, Linds P, Liz H.

DIRTY AVOCADOS:  Greg S, Zerpa, Dorchak, Mike D, Swan, Kaylee, Jon N, Pellerite, Greg J, Greg V, AJ, Johnny

HONEYDEW ME:   Bryce Hammerton's group, Julia Coccia

TWO TO MANGO:  Turtle, Erica, Jose M, Krista, Katniss, Andrew H, Diego, Willax, Somma, Jay B.

PEAS AND LEEKS:  Scotty L, Amanda D, Jason O, Brian K, Leslie, Dawn M, Amanda G, Steve Klock, Ross, Jen T.

COLE SLAUGHTER:  Bonye, Richie, Tim, Akin, Bernie, Randeep, Ajitpaul, Denis, Martial, Elena, Julia White

KICK IN THE KIWIS: Will Stoll's group, Dean & his friend, Holly & Joey the Nephew.

WHO'S YOUR PAPAYA:  Mark Z, Betsy, Jim Wang, Crazy Mike, Big Earl, Ryan C & Friend, Freddie R, John Good, Jelson.

TATER'S GONNA TATE:  Drew C, Sullivan, Wiggins, Christy L, Gabby F, Mike L, Greg W, Duane's 3.

Registrations are taken in order received up to capacity, spots can not be held without check/cash.  Once registrations are submitted to Maryvale they are non-refundable and non-transferable.  You will be contacted to verify your registration and team assignment.  We try our best to keep friends together, please submit your registrations timely and/or together to assist in this process.


We are a community athletic & social club open to men & women of all skill levels, including beginners, across Western New York. In 2007, we came together to promote a relaxed, fun and friendly atmosphere for RESPONSIBLE adults to play in safe locations with ample parking.

Your "FREE TIME" is limited with work, family or school, so why waste it being angry? We do not tolerate rough play or ridicule and don't keep scores or win-loss records. The "win-at-all-costs" attitudes are not for this club.

If you have questions please contact or call/text (716)440-0242 anytime.