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Tuesday Summer Outdoor League
Runs June 6th to August 15th

There will be 2 formats:  Small field 6v6 (Union Road) and full field 11v11 (Big 1 & 2).  The schedule will rotate teams through both formats.

Remember to bring WATER, black & white shirts, cleats, sneakers, shin guards.  The fields are in different conditions, which is why you should bring both sneakers and cleats.

Rosters are listed by captain's name:

Brian S:  Tim A, Jess F, Ricardo, Ricardo's friend, Jose Z, Liz H, Romy, Sonney, Jess S.

Jose M:  Krista, Dean, Somma, Diego, Biber, Willax, Higgins, Joelle, Peter B.

Melissa S:  Dana, Dana's Friend, Clarkey, Martial, John G, Eric B, Ismail, Linds P, Torrey.

Greg S:  Jon N, Matt P, Chris D, Kaylee, Johnny, DePlato, Ryan T, Owen, Jess Chellino.

Scott L:  Amanda D, Odalis, Evren, Will Stoll + 3, Joseph Ledwin, Melanie Goulding.

James K:  Michael R, Tyler C, Andrew C, Austin C, Taras, Aleksandra, Anna, Ken K, Tony S.

FLOATERS:  These people will fill in where there are absences, they are to be considered full members of your team and given the same play time as everyone else:  Dave H, Nathan, Scott S, Turtle, Earl, Nowak.

June & July games start at 7pm, August games at 6:30pm

6/06:  Union Rd Brian-Scott, Big 1 Greg-James, Big2 Mel-Jose

6/13:  Union Rd Brian-Mel, Big 1 Jose-Greg, Big 2 Scott-James

6/20:  Union Rd Jose-James, Big 1 Brian-Greg, Big 2 Mel-Scott

6/27:  Union Rd Greg-Scott, Big 1 Mel-James, Big 2 Brian-Jose

7/04:  No games

7/11:  Union Rd Mel-Greg, Big 1 Jose-Scott, Big 2 Brian-James

7/18:  Union Rd Jose-James, Big 1 Brian-Greg, Big 2 Mel-Scott

7/25:  Union Rd Greg-Scott, Big 1 Brian-Jose, Big 2 Mel-James

8/01:  Union Rd Brian-Mel, Big 1 Jose-Greg, Big 2 Scott-James

8/08:  Union Rd Jose-James, Big 1 Brian-Greg, Big 2 Mel-Scott

8/15:  TBA

To Register, mail your check for $40 to WNY Soccer Club, 178 Cleveland Drive, Buffalo, NY  14215.  Please include your t-shirt size (men's sizes) on your check. 

If you have questions or desire to have your ear talked off, please call me at (716) 440-0242.

Peace, Love and Soccer,


Registrations are taken in order received up to capacity, spots can not be held without check/cash.  Once registrations are submitted to they are non-refundable.  You will be contacted to verify your registration and team assignment.  We try our best to keep friends together, please submit your registrations timely and/or together to assist in this process.


We are a community athletic & social club open to men & women of all skill levels, including beginners, across Western New York. In 2007, we came together to promote a relaxed, fun and friendly atmosphere for RESPONSIBLE adults to play in safe locations with ample parking.

Your "FREE TIME" is limited with work, family or school, so why waste it being angry? We do not tolerate rough play or ridicule and don't keep scores or win-loss records. The "win-at-all-costs" attitudes are not for this club.

If you have questions please contact or call/text (716)440-0242 anytime.