Last Updated: April 2, 2017
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  • Accepting new seasonal and swim team guests
  • North Edison - Family recreation - swimming -tennis - volleyball - basketball and picnic gove.
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A Great Place for Family, Friends and Fun!

Woodside Swim and Tennis Club is accepting new members!


Join today and become a member of our club, which has so much to offer! Woodside has something to offer EVERYONE...come see why!


Haven't seen us? Our club is quietly nestled off Harding Avenue in Edison. Come see our hidden summer paradise located right in your neighborhood!


Once you enter through our gates, you'll swear you've exited Edison and entered a country-like pool community.


Our members enjoy all of the following included in membership:


  • beautiful main pool
  • kiddie pool
  • kiddie play area
  • tennis courts
  • basketball court
  • sand volleyball court
  • shuffleboard courts
  • tether-ball
  • picnic and barbeque area
  • swim team
  • swim lessons
  • ping pong tables
  • horse shoe pit
  • arts and crafts


In addition, members can take part in a variety of other activities during the season, such as kids parties, family parties and more!


Come see what we have to offer and become a member today!



Woodside Rules and Hours

Dear Woodside Members,

We look forward to a great 2016 season at Woodside and we hope you enjoy the club.  We must continue to increase membership to support the operation of Woodside as an on-going entity. With that said, it is important to remind all members (new and returning) of some important rules that MUST be followed by everyone to ensure the safety of our members and the enjoyment of the club for everyone:

1. There is absolutely no running around the pool area! Please obey the Lifeguards.

2. Food (which includes crackers, chips, etc.) is to be consumed inside the picnic area only.

3. The only beverage to be consumed outside of the picnic area is water. Please do not bring any drinks, including alcohol, outside of the picnic area.

4. Everyone is responsible to clean up after themselves, including returning the charcoal and lighter fluid to the garage at the end of the day. Please do not stack garbage next to the cans. Call over a Manager or Lifeguard before the cans are overflowing otherwise, they become difficult to empty.

5. Do not leave food (unless labeled) or alcohol in the refrigerator! Alcohol will be tossed at the end of the day for obvious reasons.

6. Do not leave items (including coolers, containers, cooking utensils, clothing, personal hygiene products, etc) in the garage, locker room, or elsewhere on the premises overnight. Lockers are available for seasonal rental at the nominal cost of $20 each. Unless you make special arrangements with the manager or a board member, items left at Woodside will be placed in the lost and found and discarded within a reasonable time frame.

7. Please recycle. We have blue bins available for bottles, cans, plastic.

8. The first 2 spots in the lot are reserved for handicap parking only. DO NOT BLOCK THE GATE IN CASE OF EMERGENCY!

9. Swimmies/life vests and other flotation devices are not allowed in the pool due to insurance reasons as stipulated by our carrier. We had to make 2 saves last year and in both cases, children were using swimmies/life vests and were not accompanied by an adult. Both young children left the pool and came back in without the swimmies/life vests and were rescued by the Lifeguards. If anyone joined the club without the knowledge of this rule and is now uncomfortable, please let us know and we will issue a full refund of your dues.

10. Children in diapers/swim diapers are not allowed in the big pool.

11. Children under 12 years of age may not be dropped off without supervision.

12. Woodside has a no smoking policy at the club, however, we want to be sensitive to all our members. If you need to smoke, please do so towards the back of the picnic area or in the parking lot before you enter the club. Under no circumstances will smoking be permitted outside of the picnic area.

13. Water guns, super soakers, etc. and other toys are not permitted in or around the pool. The children are welcome to fill up the water guns and then use them in the grass area by the basketball courts away from those members who are sitting near the pool.

14. Please return borrowed items to the office - ping pong paddles, balls, games, etc. so we can avoid the need to track them down.

15. No children are allowed in the office. The Manager and Lifeguards are on duty.

16. Please do not distract the Lifeguards while they are on duty. They are responsible for the safety of our members.

17. All members are responsible for their guests so please make sure they are aware of the policies of the club.

18. The By-Laws and the spreadsheet containing the detailed rules are in the hand-out section on the website.

If you have any questions about the rules, feel free to discuss with any Board Members or Managers. We want everyone to have a SAFE and enjoyable summer at Woodside.

The Woodside Board - Chris Tierney, John Pepe, June Cuzzo, Steve Garsh and Tina O'Grady

Pool hours will be Friday 6/10 from 4 to 8pm and Saturday/Sunday 12PM to 8PM. We will then open full time on 6/22 with the hours 11PM to 8PM every weekday and 12pm to 8 pm on weekends.

Membership Information Updates

May 25, 2013

Current Members:

Please click on the "Join Our E-mail List" link under the rotating mailbox on the left side of the screen to add your e-mail address to Woodside's distribution list.  The website administrator would then be able to include you on future e-mail blasts providing you with WorkBond opportunities or to let you know pertinent and timely information.  Currently, distribution lists exist for the Swim Team, Seasonal Guest members and the Bondholders.