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Established in 1974, Wrestling Rhinos, the premier wrestling club in the South Snohomish & North King County areas. Training wrestlers ages 5-18 to compete and win locally, regionally & nationally. Building strength, athleticism, and discipline in athletes of all ages. Here you can see a copy of the club by-laws and the Rhino Code of Conduct. Wrestling Rhinos is a USA Wrestling Affiliate Club.

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USAW Wrestling Cards Required!

Before you can wrestle with the Rhinos you must provide proof you have a current USAW Wrestling Card.
For liability reasons Wrestlers will not be able to set foot on the mat until we have seen your current USAW Wrestling Card.  A USAW Membership provides insurance in case of injury at at USAW events.  Please see the USAW website for the full details. 

Most preferred is to bring a copy of your USAW Cards on one full-size sheet of paper for the rhinos records. Full sheets of paper are easier to handle than small slips of paper.  We will also accept just seeing your USAW card, a printed copy, photon on your phone, or the USAW app are all acceptable.

If you attend any USAW event (tournaments, scrimmages, etc.) you will be required to show a copy of your USAW card to participate, there are no exceptions.  They will turn you a away if you cannot show your card.  We recommend making several copies of your card putting on in dad's wallet, mom's wallet, the glove box, your wrestling bag, etc. Also take a picture with your phone.  If you have provided us with a copy of your USAW card we may have a copy with us at major events as an extra backup (but do NOT rely on that).

If it is Folkstyle season (Oct-Feb) and you are not sure what to buy we recommend the $15 (at this time) Limited Folkstyle Athlete membership.  This membership will allow you to practice with the Rhinos during Folkstyle season and to attend USAW Folkstyle events.  If it is For the Freestyle season (Mar-Jun) you will need the $45 (at this time) Athlete Membership. This membership will allow you to practice with the Rhinos during both Freestyle and Folkstyle seasons and to attend USAW Freestyle and Folkstyle events. If you purchase the Limited membership and decide to continue wrestling in the Freestyle season you can upgrade your membership for the price difference (there is no upgrade surcharge).

Please also bring a copy of your card with you to your first practice. We may not have time to process the e-mailed image before the next practice session.

You can purchase your card here. If you need help, there are instructions here


Freestyle Registration is now open!

Register here.


Cammo T-Shirt
Cammo T-Shirt


Wrestling Hygiene

Help Prevent Infection

Wrestling Mats pick up germs from those wrestling and walking on the mat, wrestlers then pick up those germs all over they bodies. The risk of infections is very real when wrestling.  There are few very important things we can to do reduce the risk of infection.

  • The Rhinos clean the mats before every practice.
  • Do not wear wrestling shoes to or from practice. Wearing shoes that have been worn outside increases risk of infection.
  • Wrestler's finger nails should he trimmed and clean.
  • Wrestlers with any sort of skin infection should consult a doctor and should not wrestle if the condition is contagious.
  • Wrestlers should shower with lots of soap and hot water after every practice.


Our Sponsors

These business's have helped the Rhinos on one way or another.
If you have need of the services they provide please consider them when making your choice of vender.

Scott Morgan Rhodes Photography

Scott Morgan Rhodes is a Morro Bay, California based photographer, specializing in Landscape, Fine Art, and Ocean Photography

Amin Taba, DDS

Dr. Amin Taba and his friendly, knowledgeable dental team have been providing outstanding dental care to families in Seattle and beyond for years.

Red Onion Burgers

Red Onion Burgers is a locally-owned & operated family business located in Mountlake Terrace, WA. We are a trendy, home-style burger joint offering signature BBQ meals, fresh salads, ice cream treats, comfort foods and delectable sidekicks.


Suplay is an on-line sporting goods store with a wide variety fo wrestling gear. If you purchase gear on Suplay using the link above a portion of the proceeds goes to the Rhinos.