Last Updated: May 25, 2015
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  • $50 for a company to sponsor throw-out shirts! More info in "News"
Welcome to Wrigley Fields

Wrigley Baseball and Softball Association

Own a business? Know someone who does? Want to get some cheap advertising while helping our spectators have a blast?


We like to bring a Minor League feel to our games. Music, games, and t-shirt throw-outs! Sponsor a t-shirt throw-out while advertising your business for cheap!!! ONLY $50!!!  This includes 5 shirts with our Wrigley Fields logo on the front and your business advertised on the back! Please message us for more information! Don't miss this opportunity!! We are stocking up our "collection" of shirts for games.

Please visit our FACEBOOK page for up to date information on tball, baseball and softball.



Our Volunteers

A GIANT thank you goes out to all of our parents, coaches, friends and community members that volunteer!! We would not be as successful without each and every one of you!!! If you would like to volunteer your services, time, or money, please email our President (Lanny Thompson) @ We are always in search of more volunteers!!