Last Updated: March 3, 2015
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Welcome to Wrigley!
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Welcome to Wrigley Fields

Wrigley Baseball and Softball Association

Own a business? Know someone who does? Want to get some cheap advertising while helping our spectators have a blast?


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Please visit our FACEBOOK page for up to date information on tball, baseball and softball.



Welcome to Wrigley!

Evaluations and uniform sizing are complete!

Teams have been made!

Now it's time to play!!!!

Our actual playing season will begin in the beginning of March. We must wait for the other parks that we play to complete their registration period, evals, etc. to begin games.

Our President, Tball Commissioner and Softball Commissioner are the ones given the task of making the schedules. This is a hard, time-consuming task. So please be patient and grateful that they are the volunteers that have this stressful endevour!  

All teams and players are now listed on the website under "TEAMS".

We appreciate everyone taking the time to come out for evals/uniform sizing. It was a busy, yet productive weekend!

Uniform orders have been sent to our vendor and they ask for 3 weeks time to compete the order. (This time frame is an estimation).

Our team mom coordinators are also hard at work; planning and organizing to make our actual team mom's make the best of this season possible. Please remember to treat these volunteers with kindness and appreciation.

Please make sure to LIKE us on Facebook for the most up to date information!


Hotel Sponsors

We had 2 local hotels generously support our Fields. Please consider them as an option to stay at!!!


Holiday Inn Express Ocala-Silver Springs
5360 E Silver Springs Blvd., Silver Springs, FL 34488
Howard Johnson Inn Ocala
3951 NW Blitchton Road, Ocala, FL 34482

Welcome to the family T.G.Lee!


Our Volunteers

A GIANT thank you goes out to all of our parents, coaches, friends and community members that volunteer!! We would not be as successful without each and every one of you!!! If you would like to volunteer your services, time, or money, please email our President (Lanny Thompson) @ We are always in search of more volunteers!!

Upcoming Games/Practices

Wednesday,  Mar 4
Wrigley Academy Teams
PRACTICE 8u 5:30pm Wrigley Field 5
PRACTICE 10u 5:30pm Wrigley Field 6
PRACTICE 12u 6:45pm Wrigley Field 6
Friday,  Mar 6
Scrappers @ Bulls 6:00pm Wrigley Field 8
Raptors @ Mud Hens 6:00pm Wrigley Field 9
Williston @ 10u Pirates 6:00pm Wrigley Field 7
Williston @ 12u White Sox 7:30pm Wrigley Field 7
Wrigley Rays @ Wrigley Marlins 6:00pm Wrigley Field 6
POSITION/TBD @ Wrigley Cubs 7:30pm Wrigley Field 6
Wrigley Braves @ Wrigley Pirates 7:30pm Wrigley Field 5
Wrigley Cubs @ Wrigley Braves 6:00pm Wrigley Field 5
Saturday,  Mar 7
14u Yankees @ West Putnam 9:00am West Putnum Softball
10u Pirates @ West Putnam 11:00am West Putnum Softball
Babe Ruth
Wrigley @ Keystone 10:00am Keystone Recreation Association
Wrigley @ Keystone 12:00pm Keystone Recreation Association
Monday,  Mar 9
Wrigley Marlins @ Highlands White Sox 5:30pm Highlands Baseball
Wrigley Braves @ Highlands Pirates 7:00pm Highlands Baseball
Tuesday,  Mar 10
Wrigley Cubs @ Highlands Braves 5:30pm Highlands Baseball
Wrigley Braves @ Carrigan Cardinals 7:00pm Carrigan Baseball-Clyatt Park
Wrigley Cubs @ Highlands Braves 7:00pm Highlands Baseball
Thursday,  Mar 12
Babe Ruth
Wrigley @ Belleview TBA Belleview Sports Complex
Friday,  Mar 13
Mud Hens @ Scrappers 6:00pm Wrigley Field 8
Timber Rattlers @ Raptors 6:00pm Wrigley Field 9
West Putnam @ 12u White Sox 6:00pm Wrigley Field 7
West Putnam @ 14u Yankees 7:30pm Wrigley Field 7
Highlands Red Sox @ Wrigley Rays 6:00pm Wrigley Field 5
Highlands Yankees @ Wrigley Cubs 6:00pm Wrigley Field 6
Highlands Yankees @ Wrigley Braves 7:30pm Wrigley Field 5
Carrigan Cardinals @ Wrigley Pirates 7:30pm Wrigley Field 6

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

Upcoming Events

Wednesday,  Mar 4
Wrigley Academy Practices Wrigley Field Baseball and Softball
Friday,  Mar 6
OPENING DAY AT WRIGLEY Wrigley Field Baseball and Softball
Sunday,  Mar 8
Wrigley Academy Practices Wrigley Field Baseball and Softball
Monday,  Mar 9
Scratch Off Fundraiser Cards Due-NO EXCEPTIONS
Minor Braves 5:30pm
Rookie Rays 5:30pm Wrigley Field 5
Major Cubs 6:45pm Wrigley Field 6
Tuesday,  Mar 10
Major Braves 5:30pm Wrigley Field 6
Rookie Marlins 5:30pm Wrigley Field 5
Minor Pirates 6:45pm Wrigley Field 5
Wednesday,  Mar 11
Wrigley Academy Practices Wrigley Field Baseball and Softball
Thursday,  Mar 12
Rookie Cubs 5:30pm Wrigley Field 6
Rookie Rays 5:30pm Wrigley Field 5
Minor Pirates 6:45pm Wrigley Field 6
Rookie Marlins 6:45pm Wrigley Field 5

For a complete calendar listing, click here!