Last Updated: April 27, 2015

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Rosters and Coaches Info Required

I need the jersey numbers and names of all players/pitchers.  I also need a lot of coaches contact info for the older age groups. 

Season has started

Make sure you enter your scores and pitches after each game.  Instructions are on the Handout page.

Upcoming Games

Monday,  Apr 27
13u A
SW Kings @ Macdonald Yankees 6:30pm LSL2
Tuxedo Lightning @ Charleswood Goldeyes 6:30pm PJS
Ft. Garry Giants @ Corydon Comets Postponed SJF
13u AA
Macdonald Yankees @ Charleswood Goldeyes 6:30pm ECN
North Winnipeg Marauders @ Ft. Garry Giants 6:30pm FG2
Boni-Vital Red Sox @ Springfield Braves 6:30pm OAKB3
Gateway Flyers @ Boni-Vital White Sox 6:30pm SD2
15u AA
St. James A's @ SW Warriors 6:30pm KIRK
Springfield Braves @ Boni-Vital White Sox Postponed SD3
Corydon Comets @ North Winnipeg Marauders 6:30pm SP2
Macdonald Yankees @ Gateway Flyers 6:30pm Trans
Grand Slam 1
SW #2 @ FG Grandslam #2 6:30pm FG3
SW #1 @ Macdonald White Sox 6:30pm LSL4
FG Grandslam #5 @ FG Grandslam #3 6:30pm LW1
FG Grandslam #4 @ FG Grandslam #6 6:30pm LW2
FG Grandslam #1 @ SW #3 6:30pm RK1
Macdonald Blue Jays @ SW #4 6:30pm WV2
Grand Slam 2
Charleswood Tigers @ Corydon Comets #2 6:30pm CRW2
Corydon Comets #4 @ Charleswood Cubs 6:30pm ECS
Tuxedo Lightninig @ Macdonald Twins 6:30pm OBNW
Corydon Comets #3 @ Charleswood Blue Jays 6:30pm PJN
Corydon Comets #5 @ Charleswood Giants 6:30pm RPNE
Charleswood Goldeyes @ TuxedoThunder 6:30pm TX1
Charleswood Pirates @ Corydon Comets #1 6:30pm WPNE
Tuesday,  Apr 28
11u A
Macdonald Mets @ Charleswood Goldeyes 6:30pm ECS
SW Scouts @ Ft. Garry Sox 6:30pm FG1
Ft. Garry Giants @ Macdonald Yankees 6:30pm LSL3
Corydon Comets @ St. Norbert Raiders 6:30pm STN
Tuxedo Lightning @ SW Warriors 6:30pm WV1
11u AA
Macdonald Yankees @ Boni-Vital White Sox 6:30pm NGCC
St. James A's Green @ Springfield Braves 6:30pm OAKB2
North Winnipeg Marauders @ St. James A's Yellow 6:30pm Optimist #1
Gateway Flyers @ Boni-Vital Red Sox 6:30pm WINCC
15u A
St. James Bears @ Red River 6:30pm ERB1
Charleswood Goldeyes @ St. James Kodiaks 6:30pm McB
SW Warriors @ Macdonald Yankees 6:30pm OBSE
Macdonald Mets @ Charleswood Hawks 6:30pm RPNW
Ft. Garry Sox @ Ft. Garry Giants 6:30pm SAND

For a complete schedule listing, click here!

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