Last Updated: May 29, 2017

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Winnipeg South Chiefs at Challenger Baseball

Our 15u AAA team recently volunteered as Buddies at the a Challenger Baseball game.  Challenger baseball is a great program where kids with physical or intellectual disabilities get to participate in a baseball game.  Bobbi Bottle is the provincial coordinator for Challenger and did a fantastic job organizing our league in Winnipeg South.  Anyone who is interested in helping out as a buddy, or a coach or setting up a league in your area should contact her.



Upcoming Games

Tuesday, May 30
11u A - WS
Charleswood Goldeyes @ Macdonald Mets6:30pmLSL3
Corydon Blue Jays @ Ft. Garry Jays6:30pmLW1
Macdonald Yankees @ Ft. Garry Twins6:30pmMcK
SW Warriors @ Charleswood Dodgers6:30pmPJN
Charleswood Royals @ Corydon Cubs6:30pmRH3
SW2 - Wolverines @ Riverview Rangers6:30pmRIV
Ft. Garry Jayhawks @ Tuxedo Lightning6:30pmTX1
Corydon Comets @ SW Wild Wolves6:30pmWV1
11u AA - City Wide
Ft. Garry Giants @ Gateway Flyers6:30pmGtwy4
Bonivital Red Sox @ Bonivital White Sox6:30pmNGCC
Macdonald Yankees @ St. James A's6:30pmOptimist #1
15u A - Winnipeg West
KW Bears @ Corydon Comets6:30pmCRW1
Ft. Garry Giants @ Tuxedo Lightning6:30pmECN
Heritage Victoria Hawks @ Charleswood Goldeyes6:30pmRPNW
Maples Monarchs @ Sinclair Park6:30pmSP2
18u A - City Wide
Maples Monarchs @ Charleswood Goldeyes6:30pmCP2
Park City Raiders @ East St. Paul Aces6:30pmESP5
South Winnipeg Warriors @ South Winnipeg Warthogs6:30pmSAND
Macdonald Mets @ Gateway Flyers6:30pmTrans
Grand Slam 3 - S. Winnipeg/St. Norbert/Macdonald
St. Norbert Rebels @ SW16:30pmRK1
Wednesday, May 31
11u A - WS
Macdonald Yankees @ Corydon Blue Jays6:30pmSJF
13u A - WS
Charleswood Goldeyes @ Ft. Garry Sox6:30pmDS
Ft. Garry Giants @ South Winnipeg Warriors6:30pmKIRK
South Winnipeg 1 @ Macdonald Mets6:30pmLSL1
Corydon Comets @ Tuxedo Lightning6:30pmTX1
13u AA - City Wide
Bonivital White Sox @ East St. Paul Aces6:30pmESP1
Springfield Braves @ North Winnipeg Marauders6:30pmGC2
Macdonald Yankees @ Gateway Flyers6:30pmGtwy6
St. James A's @ Bonivital Red Sox6:30pmSD2
15u AA - City Wide
Springfield Braves @ North Winnipeg Marauders6:30pmERB1
Boni-Vital Red Sox @ Macdonald Yankees6:30pmOBSE
East St. Paul Pioneers @ St. James A's6:30pmOptimist #3
Boni-Vital White Sox @ Charleswood Royals6:30pmRPNW
18u AA - City Wide
Macdonald Yankees @ Springfield Pioneers6:30pmDugald
Grosse Isle Blue Jays @ St. James A's6:30pmOptimist #4
North Winnipeg Marauders @ Fort Garry Giants6:30pmSAND
South Winnipeg Warriors @ Boni Vital Red Sox6:30pmWhittier
Grand Slam 1 - Corydon/Riverview/Fort Garry
Ft. Garry Cubs @ Corydon Red Sox6:30pmCRW2
Riverview Pirates @ Ft. Garry Sox6:30pmFG3
Corydon Pirates @ Riverview Rangers6:30pmRIV
Ft. Garry Jays @ Corydon Yankees6:30pmWPNE
Grand Slam 2 - Charleswood
Charleswood Tigers @ Charleswood Goldeyes6:30pmECS
Charleswood Yankees @ Charleswood Orioles6:30pmPJN
Charleswood Royals @ Charleswood Twins6:30pmTX2
Charleswood Blue Jays @ Charleswood Pirates6:30pmWest
Grand Slam 3 - S. Winnipeg/St. Norbert/Macdonald
SW3 @ Macdonald Blue Jays6:30pmLSL4
Macdonald White Sox @ Macdonald Cubs6:30pmOBNW
Macdonald Twins @ Macdonald Cardinals6:30pmSNF3
SW2 @ St. Norbert Rebels6:30pmSTN
SW1 @ SW46:30pmWV1

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