• Interested in coaching in 2018?? Contact Mary Walczak-marywalczak@hotmail.com
  • 2018 New Age Matrix
  • U4/2014, U5/2013, U6/2012, U8/2011-2010, U10/2009-2008, U12/2007-2006, U14/2005-2004, U17/2003-2001
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We are still continuing to take registrations for the 2018 Summer Season . We have 2 ways that you can register your child.

1,)Registrations  will also be taken at Al Ross on 2756 Seneca St March 10th, 2018  . Registrations times will be  10 am until 4:30 pm  . You will only be able to pay by check here . You will be able to use your valid  town id for your child for the resident discount. 

Directions on how to get a town id is available on our registration page.


2.)Registrations will still be taken online using our Teamsnap web-site. Please see our registration page. You do not have to pay by credit card . You can register online then send in your payment. Directions to use this option are available on the check out page.  You do not have to pay by credit card . You can register online then send in your payment. Directions to use this option are available on the check out page.





January 5, 2018

Registration For Players and Coaches

The coach registration form is new this year. We tried it out for fall 2017 and it gave coaches/players families the most accurate information for contact. The form is after the U17 registration. The coaching for the WSSC is all volunteer - if you would like to coach and have questions please e-mail marywalczak@hotmail.com.

Here is the link for the registration page:


The West Seneca Soccer Club is now accepting registration for our Summer 2018 Season. You will need to register your child using the form that has their birth year in it. If you are asking to have your child move-up a decision that will be done manually during the roistering process.
Fees for the 2018 Summer Season will be the same as Summer 2017.
For u4-u6-the cost is $90 for non-residents/ $80 For residents
For u8-u17 -the cost is $130 for non-residents/ $120 for residents
We will be offering a multi-child discount again-if your family has 3 or more children playing for the WSSC Club (travel and house)  we will refund your account $30, 4 children playing $40 etc... This discount will be given back once your registration has been marked complete after your online payment is accepted and your have sent a e-mail to marywalczak@hotmail.com with the names of all of your children who play for the club. We unfortunately regret that we can not give the discount automatically at check-out.
If you are registering online but mailing in your payment - you may deduct the total amount of the refund from your check for the total amount of all of your children. (Please list their names if they are playing in the travel division. )
For the Resident Of West Seneca Discount - we need to see the id cards to make sure the expiration date is not before the end of our season. In order to get the discount your child's id must be valid through July of 2018. The easiest way for the club to see your card for online registrations is to text a photo  of it to 716-603-0034, If you are paying offline you may send in a copy of the card and deduct the $10 from your check or money order.

To get a town id if you do not have one for your child-The recreation department is not be able to give you a new town id card. Please get your town id at Town Hall.

WHEN CAN I GET ONE? Resident ID Cards are issued Monday – Friday between the hours of 9:30 – 11:30 AM and 2:30 – 4:30 PM. Alternative times are available by appointment only by calling 716-558-3215.

WHERE ARE RESIDENT ID CARDS ISSUED? Resident ID Cards are issued at the West Seneca Town Clerk’s Office which is located inside West Seneca Town Hall on the second floor, Room 212. The address is 1250 Union Road West Seneca, NY 14224.

HOW MUCH DOES A RESIDENT ID CARD COST? Resident ID Cards are $10 and are valid for 2 years. If you are Active Duty Military, a veteran or a senior citizen (60+) your ID card will be issued at no charge.

WHAT DO I NEED TO GET ONE? In order to be issued a Resident ID Card you must provide the following information:

Proof of Age: Birth Certificate or Drivers License

Proof of Residency: Current Tax or Utility Bill

Photo ID Card: School, DMV, Passport, etc.


We have moved!!

West Seneca Soccer is pleased to bring you two new exciting sites!!


The first is our new West Seneca Soccer website…



(This site will be used for House soccer)


The second is our West Seneca Travel Soccer website…



(This site will be used for all Travel Soccer needs)