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West Seneca Fall Soccer


We have recently been receiving requests in regards to fall soccer here in West Seneca. I do apologize but with many changes that have happened in the organization this year, and trying to focus on the summer session. That along with not being able to recruit someone to run it. We will not be having a fall session. There has already been discussion in regards to bigger and better possibilities in 2017. Please bare us as we continue the transition. And work towards providing you the great soccer experience you have grown accustomed to!! 



Thank you,  

Todd M.SZtaba  

President West Seneca Soccer

Thank you!!!!

With the 2016 summer session coming to an end, I would like to say thank you.

The session would not have been a success without each and everyone of you. Whether you were a player, parent, coach, or affiliated with the club. You contributed in some way!! Moving into the off season and looking to prepare for next year, we will start to focus on a few things.


1)    Educating players and parents on the new age matrix

2)    Are you interested in coaching during the 2017 season? Contact Todd at

3)    Do you have thoughts or ideas to improve one of the best soccer clubs around? Contact Todd at to get on board!


I look forward to the continued growth of West Seneca Soccer!

Thank you,

Todd Sztaba 

President West Seneca Soccer

**New Age Matrix for 2017**

Coaches and Parents, with the new age Matrix for 2017 in BWNYJSL there will be some changes in players’ eligibility at each age group. It currently runs from August 1st through July 31st the following year. It will be changed to birth year. Please see the below on what age group would be appropriate for your child.

U4- Birth year 2013

U5- Birth year 2012

U6- Birth year 2011

U8- Birth years 2010/2009

U10- Birth years 2008/2007

U12- Birth years 2006/2005

U14- Birth years 2004/2003

U17- Birth years 2002/2001/2000


We understand the changes this brings and want the transition to run as smooth as possible. If you have any questions please email Todd Sztaba at