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Welcome the the 2014-2015 Westfield United Basketball Website

***Schedules have been updated on 3/9 - Finals for Soph Girls, Sr Girls and HS have been changed.***



Playoff Practice times.  Starting Monday, March 2nd, you will need to sign up for a practice time.  The sign up sheet will be posted at the Boys & Girls Club.


 ****Playoff Rules have been updated.  All divisions will play the same format as Regular Season - running time until the last 2 minutes of each half.


Free throws - For Sophomore Boys and Girls & Junior Boys and Girls, players can enter the key when the ball hits the rim.  For Sr Boys, Sr Girls and H.S. division, it will be on the release of the ball.


Reminder, all players must get equal playing time!!!


******Sophomore Division - No pressing at all!!!

**Sr Girls can start and play with 4 players!!

Any coaches that would like to enter scores onto the website, email Jim for a password.