Last Updated: May 29, 2015
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Welcome to WWAA - One of the Best Leagues in Omaha for over 50 years!!!!

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Tell them your with WWAA. 10% of purchases (new or used) goes to WWAA.

Sell them used equipment and 10% of the transaction goes to WWAA.


To sign up for volunteer hours in the concession stand follow the link below. Sign up early.


How do I sign up for volunteer hours?

Volunteer opportunities will be posted as they become available. Hours are provided on a first come-first served basis. WWAA encourages you to sign up at the beginning of the year.

Free Player Pop or Popcorn

Don't forget, players in uniform receive a free pop or popcorn at the concession stand after their game!!

Rainout Information

Rainout determinations are made by the groundskeeper for the West Omaha Baseball
Association (WOBF), the organization that owns the fields that WWAA plays on. This
determination is typically made between 7 and 8 AM on weekends and by 4:00 PM on
weekdays. This information is then posted on WWAA’s web site and WWAA Coach’s Rainout
Number. The coaches are responsible for making sure that their teams are informed when
games are canceled.
In some cases, weather and field conditions are favorable at the time the WOBF groundskeeper
makes this determination but subsequently change for the worse. If field conditions worsen
before or during games in progress, the WWAA Field Director and/or umpires will typically make
a determination if the game can be played at game time. So, unless you have heard otherwise
from your coach, you should plan to show up for your scheduled game.


For well over 50 years the Westgate-Westside Athletic Association has been providing youth in the Omaha Community with organized baseball and softball leagues to learn and develop sportsmanship, teamwork and fair play. Please help us keep this going for another 50 years!
WWAA is seeking volunteers to serve as WWAA board members. As a WWWA board member you can part of a group that can take the league to new heights in the next 50 years. Board members organize and set goals for the league for upcoming baseball/softball seasons, set rules and responsibilities for the league, market registration dates and many other things to keep the league successful. Without your help the league cannot continue to provide a positive place for Omaha’s youth to play and learn.
Please help WWAA go for another 40 years! Please contact Steve Peterson at for information on how YOU can help keep the WWAA as “ONE OF THE BEST LEAGUES” in Omaha.


if you would like to be added to WWAA's e-mail list and provided with periodic league news and updates and notified of baseball and softball registrations, please send an e-mail to and tell us to add you!

Upcoming Games/Practices

Friday,  May 29
Ortho Anesthesia @ Prairie Mechanical 8:00pm Westgate #3
Major Girls
Keystone @ La Casa West 6:00pm Westgate #4
UBA @ Grover 2 8:00pm Grover
KB Building Services @ Combined Insurance 6:30pm Westgate #5
Hillside 2 @ Complete Comfort Heating & Cooling 6:00pm Westgate #3
Dave's Auto Body Co @ Carter Lake 3 8:00pm Carter Lake
Prairie Mechanical @ Sunset Hills Baptist Church 5:30pm Westgate #5
Saturday,  May 30
Ralston 3 @ Tigers 12:00pm Westgate #3
Prairie Mechanical @ Ralston 2 1:00pm Ralston (Pierson Field) 83rd & Park Drive
Ralston 4 @ Wiles Farms 2:00pm Westgate #3
UBA @ Ralston 1 3:00pm Ralston (Pierson Field) 83rd & Park Drive
South Omaha @ Ortho Anesthesia 4:00pm Westgate #3
Junior Girls
Hillside @ Central Supply 4:00pm Westgate #4
Major Girls
Lawlors @ Keystone 11:00am Keystone
Benson @ La Casa West 12:00pm Westgate #4
Minor Girls
Wiles Farms @ Minor2 2:00pm Westgate #4
Grover 3 @ 2:00pm Westgate #1
KB Building Services @ La Casa West 4:00pm Westgate #1
Mustang4 @ American Research Professionals 6:00pm Westgate #1
Lawlors @ Mortgage Specialists 11:30am Westgate #5
BNI Heartland @ Pinto9 1:30pm Westgate #5
Suder Law @ CoBank 3:00pm Westgate #5
RBC Wealth Management @ KB Building Services 4:30pm Westgate #5
BLUEJAYPEST.COM @ Benson 10:00am Power Park
Blair Grizzlies @ Dave's Auto Body Co 10:00am Westgate #3
Senior Girls
MIDWEST INSULATION SERVICES @ Memorial 6:00pm Columbus Park
CoBank @ Strong Cap 9:00am Westgate #5
A&C Tree Service @ Liz Fossenbarger of PJ Morgan Real Estate 10:15am Westgate #5
Sunday,  May 31
Ralston 1 @ Wiles Farms 2:00pm Westgate #3
Ralston 3 @ UBA 4:00pm Westgate #3
Prairie Mechanical @ Tigers 6:00pm Westgate #3
Mustang @ UBA 4:00pm Westgate #1
Mustang4 @ La Casa West 6:00pm Westgate #1
American Research Professionals @ Mustang5 8:00pm Westgate #1
Complete Comfort Heating & Cooling @ Hillside 2 2:00pm Hillside
BLUEJAYPEST.COM @ Blair Grizzlies 4:00pm Blair
Slugger3 @ Blake Plumbing 12:30pm Westgate #5
Slugger1 @ Slugger2 2:00pm Westgate #5
Monday,  Jun 1
Grover 3 @ Tigers 8:00pm Westgate #3
Junior Girls
Central Supply @ Memorial 8:00pm Memorial
Major Girls
Memorial @ Lawlors 6:00pm Westgate #4
Minor Girls
Minor2 @ Keystone 6:00pm Keystone
Memorial @ Wiles Farms 8:00pm Westgate #4
Mustang5 @ South Omaha 6:00pm Al Veys Yellow
American Research Professionals @ KB Building Services 6:00pm Westgate #1
Grover 1 @ Mustang4 8:00pm Westgate #1
Pinto9 @ Combined Insurance 6:30pm Westgate #5
Mortgage Specialists @ BNI Heartland 8:00pm Westgate #5
BLUEJAYPEST.COM @ Keystone 1 6:00pm Keystone #7
Blair Bears @ Complete Comfort Heating & Cooling 6:00pm Westgate #3
Senior Girls
MIDWEST INSULATION SERVICES @ Keystone 8:00pm Keystone #9
Physical Therapy Works @ Shetland8 5:30pm Westgate #5

For a complete schedule listing, click here!