Last Updated: April 6, 2017

Whiteland's Driveway Basketball Program
The goal of Driveway Basketball is to help players practice the right things during the off season. Driveway Basketball will help create a culture where players are continually working on skill development. It will also create unity throughout our program. Players in grades 7-12 can workout together.  By recording our results, our off season workouts become a friendly competition and allow our players to push each other to get better.
Each workout includes a sheet to record results and descriptions of drills. This is a program that  can be completed at home, in the park or in the gym. Workouts are designed be completed in 30-40 minutes. It is best if a player has a partner to complete the workout. This is a great opportunity for teammates to work together or parents to work with their son. Players and parents players can use the link to the Google Form to record the result of each workout. This form will help players and coaches track improvement.
Players planning to play next year should complete the workout and record their results at least once a week. Players are encouraged to complete the workout more than once a week if possible. Since they can complete on their own time, these workouts do not interfere with their other sports.  
Workouts and forms can be accessed by clicking the links below. 
Whiteland's Driveway Basketball Leaderboard 
October 2016 Leader Board
Shooting Ladder Aaron Gross-Class of 2017 28^
X-Out Finishing Drill Brandon Stidham-Class of 2020
Aaron Gross-Class of 2017
Cole Ferguson-Class of 2018
Brennan Neal-Class of 2019
Carter Crowe-Class of 2019
Chase Bennett-Class of 2018
Brady Reed-Class of 2019
Shoot the Moon Brennan Neal-Class of 2019 19*
12-9-3 O'Clock
Off the Dribble
Brand Stidham-Class of 2020 23*
32 pt. Shooting Samuel Barnes-Class of 2019 32*
*Denotes a New Record
^Tied Current Record



Whiteland Boys' Basketball Coaches Clinics

Dates for the 2017 Spring Whiteland Warrior Basketball Coaches Clinics have been set. 

Dates are as follows:

Thursday, March 9

Sunday, April 9

Sunday, May 14

Coaches Clinics will take place in Glenn Ray gym at Whiteland Community HS from 7 pm - 8 pm

Clinics are for any any of our WWJBL, Travel or Junior High Coaches.

Due to summer break we will not have clinics during June and July.  


Whiteland Warrior Basketball League Mission
The Whiteland Warrior Junior Basketball League and the basketball coaching staff at Whiteland High School are committed to maintaining a quality feeder program. Our summer camp, feeder league, and travel teams will emphasize the teaching of fundamental to all age groups. The high school coaching staff will work directly with our feeder team coaches to ensure that similar offensive and defensive philosophies are incorporated throughout our feeder program. Teamwork and sportsmanship is another area of emphasis for all players, coaches, and parents involved with the program. Finally, we want to generate the excitement and passion needed for Warrior Basketball to be successful at all age levels.