Last Updated: July 2, 2015

2015 Whiteland Basketball Camp Pictures

7th and 8th Grade Campers

Row 1 (L to R): Quienten Gillespie, Max Johnson, Connor Stidham, Isaac Turley, Logan Browning, Dylan Cook, Will Jefferson, Kevin Girdler

Row 2: Karran Brar, Zane Shewmaker, Brayden Harmon, Elijah Moriarty, Nate Summitt, Kayden Welling, Nathan Polich, Cole Gross


Row 3: Nick Sullivan, Zach Ricketts, Logan Willoughby, Will McLaughlin, Jaylen Wycoff, Caleb Haler, Austin Hamm, Chase Ferguson, Cecil Milligan

Row 4: Lucas Rawlings, Brandon Stidham, Nick Angerer, Cody Mahler, Lucas Hinderliter, Garrett Stnifer, Ethan Myers, Parker Barnett

Not Pictured: Parker Brock, Matt Havens, Nate Jewell, Will Phipps, Braiden Shipp, Jacob Griffith, Donnevan Plummer, Jacob Preilis, JJ Savin



5th and 6th Grade Campers

Row 1 (L to R): Dylan Pendygraft, Chandler Pike, Will Zaring, Braden Hall, Josh Summitt, Colin Welch, Ethan Ley, DJ Jordan, Hunter Jones

Row 2: Eli Hawkins, Tyl McCullars, Evan Meece, Austin Scott, Kayden Milligan, Kayden Turner, Chad Gregory, Jacob Smith, Quinn Warweg, Ikdeep Tutt


Row 3: Luka Davis, Karniveer Gill, Blake Shewmaker, Landen Wood, Ethan Matthews, Dylan Gross, Ethan Tanner, Levi Gregory, Dylan Gourley, Trey Patterson


Row 4: Austin Willoughby, Brady Stanfier, Zach Angerer, max Sullivan Caden Curry, Clay Taylor, Drew Higdon, Garrett Saylor, Mitchell Lee, Daniel Adams

Not Pictured: Mason Giddens, Brant Kunz, kaleb Persinger, Donovan Green-Russell, Maveric Rinker, Brayden Roy



3rd and 4th Grade Campers

Row 1 (L to R): Casey Walden, Spencer Gillespie, Eli Zahm, Jordan Newport, Tyhler Copenhaver, Will Thompson, David Collins, Cade Camden

Row 2: Carson Tanner, Carson Baumann, Peyton Dickens, Brody Williams, Bryce Harmon, Drew Helton, Mitchell Kunz, Caleb Rector

Row 3: Joey Brosnan, Luke Saylor, Ethan Kavanaugh, Brandon Riley, Nate Gray, Isaac Phegley, Gavin Stubbe, Kayden Willoughby

Row 4: Cameron Jones, Peyton Willhite, Wyatt McLaughlin, Kyle Richards, Michael Park, Jimmy Munsey, Shan Ghuman, Blake Miller


Not Pictured: Jackson Cope


1st and 2nd Grade Campers

Row 1 (L to R): Cade Elkins, Ayden Ley, Jonas Garthwaite, Ben Barnhart, Cooper Ferguson, AJ Stephenson, Brayden Grafe, Tyler Wadsworth, Gibson Kahle

Row 2: Camrin McCarty, Griffin Kunz, Dane Kunz, Alex Meece, Blake Lyle, Brady Proctor, Joban Kalkat, Joshua Gregory, Quinn McClain, Toby Ray

Row 3: Alex Morse, Hudson Keller, Rhett Monday, Isaac Barnhart, Jacob Crouse, Jack Kelsey, Brady Goedker, Leland Tharp, Connor Schrorder, Cooper Adams


Not Pictured: Quentin Goddard, Will Greenlee, Caden Rains, Carter Hollenbaugh, Luke Grismer

2015 Whiteland Basketball Camp Competition Winners

7th and 8th 


8th Grade-Parker Brock

7th-Quentin Gillespie

Pressure Free Throws

8th-Chase Ferguson

7th-Will McLaughlin

3 on 3 Champions

8th-Chase Ferguson, Nathan Polich, Lucas Hinderliter, Karran Brar

7th-Will Jefferson, Brayden Harmon, Jaylon Wycoff, JJ Savin

One on One

8th Grade- Chase Ferguson, Nathan Polich, Lucas Hinderliter, Karran Brar

7th Grade- Will Jefferson, Brayden Harmon, Jaylon Wycoff, JJ Savin

Skill Relay Champions

Will Jefferson, Eli Moriarty, Nick Angerer, Parker Barnett, Nathan Polich, Brandon Stidham



Climb the Ladder

8th-Chase Ferguson

7th-Connor Stidham

Hold the Ladder

8th-Zach Ricketts

7th-Logan Willoughby

Most Improved

8th-Brandon Stidham

7th-Quinten Gillespie


 5th and 6th 


6th-Max Sullivan

5th-Will Zaring

Pressure Free Throws

6th-Max Sullivan

5th-Austin Willoughby

One on One

6th-Mitchell Lee, Quinn Warweg, Ethan Matthews

5th-Blake Shewmaker, Brayden Roy, Austin Scott

3 on 3

6th- Mitchell Lee, Drew Higdon, Dylan Gourley, Caleb Persinger

5th-DJ Tanner, Brayden Roy, Jace Knepp

Skills Relay

Jacob Smith, Brady Stanifer, Clay Taylor, Hunter Jones, Kaden Milligan


Climb the Ladder

6th-Drew Higdon

5th-Blake Shewmaker

Hold the Ladder

6th-Dylan Gross

5th-Ethan Ley

Most Improved

Max Sullivan

Hunter Jones



 3rd and 4th

Pressure Free Throws

4th-Luke Saylor

3rd-Peyton Dickens


4th-Wiatt McLaughlin

3rd-Spencer Gillespie

One on One

4th-Bryce Harmon, Mitchell Kunz, Carson Tanner, Luke Saylor, Cade Camden

3rd-Isaac Phegley, Cameron Jones, Gavin Stubbe


3 on 3

Cade Camden, Jimmy Munsey, Carson Baumann, Bryce Harmon


Skills Relay

Kyle Richards, Carson Tanner, Brandon Riley, Joey Bronsan, Luke Saylor


Climb the Ladder

4th-Tyler Copenhaver

3rd-Peyton Dickens

Hold the Ladder

4th-Joey Brosnan

3rd-Gavin Stubbe

Most Improved

4th-Eli Zahm

3rd-Spencer Gillespie


Whiteland Warrior Basketball Coaches Clinics

Dates for the 2015 Whiteland Warrior Basketball Coaches Clinics have been set.  Dates are as follows:

March 12th

April 9th

May 14th

August 13th

September 10th

October 8th

Coaches Clinics will take place at Whiteland Community HS from 8pm - 9:30pm


Whiteland Warrior Basketball League Mission
The Whiteland Warrior Junior Basketball League and the basketball coaching staff at Whiteland High School are committed to maintaining a quality feeder program. Our summer camp, feeder league, and travel teams will emphasize the teaching of fundamental to all age groups. The high school coaching staff will work directly with our feeder team coaches to ensure that similar offensive and defensive philosophies are incorporated throughout our feeder program. Teamwork and sportsmanship is another area of emphasis for all players, coaches, and parents involved with the program. Finally, we want to generate the excitement and passion needed for Warrior Basketball to be successful at all age levels.

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