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  • Next Meeting - Wednesday, June 1 @ 7 pm @ Westmont Community Center

WYBA 2016 Registration is here!

Saturday January 23th 8am-12pm

Saturday January 30th 8am-12pm

Thursday February 4th 6pm-9pm

Sign-ups for all levels from T-ball to Seniors. Tryouts for Minors and Majors in March. Registration is held at the Westmont Community Center - 75 E. Richmond, Westmont
Board members will be on hand to sign up the kids and answer any questions.

Monthly Meetings

Monthly Meetings are held at 7:00PM on the first and third Wednesday of each Month at the Westmont Community Center. Everyone is Encouraged and Welcome to attend. We are always looking for New Ideas and Thoughts on how to improve our program. Our next general board meeting on Wednesday, June 1, 2016.

About Us

The Westmont Youth Baseball Assocation is a program of service to youth ages 5 - 20. It is geared to provide an outlet of healthful activity and training under quality leadership in the atmosphere of wholesome community participation. The program is dedicated to helping children become good and decent citizens. It strives to inspire them with a goal and to enrich their lives toward the day when they must take their places in the world.

Please Note:

The Westmont Youth Baseball Association is not a Westmont Park District Athletics Program. Any questions regarding Westmont Baseball should be directed to the 2016 Westmont Youth Baseball Assocation Board of Directors.


Questions regarding Westmont Youth Baseball? Contact Bob Freitag, Major League Coordinator/Player Agent Representative at (630) 204-5484 or email,


Upcoming Games/Practices

Tuesday, May 31
Braves/Long Realty @ Dodgers/L&F Pizza6:00amMemorial Park - Little League
Braves/Long Realty @ Dodgers/L&F Pizza6:00pmMemorial Park - Little League
CH Cardinals @ CH Rangers8:00pmMemorial Park - Little League
Red Sox @ Braves6:00pmTy Warner Park
Thursday, Jun 2
Giants/Labors Local 96 @ Oakbrook6:30pmMemorial Park - Little League
CH Mariners @ CH Athletics7:30pmMemorial Park - Little League
Astros @ Padres6:00pmTy Warner Park
Friday, Jun 3
Cardinals @ Braves6:00pmTy Warner Park
Saturday, Jun 4
CH Athletics @ Braves/Long Realty1:00pmMemorial Park - Little League
Oakbrook @ CH Cardinals1:00pmMemorial Park - Little League
CH Rangers @ Giants/Labors Local 963:00pmMemorial Park - Little League
Dodgers/L&F Pizza @ CH Mariners3:00pmMemorial Park - Little League
Padres @ Cardinals1:00pmTy Warner Park
Astros @ Red Sox4:00pmTy Warner Park
Monday, Jun 6
CH Mariners @ Oakbrook6:30pmMemorial Park - Little League
CH Rangers @ CH Athletics7:30pmMemorial Park - Little League
Braves @ Astros6:00pmTy Warner Park
Tuesday, Jun 7
Dodgers/L&F Pizza @ CH Cardinals7:30amMemorial Park - Little League
Braves/Long Realty @ Giants/Labors Local 966:30pmMemorial Park - Little League
Red Sox @ Padres6:00pmTy Warner Park
Thursday, Jun 9
Oakbrook @ CH Mariners8:00amMemorial Park - Little League
Cardinals @ Padres6:00pmTy Warner Park

For a complete schedule listing, click here!