Last Updated: May 23, 2015

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Baseball Rules 2015




  1. USSSA Rules

  2. Instructional Balks

  3. Pitching 3 innings per game and 6 per week – starting pitcher can re-enter game

  4. If you play 3 games in a week pitching 8 innings max and still 3 per game.

  5. A week is Monday – Friday

  6. No Extra Innings – Games will end in tie when time is up

  7. No new inning after 1 hour 20 minutes



    1) USSSA Rules with a couple local league exceptions

    2) 46’ pitching and 60’ bases

    3) No lead offs

    4) Steal / leave base when ball crosses plate

    5) Play 4 outfielders

    6) Bat entire line – add late arrivals at end of batting order

    7) Big barrel Bats with USSSA stamp will be permitted (coaches please check)

    8) No extra innings – game will end in tie – no new inning at 1 hour 20 minutes

    9) Pitching 3 innings per game and 6 per week –starting pitcher can re-enter game

    10) If you play 3 games in a week pitching 8 innings max and still 3 per game.

    11) A week is Monday – Friday


    8u (Machine Pitch)

  8. The coach will operate the pitching machine located 42ft from the front of the machine to the back of the plate

    1. Coaches will be allowed to adjust the machine after a full inning

    2. No adjustments allowed in the middle of an inning unless the machine gets moved

  9. Each team will have 10 defensive players in the field.  (6 infielders and 4 outfielders)

  10. All players present will bat in the line up.  Any late show ups will be added to the end of the batting order

  11. All players must play at least 2 innings of defense

  12. Defensive players must stop the lead runner and ask umpire for time to stop the play

    Example 1: If a runner is on first and the ball is hit to pitcher. Runner can keep running to third unless ball is thrown to 3rd and time is called.

    Example 2: Runner on 2nd - ball is fielded and batter is out at 1st and 1st baseman calls time.  The runner on 2nd does not have to stop on 3rd unless 1st baseman throws ball home or runs home.

  13. Players must stay on base until ball crosses the plate.  No Stealing

  14. In case of injured defensive players, play will stop and bases will be awarded by judgment by the umpire

  15. One defensive coach will be allowed in the outfield

  16. The batter gets 6 pitches or 3 swinging strikes which ever comes first. The batter continues batting if he fouls off 6th pitch.  If batter does not swing at 6th pitch then he is out.

  17. After 4th inning the 15 run rule will be in effect

  18. The coach pitching must get out of the way of fielders fielding the ball and fielders throwing the ball.  Umpire can call a player out if the coach interferes with play.


  20. 3 outs or 7 runs per inning, which ever comes first. 

  21. Bunting will be allowed.  If rule abused then there will be a cap number of bunts per inning, per team (teach your kids to hit)

  22. A batted ball hitting the machine will award the batter 1st base and all runners advance 1 base.  Do not need to be forced.

  23. Big barrel bats will be allowed as long as they have the USSSA stamp on it.  No exceptions for safety reason.  

  24. Game balls will be provided by the league

  25. Bases are 60ft

  26. Pitcher must play behind pitching machine in circle or within 5ft of pitching machine and can not get in front of pitching machine until ball is hit

  27. No inning will be started after 1 hr and 20 minutes

  28. No extra innings - games will end in tie after time limit is up


    6u Coaches Pitch

    1) The offensive coach pitches to the batters at a distance he chooses.  (Typically 15 to 25 ft)

  29. 2) 6 pitches per batter.  At bat continues if last ball is fouled off.

  30. 3) If a batted ball hits the coach pitching, then that coach decides between the ball being declared dad and awarding the batter first base or the hit being considered a foul.  Other base runners only advance if they are forced on the dead ball.

  31. 4)  The coach pitching can coach from home plate to first base.  (This means he can instruct the batter while batting and tell him to run to and through first base).  Base runners should, otherwise, be coached by base coaches.
  32. 5)  No bunting.
  33. 6)  No limit on how far the ball has to go to be considered in play.  (Since the plate is in fair territory, a ball that stops on the plate will be considered a fair ball and is in play)
  34. 7)  You must stop the lead runner.  (Exception:  Only one base will be allowed for overthrows at bases.  All runner advance one base on an overthrow, at their own risk.  At their own risk means that the defensive team can attempt to get the advancing runners out while they attempt to take the extra base(s).)
  35. 8.  3 outs or 6 runs per inning
  36. 9.  All players play in the field.  Two players can play the pitcher position or one can play pitcher and one can play catcher.  Only 4 other players can play on the infield.  (6 total infielders)  All other players must be outfielders and must play in the "grass".  The grass is considered 15 ft beyond the base path.
  37. 10.  Score will be kept.
  38. 11.  1:15 time limit.  No new inning to start after 1:05.  Any inning started will be completed.  No set number of innings.
  39. 12.  A game with a tied score at the end of the last inning allowed by the time limit will be considered a tie.
  40. 13.  The tournament at the end of the year will be seeded based on regular season standings with the top two teams getting a bye the first round
  42. 4u old Coaches Pitch / T-Ball

    1) All players will play the field and bat each inning. Play 1 hour game and you will get 2-3 innings per game. 

    2) A batter will get 3-4 pitches and if they do not get a hit they will hit off the T.

    3) Try and have fielders play their position and not have 9 players running for the ball.

    4) Use good judgment since we will not have umpires

Registration Dates

Friday January 30, 2015 (3:00p-6:00p)

Saturday January 31, 2015 (9:00a-1:00p)

Friday February 6, 2015

Saturday February 7, 2015

Friday February 13, 2015

Saturday February 14, 2015

Friday February 20, 2015

Saturday February 21, 2015

Friday February 27, 2015

Saturday February 28, 2015

WYRA 2015

WYRA will offer baseball for ages 3-12. We would like to expand on our softball division by adding more teams this year so softball will be offered assuming we have the participants.

I have created a partnership with the Parks and Recreation Department in Greer, SC which will allow us to once again inter-league our divisions with our cross town rival. My hope is to have our home fields at Westend ready to once agin host games, in the event that doesn't happen I have secured our city fields as a backup.

Our clean-up day is scheduled for Saturday March 7, 2015 starting at 8 a.m.  The more volunteers we can get the faster the clean-up will go and the better the fields would look.  Please let me know if you would be interested in helping in this revitalization.

Please feel free to contact with with any questions or concerns, I can be reached at or (864) 706-9453.

Phil Hembree

2015 Registration Fees

Registration fees for 2015 will include each player's complete uniform and Supplemental Accidental Insurance coverage. Due to the rising cost of uniforms WYRA will have its first increase in registration fees in over five years. WYRA will offer discounts to anyone registering more than one player, this discount will be $5.00 for each additional player.

Registration will be held at Woodruff Batters Box which is located at 537 N. Main in Woodruff.

2015 Fees 

*****A player's age division will be determined by that individual's age as of April 30, 2015*****

T-Ball (ages 3-4) $70.00

6u Baseball (ages 5-6) $70.00

8u Baseball (ages 7-8) $80.00

10u Baseball (ages 9-10) $80.00

12u Baseball (ages 11-12) $80.00

Girls Softball (all ages) $80.00

Please contact Phil Hembree with any questions. I can be reached at or 706-9453.