Last Updated: October 4, 2015
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York County Youth Football Association



Upcoming Games

Saturday,  Oct 10
Varsity Rink
South York @ Yorktowne 5:00pm Central York High School
EYC @ Dallastown 5:00pm Cougar Field
Varsity Pony
South York @ Yorktowne 6:30pm Central York High School
EYC @ Dallastown 6:30pm Cougar Field
Varsity Midget
West York @ SEYFA 12:00pm Kennard Dale High School
EYC @ Dallastown 8:00pm Cougar Field
Junior Varsity Midget
BYE @ Spring Grove White 8:00am Spring Grove Middle School
West York @ SEYFA 10:30am Kennard Dale High School
Dallastown @ Yorktowne 11:45am Central York High School
NEYSA @ Spring Grove Blue 11:45am Spring Grove Middle School
Junior Varsity Pony
BYE @ EYC Black 8:00am Central York High School
West York @ SEYFA 9:00am Kennard Dale High School
Tritown @ Yorktowne Red 10:15am Central York High School
EYC Orange @ Dallastown White 10:15am Cougar Field
NEYSA @ Spring Grove 10:15am Spring Grove Middle School
Yorktowne Blue @ Dallastown Blue 11:45am Cougar Field
Junior Varsity Rink
West York @ Yorktowne 9:00am Central York High School
SEYFA @ Dallastown 9:00am Cougar Field
Tritown @ Spring Grove 9:00am Spring Grove Middle School
Junior Varsity Smurf
Yorktowne @ EYC 1:15pm Central York High School
NEYSA @ Dallastown 1:15pm Cougar Field
Sunday,  Oct 11
Varsity Rink
Tritown @ York Boys Club 1:00pm Noonan Park
NEYSA @ Spring Grove 1:00pm Spring Grove Middle School
Varsity Pony
Tritown @ York Boys Club 2:30pm Noonan Park
NEYSA @ Spring Grove 2:30pm Spring Grove Middle School
Varsity Midget
Tritown @ York Boys Club 4:00pm Noonan Park
NEYSA @ Spring Grove 4:00pm Spring Grove Middle School

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