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  • Edge Wins Kendall Craze Behind Fleischman's Arm and Kone's Walk off
  • Edge has Great Run in Triple Crown but Loses in Semis
  • Edge Runs Table at Ripken
  • Edge are Ripken Double Play Kings - 28.65 seconds
  • Kone is Ripken Home Run King - 19 Dingers is a Record

Edge Wins Kendall Craze - Fleischman and Kone Lead Way


What a fabulous way to end the season - a dramatic 5-4 win over the Key West Conch in the Championship Game of the Kendall Craze. Chad was simply Chad going 7 innings and taming the very potent Conch offense. Chad had 6 ks and he retired the last 9 batters in a row in notching the complete game victory. And Zack smacked a walk off 2 out 2 strike single to left center to win it. Zack was 3 for 4 in the game with 2 rbis and a run scored. Mac hit a key rbi double and hosed 2 guys at 2nd base. Matt R singled and walked twice and scored 2 key runs. Dom singled and had a key 1st inning rbi and Chad also knocked in a big 1st inning run. Richie singled and scored, Michael had a clutch hit, and Nick walked twice. Dom made 2 spectacular plays at 2nd base. In the 5th inning, Dom, Richie and Zack all made sparkling defensive plays -- 3 in a row. Going down to South Miami and going undefeated in the Tournament was quite an accomplishment. It was a real team effort.

Here are some of the impressive stats over the course of the 4 games:
1) Chad had a 6 hit 6k complete game victory in the Championship Game retiring the last 9 batters in a row
2) Zack went bonkers going 9 for 12 with 11 rbis and 4 runs scored
3) Richie went haywire and was 7 for 12 with 9 runs scored
4) Mac was 4 for 9 with 5 rbis and a wicked clutch 2 out 3 run double in the key pool game victory over the Conch
5) Matt R was 3 for 6 with 8 walks and a mind numbing 10 runs scored (he was on base all weekend)
6) Michael and Matt combined to shutout the Pirates in the Semis
7) Max and Colin threw well in the key pool game victory over the Conch
8) Michael had 3 hits
9) Chad had 4 rbis

Amazing Edge Fact and Stat Sheet

The Edge has accomplished a great deal during its 2 year existence. Here are some amazing Edge facts and that are all certifiably true:

- The Edge is 54-21-4 for the Spring Season.

- The Edge is 26-4-2 in its last 32 games.

- Fall 2010/Spring 2011 Season = Edge has played a whopping 130 games.

- In the Fall 2010/Spring 2011 Season, several Edge players got up to the plate over 350 times.

- No Edge coach or player has ever been ejected from a game.

- The Edge has never had to forfeit a game.

- During the Fall 2010/Spring 2011 Season, the Edge has played in 9

- During the Fall 2010/Spring 2011 Season, the Edge has been the runner
up in Four Tournaments: the USSSA Miramar Wood Bat, The USSSA Super NIT
in Plantation, the USSSA April Fool's Tournament in Pembroke Pines, and
the Digitial Domain Mets Memorial Day Tournament up at the Mets Complex
in St. Lucie County.

- In June of 2011, the Edge won the prestigious Cal Ripken Tournament in
Myrtle Beach, South Carolina going 9-0 in the process. The Edge also
won the Ripken Double Play Competition turning 4 double plays in 28.65
seconds with Tayem at pitcher, Nathanson at Catcher, Ferngren at 1st
base, Baldino at 2nd base, Fleishman at ss, and Rothenberg at 3rd base.
And the Zack Kone of the Edge won the Home Run Derby hitting 31 overall
home runs including a Ripken record 19 in the hitoff round.

- The Edge has 2 players that have already played high school varsity
baseball (Fleischman and Kone) and has 7 players that have already
played on their high school Junior Varsity teams (Baldino, Rothenberg,
Nathanson, Bard, Levine, Fleishman, and Kone).


1) Kone .476 (107 for 225)
2) Nathanson .466 (27 for 58)
3) Rothenberg .401 (71 for 177)
4) Conn .378 (42 for 111)
5) Fleischman .356 (52 for 146)
6) Fiedler .352 (50 for 142)
7) Rocca .347 (61 for 176)
8) Baldino .340 (55 for 162)

1) Nathanson .635 (54 for 85)
2) Rothenberg .551 (130 for 236)
3) Kone .543 (140 for 258)
4) Conn .473 (62 for 131)
5) Baldino .448 (87 for 194)
6) Fleischman .447 (76 for 170)
7) Rocca .439 (90 for 205)
8) Gottfried .421 (96 for 228) and Fiedler .421 (67 for 159)

1) Kone 107
2) Rothenberg 71
3) Rocca 61
4) Baldino 55
5) Gottfried and Fleischman 52
6) Fiedler 50
7) Ferngren and Conn 42

1) Kone 37
2) Fleischman 17
3) Rothenberg 12
4) Gottfried and Nathanson 9
5) Conn and Fiedler 6
6) Fernandez, Conn and Rocca 5
7) Baldino 4

1) Rothenberg 4
2) Fernandez and Fiedler 3
3) Baldino, Fleischman and Kone 2
4) Nathanson and Rocca 1

1) Kone 3
2) Fiedler, Fleischman, Nathanson, Rothenberg and Fernandez 1

1) Kone 77
2) Rothenberg 76
3) Gottfried 59
4) Fleischman 35
5) Baldino and Conn 32

1) Kone 78
2) Fleischman 46
3) Rothenberg 40
4) Fiedler 33
5) Baldino 31
6) Rocca 29

1) Rothenberg 48
2) Gottfried 41
3) Baldino and Kone 32
4) Ferngren 28
5) Rocca 27

1) Bard 4
2) Koebel 6
3) Nathanson 7
4) Conn and Fiedler 8
5) Grey 9
6) Tayem 10
7) Kone 11
8) Rothenberg 14

1) Rothenberg 11
2) Fleischman and Nathanson 6
3) Ferngren and Fernandez 5
4) Gottfried and Levine 3

1) Kone 78
2) Ferngren and Rothenberg 73
3) Rocca 70
4) Gottfried 67
5) Baldino 64
6) Fiedler 50
7) Fleischman 53
8) Fernandez 45
9) Conn 43
10) Grey 40
11)Tayem 38
12) Levine 34
13) Nathanson 25
14) Koebel 15
15) Bard 7


1) Tayem 7
2) Fernandez 6
3) Fleischman, Rothenberg and Ferngren 5
4) Gottfried 2

1) Rothenberg 2.39
2) Tayem 2.73
3) Fleischman 3.74

1) Fleischman 53
2) Tayem 39
3) Gottfried 26
4) Fernandez 25

1) Fleischman 67
2) Tayem 66
3) Fernandez 51
4) Rothenberg 26.1
5) Gottfried 24.1

Complete Games
1) Fleischman 4


Nicknames: Denucci, Baldy, D-Man, the Italian Stallion, and the Dominator

Word Association: fiery pepperpot, squeeze bunter for the ages, smoothie of a turn two guy and versatile fielder, and nice oppo power.

Top Edge Performances: 2 huge squeeze rbi singles in key Pool Game of Triple Crown vs. Key West Conch; turned huge double play after taking throw from Chad to get final outs against Mets in Ripken Finals; vicious 2 run triple against Cobras in Ripken Semis.

Projection: Yankees haul him in in 1st round after having contract problems with Cano and to shore up Italian fan base (Baldino, Rizutto, Berra, etc.

Nickname: Quite Simply - Bardo

Word Association: Pinpoint control, tough curve ball, clutch hitter and goes all out all the time.

Top Edge Performances: nice mound outings vs. Calvary and vs. The Key West Conch.

Projection: White Sox see Bardo while he is visiting his brother in college in Chicago and cannot resist paying him first round money.

Nickname: The Fish, the Flash

Word Association: Throws gas, big hook, lots of oppo power, and pleasure to coach.

Top Edge Performances: hurled 5 brilliant innings and slammed 2 doubles to earn MVP of Ripken Championship Game; 2 big rbi singles vs. Cobras in Ripken Semis; tghrw 4 shutout innings vs. Heat Orange in opener at Ripken and tripled and had 2 rbis; and home run vs. Cobras in Quarters of Cobra Heartbreaker Tournament.

Projection: The Mariners hook the Fish in round 1 of the MLB draft.

Nicknames: Ferns, Ferney, and Ferney Ferns

Word Association: knows how to get on base, solid catcher and 1st baseman, a blossoming pitcher, and a really really tough kid.

Top Edge Performances: huge tag play in key Ripken Pool Game vs. the Vipors where he got trucked and still held onto the ball instantly firing up his teammates for Elimination; huge double play 1st to ss to pitcher to end a potential Met rally in the 6th inning of the Finals at Ripken; a huge 6 1/3 inning shutout of D-Ball in important Triple Crown Pool Play.

Projection: The Cubbies cannot resist him in round 1 thus causing Tim and Marie to move to that good for nothing liberal hotbed known as Chicago.

Nicknames: Cheddar, Thor, Big Hoss

Word Association: Lights out pitcher, quintessential clean up hitter, well trained athlete.

Top Edge Performances: Ridiculous 2 hit shutout of Pro Ball Cobras is Semis at Ripken, shutting down Coastal Storm in Semis of Super NIT, mesmerization of Boca Thunder in Semis of Mets Classic in St. Lucie; complete game 7 inning 6 hit victory over Key West Conch in Kendall Craze Championship Game retiring last 9 batters in a row; and home run against Dynasty in this year's FPBL Championship Tournament.

Projection: Early 1st Round Draft Choice of Minnesota Twins conjuring up memories of Bert Blyleven and Frank Viola.

Nicknames: Fieds, Jay, and the Fiddler

Word Association: Lots of tools, tough to run on, hits the ball hard, and heady player.

Top Edge Performances: 3 run bomb against the Fury in the Quarters of the Mets classic; 3 rbis against Boca Thunder in Semis of Mets Classic; 2 hits against Mets in Finals of Mets classic; and walk off rip vs. Eberhart's Cobras at Sugar Sand.

Projection: Ben attends Stanford and the Giants get a good look at him and draft him in the 1st round to replace Buster Posey

Nicknames: Gilbert, Goose, and Smoke

Word Association: Paul Blair, the Secretary of Defense, big game pitcher

Top Edge Performances: Blasting a single up the middle to start 5 run first inning against Pro Ball Cobras in Semis at Ripken and then hitting the sac fly to 10 run them, coming in to save the game inducing 2 double plays against the Mets in Finals at Ripken, his 4 2/3 innings of 1 hit one hit, one runner, 8 strikeout baseball against the West Boca Panthers; and his slamming the door closed in relief with the bases loaded early in the season down in Plantation vs. the Stars.

Projection: Yankees grab him early in the 1st round to roam cf in Yankee Stadium.

Nickname: The Bulldog

Word Association: Mound craftsman, can throw strike in a category 5 hurricane, gentleman, good fast ball hitter and fine hands at 1st base.

Top Edge Performances: 3 inning shutout down at Pembroke Lakes; 3 for 3 at home against Pembroke Lakes with 2 run double; and a fine mound act vs. the West Boynton Sharks.

Projection: Tom Grey returns to the midwest, newspaper in hand, as Michael is scooped up by the Cardinals in round 1 to fill out Larussa's staff.

Nicknames: Zack Attack and Z-Bomb.

Word Association: 5 tool player, hits for high average and power, can make all the plays at ss, and solid teammate.

Top Edge Performances: 3 for 3 against Pro Ball Cobras in Semis at Ripken as he almost took out the 3rd baseman in the 1st inning; a pair of 2 run bombs against Archbishop McCarthy at Heafy in the Triple Crown Quarters; a huge 2 run 2 out double against the Boca Thunder in the Semis of the Mets classic; booming triple against the Tornadoes late to try to bring us back in the Super NIT in Plantation; and 2 out 2 strike walk off single in bottom of 7th of USSSA Kendall Craze Championship Game.

Projection: Phillies select him with early 1st round pick to put him in the order between Utley and Howard.

Nickname: Shaner

Word Association: Versatility, improving pitcher, hitting the ball much harder, and team player with lots of character.

Top Edge Performances: Singled and scored vs. Mets in Ripken Championship, big 2 out rbi hit in key Pool Game vs. Vipers; and solid mound performances in Ripken Pool Play vs. the Riverbats and the Indians.

Projection: Follow his brother up to Central Florida area but Shane gets there as a result of being selected in the first round by the Devil Rays.

Nickname: Mac attack and Nate

Word Association: highly skilled receiver, swings a mean stick and has a good eye, wicked tough out, and easy to coach.

Top Edge Performances: 2 hits and 2 rbis vs. the Mets in the Ripken Finals; 3 for 3 with a triple and 3 rbis vs. Roswell in Ripken 1st Elimination game; Animalistic 3 run homer over the 370 sign vs. the Riverbats in Ripken Pool Play; and 4 for 4 vs. West Boytnon Sharks at Sugar Sand.

Projection: John Henry reaches deep into his pockets to bring the Mac Attack to Boston to replace the overrated overpaid Jason Varitek.

Nicknames: Argentine, Rock and Rissy Rossa.

Word Association: Vastly improved hitter, fine bunter, smoothie at 2nd base and in outfield, and real nice kid.

Top Edge Performances: hypnotizing the Mets in game 1 of a doubleheader up in Martin County, ripped triple against Pro Ball Cobras in Ripken Semis, and made unreal play on that tortured slow rolling out of control spinning ground ball that he calmly picked up and threw to 1st to clinch a semi final victory against the Coastal Storm in the Super NIT.

Projection: Marlins just cannot resist this home grown product and they snap him up with their 1st round pick and plan to start him at 2nd and bat him 2nd. He will wear his Edge hat on draft day as will all the boys.

Nicknames: Ice, Holliday and the social chairman.

Word Association: High on base percentage, good power, effective hurler, smart player, and tough out.

Top Edge Performances: Clutch home run in Triple Crown Semis vs. The Naturals, big time relief performance and 3 for 3 vs. Archbishop McCarthy in Quarters of Triple Crown, and key rbi single to tie Dynasty with 2 outs in the last inning in FPBL Playoffs.

Projection: Mets select him with high first round pick and he becomes their best leadoff hitter since Reyes.

Nicknames: Silence and ace.

Word Association: Money, mound artist, can throw strikes in a tornado, and as coachable as it gets.

Top Edge Performances: A complete game 4 hitter allowing just 1 run in the Ripken Quarters to take out Lumpkin County; absurd complete game shutdown of the Boca Thunder (1 unearned run) in a key pool play game in the Mets Classic; 2 hits and an rbi vs. Riverbats in Ripken Pool Play; and key 2 out rbi single vs. Vipers in Ripken Pool Play.

Projection: Braves throw big first round bucks at Tayem who see his control as reminiscent of Maddux and Glavine.

Edge Has Great Run at Triple Crown but Loses in Semis

Ferns pitched 6 1/3 shutout innings and Colin came in to save it. Ferns gave up just 4 hits and struck out 6 as he faced 22 batters and threw 20 first pitch strikes. It was a dominating mound performance. The Edge played errorless defense and Joey made a fine over the shoulder catch down the first base line to end the game. Chad was the star on offense going 2 for 3 with a double, a run scored and an rbi. Mac slammed an rbi single to knock in the other run. Matt singled and scored and Zack and Dom had the other hits.

Tyler threw well in a starting role and Bardo came in to get the win as he pitched 3 standout innings of 3 hit and 1 run ball. The Edge came back from a 3-0 deficit with a gutty offensive performance. Baldino had 2 key squeeze bunt rbi singles, Joey doubled and scored twice, Zack hit a key one out 5th inning double and scored, Mac had an rbi single and scored twice, Tyler had a hit and an rbi, and Richie doubled. On defense, Matt made 2 nice catches in left.

Matt came in and pitched 4 1/3 innings of 1 run baseball to get the win. It was a fine mound effort. On offense, Zack walloped a pair of 2 run home runs, Chad was 3 for 3 with 2 doubles and a run scored, Matt was 3 for 3 with 2 runs scored, and Mac had an rbi double. Chad had a fine day at 3rd base and Zack hosed a guy at the plate on a key play late in the game.

The Edge was ahead 5-4 late but ended up on the short end of a 13-5 loss. Colin threw well in a starting role and Tyler and Matt each blasted key solo home runs. Tyler had 2 hits and 2 rbis and scored 2 runs, Matt had 2 hits and scored 2 runs and had an rbi, Mac had an rbi double, and Joey and Richie and Zack had the other hits.

Edge Runs the Table At Ripken


On June 17, 2011, 14-U Mizuno Edge Baseball defeated the Digital Domain Mets by a score of 10-3 to win the Cal Ripken Experience High Tide Tournament in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Even before the actual games started, it looked like it was going to be the Edge's week as Zack Kone won the Home Run Derby by blasting a Ripken record 19 home runs in the hit off round. The Edge also won the Turn Two Competition due to the great efforts of Matt Tayem (pitcher), Mac Nathanson (catcher), Nick Fergren (1st base), Dom Baldino (2nd base), Chad Fleischman (shortstop), and Matt Rothenberg (3rd base) who completed 4 double plays in an amazing 28.65 seconds. And then the Edge came in a close second in the accuracy throw Competition as Andrew Gottfried, Shane Levine, Richie Rocca, and Frank Fernandez were all deadly accurate.

In the games, the Edge went 9-0 and gave up just 20 runs in the process. In Pool Play, the Edge defeated the Heat Orange (Florida), the South Cherokee Indians (Georgia), the Home Plate Chilli Dogs (Georgia), the Riverbats (Ohio) and the Lincoln Way Vipers (Illinois). In the First Elimination Game, the Edge beat the Roswell Rockets 14-7 behind the hitting of Chad Fleischman (3 for 3 including a double, a triple and 4 rbis), Mac Nathanson (3 for 3 including a triple and 3 rbis), and Frank Fernandez (double, triple and 3 rbis). In the Quarter Finals, the Edge defeated the Lumpkin County Indians 7-1 as Matt Tayem pitched a brilliant complete game 3 hitter. In the Semis, the Edge blanked the highly touted Pro Ball Cobras 10-0 as Chad Fleischman hurled a masterful 2 hit shutout, Zack Kone went 3 for 3 with 2 runs scored and an rbi, Fleischman pounded a 2 run double, and Fernandez had 2 hits and 2 rbis. And then it was off to the finals where the Edge bested the Mets 10-3 behind the fine play of game MVP Frank Fernandez who pitched 5 strong innings and had 2 doubles and 2 rbis. Kone had 3 hits, Nathanson had 2 hits and 2 rbis, Rocca had 2 key rbi bunt singles, and Rothenberg had a 2 run single. Ferngren and Fleischman each started key late inning double plays and Gottfried closed the door in relief.

For the tournament, Gottfried combined with Nathanson to throw a no hitter against the Chilli Dogs, he pitched a total of 5 scoreless innings, he closed the door in the Championship Game, and he was lights out in cf; Rothenberg had 9 hits and a .529 on base percentage, he scored a whopping 14 runs, and he pitched 7 strong innings; Kone had 14 hits (including 3 doubles)and scored 12 runs, he batted .538 he had a .619 on base percentage and made only 8 outs in the entire Tournament, and he was outstanding at ss; Fleischman had 4 extra base hits and 8 rbis, he scored 12 runs, he pitched a total of 7 scoreless innings (allowing only 2 hits)including his masterful 2 hit shutout of the Cobras in the Semis; Nathanson had 4 extra base hits including a 3 run homer that sailed over the 370 foot sign, he scored 13 runs, he knocked in 12 runs, he had a .621 on base percentage, and he was great behind the plate; Fernandez pitched 4 scoreless innings in pool play, he silenced the Mets bats in the Finals, he had 11 hits including 6 extra base hits, he batted .524, his on base percentage was .630, and he had 13 rbis; Baldino had several key hits, knocked in 7 runs,and played a great 2nd base turning numerous double plays; Ferngren belted 7 hits, had 6 rbis and threw 4 solid innings against the Riverbats; Tayem had 4 hits and he gave up just 1 run in 10 sterling innings of pitching; Levine had 5 hits and scored 4 runs and pitched 4 shutout innings; and Rocca pounded out 8 hits and he scored 6 times and drove in 5 and played a solid 2nd base and outfield.

The coaches are exceedingly proud of the boys for this great achievement. The Edge is a 2 year old team that started from the ground up in August of 2009 and with committed players and coaches and families the team has risen dramatically in the rugged Florida Premier League Elite Division. In the last 6 months, the Edge has went to the Finals of 4 major tournaments including its capturing the Championship at the prestigious Cal Ripken Tournament.

Kone is Ripken Home Run King

Zack Kone hit 12 home runs in the Cal Ripken Home Run Derby but one of the last contestants tied him thus setting up a hitoff. In the hitoff, Kone hit 19 more home runs a new Ripken record and was the Home Run Derby Winner.

Edge are Ripken DP Kings - 28.65 Seconds

The Edge won the Cal Ripken Expeience double play competition turning 4 double plays in 28.65 seconds. Amazing. It is Nathanson behind the plate, Rothenberg at 3rd, Fleischman at ss, Baldino at 2nd, Ferngren at 1st and Tayem on the mound. Not as much as a bobble.

Edge Prepares for Ripken

June 9, 2011
The Edge are currently preparing for the Cal Ripken Experience High Tide 23 Team Extravaganza.

Edge Battles Calvary Christian and Gets 2-2 Tie

June 9, 2011
Edge plays one of its best games ever and ties Calvary in eight inning clash. Matt R goes 2 innings and gives up just 1 hit, Andrew goes 2 innings and gives up no earned runs and Ks 4, Richie goes 2 innings and 6 up and 6 down, and Chad goes 2 hitless innings and ks 2. Andrew breaks up no hitter with rbi single to drive in Michael in the 7th to make it 2-1 and Zack gets 2 out single to drive in Shane with tying run in 7th. Chad and Richie get the other Edge hits. Zack and Richie combined for 11 defensive outs.

Edge Ranked 50th in the USA

April 22, 2011
The 14-U Mizuno Edge team is ranked 50th in the entire country by the prestigious USSSA ranking system.

USSSA Ranks Edge 13th in all of Central and South Fla.

April 22, 2011
The 14-U Mizuno Edge team is currently the 13th ranked team in all of Central and South Florida according to the prestigious USSSA ranking system.
February 6, 2011
The Edge are in the Majors Division of the FPBL -- the most competitive 14-U baseball division in all of South Florida.