Last Updated: February 23, 2017
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  • Residency requirements are still in effect for 2017!
  • NFL Flag Football Registration Now Taking Place!
  • Register early to get your custom jersey!

2017 YorkTowne Patriot Tackle Football Registration Information

 Tackle Football Registration Now Taking Place:

Residency rules are still in effect. Anyone who was on our football rosters last year will not need to re-submit residency documents. Only new players to YorkTowne (Central or York Suburban residents)  will need to provide those documents, so registration should be a lot easier this year

New this year – we will be ordering custom football jerseys for each player with their name and they will keep at end of season. This is why it is imperative to get registered early so your child has their jersey in time for the start of the season If you know of anyone planning on registering that is new this year, please forward them this information.  I have listed our first registration date below as well as other important dates and information.

Sunday, February 26th – 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. – Cousler Park Equipment Shed - FINAL EQUIPMENT HAND IN – anyone who has not yet returned equipment MUST do so on Sunday. If you cannot make it, please have someone else drop off your equipment. Please return helmet, shoulder pads, all other padding, game pants if not integrated, belt and rib pad. Your practice jersey is yours to keep.

Wednesday, March 1st – 6:00 – 8:00 p.m. – Toyota of York, 1885 Whiteford Rd, York, Pa – TACKLE FOOTBALL REGISTRATION – Please bring the attached registration form, signed Parent Code of Conduct and residency documents if needed. Registration forms under handouts.

                Initial Registration Fee - $125 (includes registration and custom game jersey with your child’s name)

                                                       Upfront Fundraising Fee - $100 (fundraisers will be held throughout the spring and summer and will offset costs)

Sunday, March 5th – starting at Noon – Central York High School – NFL FLAG FOOTBALL REGISTRATION and FOOTBALL COMBINE – We are partnering with EYC and NFL Flag to bring more competition to flag football in the area. Great opportunity to get with your coach and players and get a head start to the tackle season. Child should come dressed for a football combine (shorts and sneakers) – the Football Combine will help with team placement – As a YT player, you will be placed on a YorkTowne NFL Flag team with YT coaches. You can register in person prior to the combine on March 5th or on line as well ahead of the combine at – more information on times to arrive for the combine will be sent out prior to March 5th.   If you are interested in coaching, please contact Gary. Any questions about the NFL Flag program, please contact Gary Johnson –

                NFL Flag Registration Fee - $85 – child gets an NFL jersey to keep

Please go to Contacts at left side to find all necessary contacts for all levels.

Clearances Needed For All Coaches and Team Helpers/Parents

All coaches and parent volunteers who intend to be either a team parent or help with equipment, must have their PA Child Welfare Clearance (Compass) and their PA State Police Clearance (PATCH). If you have not committed a crime and have lived in PA for more than 10 years, you are exempt from the FBI Clearance. You only need to sign a waiver form for that. You will then need to get a badge from the league that you are cleared to volunteer. Please contact Julie if interested.

Please make sure to get your clearances if you plan on volunteering. Concession stand staff and those doing chain gang do not need the clearances, but still isn't a bad idea.


For game results and standings, please visit league website below


Contact Information

President/League Rep - Julie Clapsaddle - 758-6353 or

Director of Football/Athletic Director - Gary Johnson - 443-9494 or

Cheerleading Director - Andrea Cox - 410-419-9848 -

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