NORCAL Board Members

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Northern California Cal Ripken Baseball Website

SheldonVolunteer (at) gmail [dot] com

Name Position Phone Profile EMail
Marg Caprio Babe Ruth Baseball HQ - Regional Representative 800-552-1350 marg (at) baberuthleague [dot] org
Leonard Hammer Pacific Southwest Regional Commissioner (559) 974-7298 (cell) PacificSouthwest (at) baberuthleague [dot] org
Stephen Davidson NORCAL State Commissioner (916) 209-0021 davidsons013 (at) gmail [dot] com
Tony Peel NORCAL Deputy State Commissioner (925) 580-7264 quidotp (at) att [dot] net
Pattie Behmlander State Treasurer 925-672-2452 pmbehmlander (at) dow [dot] com
Carla White-Snyder State Secretary (530) 666-5214 whitesnyderc (at) gmail [dot] com
Vacant Position State Tournament Credentials Director
Todd Anderson State Information Officer/Webmaster (707) 694-1345 opticon4me (at) hotmail [dot] com
Amy Hogan Assistant State Information Officer baseballfamilyx5 (at) gmail [dot] com
Mike Livingston Chief Umpire/Consultant 510-772-4933 livvy (at) GoldenStateCarpet [dot] com
Todd Anderson League Recruiting Coordinator (707) 694-1345 opticon4me (at) hotmail [dot] com
Steve Cronin Assistant State Commissioner - 8 yr. old division 707 477 2026 stevecroninrpbaseball (at) yahoo [dot] com
Justin Sturholm Assistant State Commissioner - 9 Yr. Old (510) 427-3073 sturholm (at) sbcglobal [dot] net
Tim Foster Assistant State Commissioner - 10 Yr. Old (916) 753-9937 fostd001 (at) gmail [dot] com
Vacant Position Assistant State Commissioner - 11 Yr. Old
Bryon and Mikko Lopez Assistant State Commissioner - 12 Yr. Old (60') (916) 456-3143 bmtlopez (at) sbcglobal [dot] net
Mike LeBoy Assistant State Commissioner - 12 Yr. Old (70') (707) 479-1492 jrleboys (at) comcast [dot] net
Mike LeBoy Commissioner - District 1 (707) 479-1492 jrleboys (at) comcast [dot] net
Mike LeBoy Commissioner - District 2 (707) 479-1492 jrleboys (at) comcast [dot] net
Pattie Behmlender Commissioner - District 3 (925) 672-2452 pmbehmlander (at) dow [dot] com
Louis Butler Commissioner - District 4 (510) 395-4753 oaklandbutler (at) aol [dot] com
Jessica Lopez Commissioner - District 6 (916) 420-2975 saclopezs (at) aol [dot] com
Bryon Lopez Commissioner - District 7 (916) 456-3143 bmtlopez (at) sbcglobal [dot] net
Junior Optimist Baseball League Pattie Behmlander (925) 672-2452 info (at) joblconcord [dot] com
Cuttin Ridge Cal Ripken Jerry Reese 707-845-4841 beetjern (at) aol [dot] com
Delta Cal Ripken League Jeremy Holeman (707) 386-7013 president (at) deltabaseballleague [dot] com
Elk Grove Cal Ripken League Louie Brown (916) 233-9602 louiebrown89 (at) yahoo [dot] com
Fremont Cal Ripken League Joe Rivera (510) 378-2626 niner_j49 (at) Yahoo [dot] com
Galt Cal Ripken League Bryan Carr (209) 471-2646 carrbryan44 (at) hotmail [dot] com
Hayward Cal Ripken Justin Sturholm (510) 427-3073 sturholm (at) sbcglobal [dot] net
Laguna Cal Ripken League Brian Kelley 916-799-5724 bkelley (at) csac-eia [dot] org
Napa Cal Ripken League Mike Maguire 707-812-4514 mcmaguire (at) gmail [dot] com
Natomas Cal Ripken League Vince O'Brein 916-359-1070 fvob (at) yahoo [dot] com
Oakland Cal Ripken League Louis Butler oakbaberuth (at) aol [dot] com
River Park Cal Ripken League Kenji Fields 916-792-7092 mkenjifield (at) me [dot] com
River Delta Cal Ripken League Chris Medders 707-365-0514 cmedders1 (at) hotmail [dot] com
Rohnert Park Cal Ripken League 707-235-7095
Washington Manor Cal Ripken League Dave Conti 510-501-8499 conti750 (at) gmial [dot] com
Windsor Cal Ripken League Maryann Alexander malexand (at) sbcglobal [dot] net
Woodland Cal Ripken League Jason Brown Brownwoodland42 (at) gmail [dot] com
NORCAL Cal Ripken Website Todd Anderson (707) 694-1345 opticon4me (at) hotmail [dot] com