Board / Coaches

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Name Position Phone Profile EMail
Laura Meissen President 407-484-9649
Laura Meissen Commissioner 407-654-4487
Joe Mack VP 407-654-4487
Ashley Crain Cheer Coordinator 407-654-4487
Open Position Scholastic Coordinator 407-654-4487
Mike Montgomery Football Director - League Recruiting & Enhancemen 407-234-0039
Arosco DuBois Football Director Coach Enhancement 407-654-4487
Coach Q Association Equipment Manager 407-654-4487
Christine Peters Treasurer 407-654-4487
Lori Dumas Secretary 407-654-4487
Lori Dumas Fund Raising 407-654-4487
* * General Board
* * General Board
* * General Board
Gerin Meissen Player Safety Coach
To be announced TM Head Coach
Ryan Bruce MM Head Coach
Jonathan Blue JPW Head Coach
Arosco DuBois PW Head Coach
Allen Tillman JV Head Coach
Anthony Smith Unlimited Head Coach
To be announced Challenger Head Coach
To Be announced Challenger Cheer Head Coach
Brittany Findley Tiny Mite Cheer Head Coach
To Be Announced Mitey Mite Cheer Head Coach
To be announced Junior Pee Wee Cheer Head Coach
To be announced Pee Wee Cheer Head Coach
April Meeks JV Cheer Head Coach
To be announced Varsity Cheer Head Coach