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Blasters Information
Blasters is open the boys and girls born between 5/1/2006 to 4/30/2009.

The aim of the Blaster baseball is to introduce the game to children at an enjoyable level since, typically, a majority of the players have not played before. We have evaluations and then a draft where managers observe each player field, throw and hit a baseball. Manager’s children are, of course, on their Dad’s or Mom’s team. Blaster baseball is a simpler version of baseball in which we have one base (first) and definition of foul lines. The ball and bat are soft so that a player fielding a ball that may “bounce up” and hit them in the chest will do no harm. We hit off a tee and each team bats through their lineup. If the fielder picks up the ball before the batter reaches first base, the batter is out. If the batter reaches first base before the fielder fields the ball, the batter is safe and a run is scored. The batter returns to the dugout in either case and we continue on. Each game has an umpire and we play six innings. Games typically take one hour or so. We keep score and standings. All teams at the end of the season will receive medals for their effort. At the Blaster level, we do not have playoffs. We try to have at least six players per team. Neighborhood teams are allowed and children from the same neighborhood will be placed on the same team if requested. We will need a manager for each team that will practice the team and be there for games. There are managers that travel and are not able to make all games and practices so it is important to have other team parents volunteer to fill in the voids. Games are played on fields throughout Gaithersburg including fields in Lakelands. Teaching the children baseball organization and fundamentals are high on the list. Our goal is to make their experience somewhere between “excellent” and “outstanding” so they continue to play baseball in both our spring and fall programs.

Players receive a team shirt and hat. Children must provide their own glove. Cleats are not necessary at this level, but please note that shoes will get dirty and muddy!