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Default Division
Default Division Teams Manager
1st Class Auto Glass
Athletically Fat Ron Ellison
Balls Out Michael Irons
Bandits David Mahaffey
Bearded Tacos Patrick Frasca
Big Ball Bruisers Jim Genzano
Black Lung Fever
Black Sox Joe Hendrickson
Blood Sweat & Beers Robert Bruce
Bobby's Pizza Bob Mayorga
Bodymasters Rich Sumner
Brent Meister Generals
Bums Rush
Centerfield Greasers Jesus Espinosa
Coming From Behind Vitoe Lee
Coyotes Anthony Olden
Da Bears Garrett Harvey
Dankees Eric Casillas
Deep Threat Jason Swan
Dirty Sanchez Steve McCartney
Dogs Softball Rick Stern
Dorex Mudhens Mark Yoshihara
Double Ringers Jerry VanDerMark
Easily Amused Fred Slacter
Embezzlers Kevin Brown
Entourage Josh Diehl
Everhard Tools
Everything is Coming Up Millhouse George Mathis
Firewater Glen Selbo
Good Bad & Ugly
Gravy Sucking Pigs Marty Axelson
Greasers Scott Jahr
Grinderz Mike Honetcutt
H B Dawgs
HB Brewzers Lane Stone
Head First Bob Montgomery
Hoboken Heroes Doug Werner
Icy Cold Ones Todd Gasparik
Lamppost Doug Werner
LBZ Local Boyz
Line Drive Ben jamin Rice
Los Encabronados
Max's Sports Bar Roger Benard
Metro Chem
Mint Condition Rusty Larson
Morgon General Contracting Kevin Morgon
Mother's Earl Angevine
Movers Mark Amaral
Mulligan Racing Doug Werner
Nice Dreams
Nicholas Chevrolet Chad Taylor
Nickle and Dimers
O C Dynamic Inertia Mike Elmore
O'Connell's #1 Mike Elmore
One Bad Inning Pat Brunson
One Hit Wonders Brandon Beals
P Poppin Crew Ryan Lawrence
Pitch Slaps Dylan Johnson
Pitches Be Crazy Dan Desjarden
Point Shavers Jason Villarreal
Prime Time Dan Tsuruta
Ralph's Florist Allen Yack
Ray's Trucking Tim Alexander
Rudy's Mobile Taco Grill Bobby Mayorga
Runner Blue Bruce Moore
Share My Coach John Kuskie
SHB Slammers Dan Roberts
Shoot The Root Mike Cheek
Shooter's Bar Bill Bogosian
Shooters Ueckers Mark Adams
Should'na Shown Pat Carlson
Skidmarks Michael Stevens
Slater's 50/50
Sofa King What Kevin Morgan
Squeeze Play Trent Wilde
Substandard Dan Horgan
Suds steve Vranek
Suds Pizza and Pub Jeff Sherwood
Surf Dog's Nadz Brian Lundquist
Team Nutrishop John Kuskie
The Pen Shane Kral
The Post
Thirsty Bunch Terry Buckley
Trilogy Orioles Steve Motske
Two Out Rally Stuart Lambourne
U Idiots Scott Vandygrift
Ueckers Manuel Gomez
Unforgiven Dementia Jeff Siegel
Vance & Hines Fred Slacter
Wailers Tim Frohle
Wanna Be's
Wyld Boyz Mark Lorenz