2020 Rec League Registration Form

Ages 4 through 9 wear shorts
Ages 10 plus wear pants




Parental Consent Information
I/We, the parent/guardian of the above mentioned minor, hereby consent authorization for the treatment for any medical emergency which might occur during participation in the Beacon Girls Softball program.
I also consent to the aforementioned minor to participate in the Beacon Girls Softball program, and understand that any uniforms or equipment issued to my child will be returned upon completion of the season.
Proof of Birth must be supplied to the league. This can be done at the Winter Clinic or at the first practice.
Proof must be a Birth Certificate, Baptismal Record, or School Record.

Beacon Girls Softball, Inc. Public Appearance Permission Form

I/We the parent/guardian hereby give permission for the aforementioned child to:
• Have their photographs published on the Beacon Girls Softball, Inc. website.
• Appear individually or in groups in videos captured by any affiliations of the organization listed above, with the knowledge that same may be broadcasted, televised, used and reused as the discretion of the Beacon Recreation/Beacon Girls Softball League.
I hereby release the Beacon Recreation/Beacon Girls Softball League, its officers, employees, agents and successors and hold them harmless from any and all claims, demands, and actions, causes of actions, suits, damages and judgments as a result of the appearance of the aforementioned child.
I am over the age of 18 and have read the above information. I understand the conditions of the above agreement and will be bound by its terms on my own behalf and on behalf of the aforementioned child.

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