2020 Registration Form

Welcome to the CJFSL Team Registration page.

The fee's:

2020 Spring Season registration fee will be $725.

This includes the following:
10 Game Schedule - 1 umpire for all Home games
Seeded Championship Playoffs (2 Umpires - Semifinal and Finals only)
12 Game Balls per team (Home team is responsible to bring)
Trophies for 1st & 2nd place in Championship teams
This will be a home/away league for the regular season.

Season - April 4th - May 14th (Note: may start on March 28/29 weekend if team's fields are open)

Playoffs - May 16th (1st rain date - May 17th; 2nd rain date - May 30th); Championships - May 17th (rain date - May 31st)

All games must be completed by May 10th to be eligible for the playoffs.

Certificate of Insurance is required no later than 2 weeks prior to the season start date.

To be named as "additionally insured" on Certificate of Insurance

Bernards Township
1 Collyer Lane
Basking Ridge, NJ

Branchburg Township
220 Baird Road
Branchburg, NJ

Township of Union
1976 Morris Avenue
Union, New Jersey 07083

Please send Checks payable to:
Branchburg Blaze Softball
117 Brandon Court
Branchburg, NJ 08853

Note: Teams must be available for playoff dates or be possibly disqualified especially for Quarterfinal and Semifinal rounds; We have much more flexibility with the Championship round.

Age Group (Divisions) & Placement Evaluation
(Check all that apply)
Note: In general, the more inexperienced players or first year players playing within an age group are usually place into the "B" level. For example, 6th graders (i.e. they were 10UA in the previous year) playing 12U for the first time are usually considered to place onto a "B" team. Moreover, a weaker 7th grader may also place onto a "B" team. Teams with players playing in the their second year within an age group are usually "A" teams or more skilled younger players. However, experience, ability, and level of pitchers and catchers at a specific age group are usually the determinative factors between choosing between "A" or "B" level. Remember, we want teams to be competitive in the league not dominate or be dominated. No one benefits from the latter. This league is about developing of your team for the summer tournament and/or leagues. The questions below will help you and us in deciding the proper level to play at. Once the regular season starts we can not move teams up or down.
Please answer the following questions to ensure proper team placement and evaluation:

CJFSL will be a home/away league with Double Headers scheduled for the Home teams. Please select from the drop down box your Home Field; If not listed please add in the 'Other' box with the name of the field and GPS address

List Blackout Dates (Max - 3) - cannot use May 16th, 17th, 30th as Blackout dates as they are the days for the playoffs (inclusive of rain dates) - Dates should be either a Saturday or Sunday (no weekdays)


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