2019 Summer Registration - Men's Program

Registration Membership Agreement
Central Valley Water Polo
Consent for Medical Treatment
Waiver & Release of Liability
Central Valley Water Polo
Code of Conduct
Members of Central Valley Water Polo are expected to behave reasonably at all times while participating in activities or otherwise representing the club in general. Expected behavior includes respect, self-control, cooperation and good sportsmanship towards other participants, spectators, and officials.

Central Valley Water Polo will use the following guidelines to consider whether a member of the club or non-member participating with the club has acted consistently with expected conduct. A player’s expectations are as follows:
USA Water Polo membership current and in good standing.
Central Valley Water Polo membership dues or tournament sign-up fees are current.
Demonstrate sportsmanship during tournaments, organized games, and training.
Participate in building or breaking down any practice facilities including cages, lane lines, pool covers, caps, balls, etc.
Profanity will NOT be tolerated.
Verbal abuse of officials, referees, bystanders, or other players is unacceptable.
For members under the legal drinking age, there is Zero Tolerance for the use of alcohol. CVWP exercises a Zero Tolerance policy in regards to illegal drugs.
Possession of or being under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs will not be tolerated on any Fresno Unified School District facility.
If a CVWP member intends to participate in a National Championship Tournament (i.e. Junior Olympics, Masters Nationals), it will be for Central Valley Water Polo, unless otherwise permitted by the CVWP Board.
If a member or participant with CVWP is considered to be outside the parameters set forth within the Code of Conduct standards, the President of the club will exercise full authority in dealing with the violating participant. If the behavior continues, the situation will be presented to the Executive Committee by respective representatives, or any other Board member, for immediate review. A member in violation of the Code of Conduct can and will have his/her membership terminated with unanimous vote by the Executive Committee. Should this occur, any fees paid will be considered forfeited and will not be reimbursed.

I have read and fully understand the above requirements of participation with Central Valley Water Polo. Filling in any initials in the following field to complete this registration constitutes "signing" and agreeing to the above Consent for Medical Treatment, Waiver & Release of Liability, and Code of Conduct for Central Valley Water Polo for you if you are over 18, or for your child if you are a parent registering your child.

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