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Coach Registration

Coach Registration Form

In accordance with Delanco Township Background Ordinance chapter "130-4.Written consent; interim status" which states:

A. Written consent. Each person seeking to participate in a youth organization as an employee or volunteer shall execute a written consent in favor of both the youth organization and the Township of Delanco, its agents, servants and employees, authorizing said investigation, releasing the Township, and its agents, servants and employees from any liability arising from same, and holding them harmless. Failure to submit to said investigation will disqualify any such person from serving in the youth organization.

B. Interim status. When a person has submitted written consent, they shall be provided interim status to engage in employment or volunteering while awaiting the results of the background check, provided the person certifies that they have no reason to believe that they were found guilty of a crime that would result in their disqualification froms ervice as an employee or volunteer under the terms of this chapter. Interim status shall be sufficient to be employed or volunteer only until such time that the results of the background check are obtained.

Submission of this form shall serve as "Written Consent".

Coach Information

By clicking the check box below and submitting this form, you are hereby committing and agreeing to fulfill the required background check by Delanco Township as now required to coach with DYSA.

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