2020 Fountain Green Swim Club Swim-a-Thon


Parent or Guardian's Information:

Liability Waiver – Please read and check the box below.

I/We will not hold the Fountain Green Swim Club liable for any/all injuries and/or accidents that occur while my child is participating in practices or at meets, either at home or away. In the event that I or emergency contacts are not available, I give my permission to the coaches or lifeguards to provide first aid and/or CPR for the child listed below and to take the appropriate measures including contacting the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and arranging transportation to the nearest emergency medical facility. At no time will the coaches or lifeguards drive an injured or ill child to an emergency facility.

Parents and Swimmer Responsibilities:

- Any swimmer who has a fever is NOT permitted.
- Any swimmer who has symptoms of COVID-19 is not permitted.
- Parents should check their swimmers temperature prior to arrival.
- Any swimmer who is coughing or sneezing for any reason will be asked to exit the water and a determination will be made as to if they are able to return.
- Any swimmer who has been in contact with a COVID-19 positive person and is in quarentine MUST not attend.

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Date: _______________



2020 FGSC/FG Swim Clinic

>$10.00/per person

Payment is due July 20

REMINDER: Registration is not complete until you make your payment

To register additional swimmers, click on the SUBMIT button below. The form will refresh and allow additional swimmers to be added.

You will receive a confirmation email for each swimmer registration. Please print each registration form and include them along with your payment.

NO mail-in registrations.

REMINDER: Registration is not complete until you make your payment


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