GCYL 2017 Field Availability Form - Deadline June 20th

This form provides important information for scheduling games throughout the season. Please take the time to fill out and submit with accuracy. This data must be filled out by the program coordinator only.

Please select your home game day of play. Select one:

List start times for game day hosting. Please 1-1/2 hours between games. (Please note for Sunday Games the start time cant be before 1:00pm)

Please check the game dates that your fields will NOT be available for hosting games.

Home Field Profile:

This data will be sued to compile our scheduling for the season. It is important that your data is accurate and report any changes to your field availability back to the field via email (www.gcyl.org) All programs that use public fields please make sure you have submitted your request with the city or township to prevent blackout dates.

* required