Gravette youth football registration

You can only register one child at a time. Please register first child, submit form, then register the next child.

Registration Cost:
*$35 or $135 per child depending on volunteerism
* Registration is $35 per child only if you elect to volunteer. Please note: If you elect to volunteer you will be asked to assist with numerous activities throughout the season.
* If you do not elect to volunteer an additional $100 is added to your registration (for a total of $135).
* We will schedule you for your volunteer slots. If you miss your scheduled time you will need to pay an additional $35 at next practice. (Any friend or family member can volunteer in your slot if a parent/guardian is unable to attend.)

Make Checks payable to: Gravette Youth Football. Please have the payment prior to the first game.

If this is your child’s first year we will need a copy of their birth certificate.
If Yes please select how you plan to volunteer. (Select all that apply)
*Parent reps are selected by the Head Coach and subject to Board review.
*All those that wish to coach will be subject To a background check and Board approval.
The reason to send text messages is to communicate changes with practices or games.

I give my permission for my child to play pee wee football. I also understand that I release the Gravette Youth Football League, Coaches, and the Members thereof any liability in case of injury and/or accident. I also agree, in the event there is a disagreement with a coach not to interrupt any practice or game, I will get in touch with the designated grievance contact and handle the situation in a calm mature manor to set an example for the children around. Also I won’t come on to the practice field and assume to coach unless asked by a league appointed coach.
Parent Conduct Contract:

Gravette Pee Wee Football would like to thank you and your child for participation in this program. Our goal is to provide a positive environment in which we can have fun and teach the kids about football, teamwork, and sportsmanship.

There is a lot involved in making this program available to your child. We want and need your participation. Please ask any Coach or Board Member and they can tell you what help we need, a few things needed are:
• Fundraising,
• Concessions stand volunteers
• Lemonade stand volunteers
• Volunteers to stripe the field
• Volunteers to run the chains
• Volunteers to clean up after the home games.

The facilities that we use belong to the school. We have to maintain and keep them clean. We have to follow their rules.
• There is no smoking on school grounds.
• If you bring food or drinks with you to practice please take your trash with you when you leave, if you habitually leave your trash, you will not be attending practice.

This program demands a level of conduct from coaches, parents, and players that reflects the values of: honesty, sportsmanship, teamwork, respect, and community pride. By participating in this program you become a representative of it, and we ask that you conduct yourself accordingly.

Parents/Guardians please remember your role is that of a spectator; please cheer the kids on but do not interfere with the game or practices in anyway. Do not come on the field unless you are asked by your child's coach. Do not get into a verbal or physical confrontation with any coach, official, or player from our team or the opposing team. Do not use profanity in the stands or at practice. If you use profanity during practice or games, you may be asked to leave and/or be banned from future practices/games. Pick your trash up at the end of the game and throw it in the trash cans that are provided.

We want to have fun and be competitive. Football is a demanding sport both physically and mentally. It requires concentration, discipline, and an adequate level of fitness. The higher the level of fitness your child has; the safer they will be, the more fun they will have, and the better player they will become. Because of these reasons we will try to improve your child’s level of fitness.

The coach has to take on many roles on the field including parent and teacher. The more you support your coaches the better the program will be.

If you have a problem, you are to go to that teams Parent Rep. In a calm manner tell them your problem. The Parent Rep will present your issue to the teams Head Coach and, if it is necessary, they will present you and your issue to the members of the board at the end of practice or game. Your complaint will be heard. Do not take your complaint directly to the coach, parent, or player that you have an issue with. Doing so may result in you being banned from practice and/or games.

The equipment that is provided is the property of the Gravette Pee Wee Football League, it is very expensive, please take care of it. If your child quits during a game or practice you will need to leave the equipment with your coach.
Please read and complete the below agreement:

I agree to pay the amount of $200 if I fail to return the equipment at the conclusion of the season or at the termination of my child’s participation. I also understand that if I fail to fulfill this agreement I can fully expect a civil suit to be brought as well as any other remedy allowed by law.

Please sign acknowledging that you have read and understand this parental contract. If you are unable to comply with this code of conduct, and unwilling to sign the agreement, then your child will be unable to play for Gravette Youth Football League. Thank you, we are looking forward to a fun and productive year.

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