JGSL Sponsorship 2020

Dear Prospective Sponsor,
Thank you for considering a sponsorship with the Jackson Girls Softball League. Our goal is to provide a fun and enriching environment that promotes teamwork, sportsmanship, safety and playing skills. The surrounding businesses and parents of this community are very important and we would not be able to run an organization of this size without your support. With the generosity of businesses such as yours, it is possible for our girls to realize their goals in sports as well as in life. JGSL is a non-profit volunteer program that relies on sponsorship contributions to maintain its level of commitment to the league and community. Your contribution will help provide equipment, uniforms and insurance for our league. We encourage parents and businesses to contribute so that we can continue to improve our softball program and provide the most rewarding and positive experience for the players.
We thank you for your support and welcome any and all contributions. The players and Board of Directors would like to express their gratitude for all those who help support our league.
Jackson Girls Softball League
If you are not making payment via Paypal, Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover card, please fill out Sponsorship form and send check to:

PO Box 73
Jackson, MO 63755

There is a $2.00 Processing fee to Sponsor a team online.

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