2020 Camper Registration

Space is limited and submitting an application on-line does not guarantee enrollment in camp. If your registration is not accepted, you will be notified within two weeks.

Not all schools are on summer vaction during this week. Please check with your school district before you register! Camp dates are June 15-19th, 2020.
Campers will be coached in one of the activities listed below. Assignments to activities are on a first come first serve basis. Please indicate your first through fourth and choice. You will be notified within 2 weeks if you did not receive your first choice. (Please note Martial Arts is no longer being offered at camp.)

Flag Football (age 8-12)
Soccer (age 8-12)
Tennis (age 8-12)
Basketball (age 8-12)
Bikes (age 8-12)
Dance and Cheer (age 8-12)
Jr. Cadet (age 12-14 only)
Volleyball (age 8-12)

Registration Information

Emergency Contact & Pick-up Drop-off
The individuals listed as an “emergency contact” will be contacted in the event of an emergency only if you can not be reached first.

In addition, the people listed here will be authorized to drop-off and pick-up your child from camp.
Contact #1
Contact #2
Authorized for pick-up for drop-off
Medical Information
I verify that my child has medical insurance and is physically able to participate in the Kops-N-Kids Camp. I hereby authorize Kops-N-Kids to act on my behalf according to their best judgment in any emergency requiring medical attention or in any routine medical care of an injury/accident. I, the minor’s parent/guardian, will assume the responsibility for any emergency or medical service that may be required during the course of the Kops-N-Kids camp.

There are occasions when news media are at the Kops-n-Kids camp to interview, photograph and videotape campers for print and broadcast stories. These stories have been positive and highlight the good things happening at camp.

If you would like your child to be excluded from media stories, indicate that in the box below. Please know there could be times when the media will interview or photograph campers outside of camp, without permission from Kops-N-Kids staff. This form only acts as a guide to media coverage. It does not guarantee your child will not be interviewed or photographed. At all times our goal is to maintain student security and privacy.

Each camper will receive one camp T-shirt on the first day of camp.
Camp T-shirt must be worn each day of camp.

Shirts are available in the following sizes:

Child: small, medium, large

Adult : small, medium, large, xlarge

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