Los Angeles Baseball League 2020 Summer Player Registration Form

If you are on a team, and will be on that teams' 2020 summer roster, this is the proper form to fill out. You may only play in the Los Angeles Baseball League if you are on that team's online roster (excluding pool players).

All Los Angeles Baseball League players must submit a player registration form for each team they are rostered on. You will appear on your team's online roster soon after registration.

Only legitimate information will constitute a valid registration (no bogus or insufficient info).

PLAYER'S CONTRACT: The following is a binding agreement. Read carefully before accepting.
1) I will abide by all the rules and regulations of the league. I understand that the failure to do so will result in my ejection from games and possible suspension/expulsion from the team and league.
2) I will be personally responsible for paying my league fees to my team manager on time and in full. I understand that my failure to do so may result in my suspension/expulsion from the team and league, and prevent future participation.
3) I understand that monies paid to my manager or league for scheduled league fees, are non-refundable.
5) I agree to sign the team game waiver of liability sheet every game day prior to my involvement in warm-ups and/or actual game play (including practices, practice games, all-star games, or tryouts).
6) I understand that I, my family and my acquaintances park vehicles at their own risks at all fields that the league plays at. Risk of foul balls and/or vandalism are possibilities.
7) I understand that my league fees cover the cost of fields, baseballs and participation only. The cost of additional equipment, uniforms and my share of the umpire fees are additional, and are my responsibility.
8) I understand that I must call, text, or email my manager by 7:00 PM the Wednesday prior to that week's game if I will not be able to attend that weeks' game.
9) I understand that I have committed to rostered status on the team below for the 2020 summer season. Should I wish to change my team affiliation prior to the end of the season I understand that I would need the permission of my current team manager, the new team manager, and the league president. I understand that fees paid are NOT transferable. Should permission not be granted, I understand that I would be subject to a re-entry draft as prescribed by the league president. I also understand that for playoff qualification purposes, games are NOT transferable.
10) I understand that I may only be rostered on one Saturday, and one Sunday roster. I cannot be rostered on two team's rosters on the same league day.
11) I understand that to be playoff eligible I must play in at least 1/2 of that teams' games to qualify.

WAIVER OF LIABILITY: As a player/participant in that certain baseball league known as the Los Angeles Baseball League (Los Angeles Baseball League, LLC.) hereinafter set forth, I hereby agree to assume all risks and dangers incidental to the game of baseball, or any other dangers at such baseball games, practices, or events. Such risks and dangers include, but are not limited to, injuries by thrown balls, bats, equipment, or sliding, running or physical contact indigenous to the games guidelines, rules, or regulations, or any other dangers at such baseball games, practices, or events. I hereby agree that the Los Angeles Baseball League (Los Angeles Baseball League, LLC.), its agents, promoters, officials, sponsors, officers, panels, and board of directors, are not liable for any injuries resulting from the causes outlined herein above, any and all other injuries incidental to the game of baseball, or any other dangers at such baseball games, practices, or events. I further acknowledge that the league does not maintain or provide insurance coverage for damage to the players/participants/spectators property; whether owned, borrowed, or hired, and that each player/participant is responsible for his or her own insurance and safety.


You will pay your league fees directly to your manager (who pays the league), and he will advise how much you owe based on the number of players on your team.

Please check the box below that applies (who is registering for this player):

Fill out the next few questions if you would like your bio included on your LABL stat page (optional).

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