This form must be completed by all adults and students who have been accepted as a coach, assistant coach or any other position which involves regular, direct contact with players.
League and Area Executives not in direct contact with players should also complete the form.

If you wish to volunteer for a coaching or other position, please talk to a Head Coach or one of your area's Executive members.

Please remember to click the SUBMIT button to save your form!
If you hold other positions (e.g. Area executive, MFL executive) please list here:
Police checks are required for all coaching staff except:
1) Adults who are required to obtain a regular police check as an employment condition
2) High School students assisting with coaching and/or team administration
3) Adults not in direct, regular contact with players
If exempt due to employment, date last check obtained.
If required, date request delivered to police for processing.
If exempt because you are a student, enter date you submit the form.

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